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Valhalla Praises Liv Morgan, Sean Waltman Recalls His WWE Tryout & Signing



In a recent interview with SE Scoops, WWE Superstar Valhalla lavished praise on her former Riott Squad stablemate Liv Morgan, noting how hard the former SmackDown Women’s Champion strives to be the best.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Liv Morgan: “Liv is a bada*s. She’s legit not I don’t know if anyone’s caught it, but she’s legit knocked a couple girls out with an open hand slap just in one of the chambers. She knocks Sonya Deville out just slapping her in the face. So she is not someone you’d want to fight, in my opinion. She’s squirrely and she is determined, like this girl has been on a on a tear and she has like transcended The Riott Squad in a way that like I don’t think anyone knew she had it in her. It’s nice as one of her best friends and someone who loves her so much to see her in the same conversation as Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax and Becky Lynch. I love seeing her in that conversation. I love seeing her in those spots because she’s good enough. She looks good enough. She’s violent enough. There’s a reason that so many people love her. There’s a reason that she has the following she does. It’s because she’s a real deal. I’m excited to see, like, I don’t even know where this storyline’s going.”

On how hard Morgan works to be the best: “She wants to be her best. Desperately wants to be her best. When she gets done wrestling, you better have a critique for her. You better have something that she could have done better. She won’t just accept, you did great. She’s like, no. What could have been better? What could I have done? She’s someone you can just be… I still try to be gentle, but I can be honest with her. We can have honest conversations. She is… just so loving and caring and just, she just wants to be good. She just wants to be the best she could be. I mean, it shows, it really shows just the growth from riot squad to who live is now is exponential. So I think, I think we don’t even know, and she doesn’t even know where she’s gonna transcend to.”

In a recent appearance at Monopoly Events’ “For The Love of Wrestling” convention, WWE Hall of Famer Sean “X-Pac” Waltman recalled his WWE tryout in the early 1990s and signing with the company.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On getting a call for a WWE tryout: “I honestly … I never like not saying I never wanted to go to WWE, but I just didn’t think I was there. They didn’t cast people like me. Like, it was the typical person that you thought of 1980s WWE — big, jacked-up guys, all looking the opposite of how I looked.”

On Sgt. Slaughter contacting him for his tryout match: “I went and had the tryout and I was so lucky. A lot of people — like after I got there I saw how tryouts went, and a lot of times it was like, okay, they’d bring a guy in like me and they’d have him work with Brooklyn Brawler or Virgil. Honestly, it wasn’t [like] they weren’t the right guys to have tryout matches with [but] those guys work every night, they’re on the road, and like they’re not trying to catch me diving off the top rope doing flips and just not something they want to do. So I got to work with Louie Spicolli, you might know him from ECW and WCW. Louie was great and he gave me a great tryout match and I got hired.”

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