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Zilla Fatu – ‘Hell Yeah I’d Beat The Rock!’ + Gallus Praises Drew McIntyre



Gallus member Joe Coffey loves what Drew McIntyre is doing on social media these days.

McIntyre has been very open about what he wants in his on-screen promos and the videos he’s posted to social media.

Taking to Twitter, Coffey retweeted McIntyre’s latest video and said the following:

“The thing that amazes me is seeing when this man talks, how many people on all the rosters and all of the people behind the barrier [close their eyes, cover their mouth, and plug their ears]. Truth hurts, it’s amazing how much I agree with everything that Drew McIntyre is saying. Well done, finally someone with a set of stones will stand up and say what he feels.”

Zilla Fatu is interested in getting into the ring with The Rock, and he believes he’d beat the WWE legend. When asked about a potential match, Fatu said,

“Hell yeah, I want to stand in the ring with him. It don’t matter. Against him, with him, it’ll be legendary. How many people can say that? With Rock, it would be dope.”

He continued, “I’d win though. Hell yeah, I would win. [Asked if he would beat The Rock] Yeah, hell yeah.”

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