WWE’s FOX Sports Crew Planning To Pipe In Crowd Noises For NFL Broadcasts


During an appearance on Andy Cohen Live (via Sports Illustrated and Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand), FOX Sports broadcaster Joe Buck stated that FOX Sports will more than likely pipe in crowd noise and project virtual fans for the games.

“It’s pretty much a done deal. I think whoever is going to be at that control is going to have to be really good at their job and be realistic with how a crowd would react depending on what just happened on the field. So it’s really important.”


Buck added, “And then on top of that … They’re looking at ways to put virtual fans in the stands, so when you see a wide shot it looks like the stadium is jam-packed and in fact it’ll be empty.”

This is interesting news considering that WWE is partners with FOX Sports, so it remains to be seen if and when WWE may go down this same path in the near future.

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