WWE’s Jessamyn Duke Says She Has No Plans To Stop Streaming – Details


We reported yesterday here on eWn that WWE Superstars AJ Styles, Cesaro, and Mia Yim all suspended their Twitch accounts. This is due to WWE’s new third-party platform policy. Jessamyn Duke took to her YouTube today, saying she has no plans to stop streaming. She said,

Attention everyone:

I will still be streaming. I will still uploading content regularly to this channel. Names, logos, and likenesses may change, but this channel is mine. I intend on keeping it that way.

All I need from you guys is for you to continue watching, leave a like on the videos you enjoy, and share with friends to help grow the community. Avoid toxic posts and comments. Avoid feeding into the drama of the situation (that some of you are most assuredly aware of). If you’re NOT aware of the situation, don’t worry about it. I mean that. Let this channel be an escape from that stuff.

I know many of you have already followed me on my new twitter account but if you haven’t, please do it now! I will only be tweeting about this channel from that account.


P.S…. the new office is coming together nicely…

Paige is also continuing to stream on Twitch ….. for now. But she’s not happy about possibly being forced to stop doing so.

As noted earlier today here on eWn, WWE talent tried to get Vince McMahon to change his mind on the new policy but it didn’t appear to work.

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