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NewsWWE's Social Media Team Revealed New Faction Too Soon - Details

WWE’s Social Media Team Revealed New Faction Too Soon – Details



A new faction wearing all-black outfits similar to Akira Tozawa’s ninjas were causing trouble on last night’s RAWand set fire to a generator. According to Fightful Select, new details on this new faction have  been released. Ironically, WWE apparently revealed too much too early about the group ahead of their short appearance on last night’s USA Network broadcast.

The company had leaked out that the new faction was arriving to RAW in advance, something that wasn’t intended to happen. As a result, WWE later issued an official announcement saying that a new faction was arriving on last night’s Raw. The WWE social media team apparently “jumped the gun” so to speak by announcing the news on the faction debuting last night on Raw after news about this new stable was leaked to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

So apparently, the social media news team spoke too soon about the new faction, who barely appeared on last night’s show and did not make their presence known outside of setting fire to the generator. The members of this new faction are still unknown. Whether this set up for a group trying to disrupt Raw actually has a payoff, unlike the Smackdown hacker angle, remains to be seen.

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