Xavier Woods Comments On His Quest To Become a G4 Host


Xavier Woods was interviewed by ComicBook.com where he discussed his journey in wanting to become a host the newly revived G4 Network.

What Xavier loved most about G4:

“So for me, I was the same way with wrestling as I was with video games. I didn’t really know anything about the inside world of it, I was just very much at face value. Like, okay, there’s a game that I like, I see it at the store or at Blockbuster, I rent it, and that’s been where my knowledge of video games ended. I didn’t know about the people who were the composer or the producers or any of that stuff, and so for me, G4 was the first time that I really got the chance to dive into that aspect of video games. My best memories were whenever anybody would get interviewed that had something to do with the game, and there’s always cool, unique stories that they’d be able to tell about the process of getting so creative. It was my first real insight and peek behind the curtain of what video games really were and what went into making them.”

What his show on G4 would look like:

“It looks insane, absolute insanity at all times. But mainly I just want people to know video games are fun. Obviously people who play video games already understand that, but I feel like even though with the past what, 10 to 15 years of this rise in people accepting video games into pop culture as this juggernaut that everyone across the world enjoys, regardless of what language you speak or what culture you come from, I just want to lean more into that. My goal in being a part of the video game space started with a focus on Esports because I absolutely love Esports. In going to EVO and local fighting game tournaments, I always, always, always thought that if that aspect of trash-talk and well educated trash-talk from wrestling was brought into that space, then it could help blow it up even further, especially to people that aren’t super interested in the video game space.”

Would a hosting gig on G4 would mean for his UpUpDownDown channel:

“No. I don’t think it becomes an issue at all, because UpUpDownDown will always run as UpUpDownDown does,” Woods said. “I’ve always been in a situation where I’m doing more than one thing at once. People say they’re burning the candle from both ends. I’m burning the candle from both ends and the middle usually. I feel like if I’m lucky enough to get their attention and to become a host of something, or even just like a correspondent, like when Cons come back, or even just somebody that pokes their head in and then they get interviewed or just be on for like two seconds, I just want to do anything with G4. But I feel like UpUpDownDown, as I said, will run as it has been running.”

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