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Xavier Woods Comments On Planning For His Future Outside Of Wrestling, More


During a recent appearance on the “Out of Character” podcast, Xavier Woods commented on his future after wrestling, why he wanted to be WWE King of the Ring, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On planning for his future after wrestling and the reason he thinks this generation is the best generation in wrestling history: “I don’t want to be just a wrestler. I never wanted to be just a wrestler. Wrestling is fantastic. I will love it until the day that I take my last breath and for two more minutes afterwards. But I do understand that at some point, I won’t be able to do this anymore. My body is finite. My career in wrestling is finite. I think that it’s something you have to look at head-on as far as what that next chapter of life looks like. I feel like I’ve been lucky enough, this generation has been lucky enough, to learn from the previous generation and the things they taught us, and the knowledge that they’ve bestowed down upon us so that we don’t make the same mistakes and so we navigate roads differently. People will randomly ask, ‘What do you think the best generation of wrestling is?’ I think it’s this generation because the previous generation did their job of teaching us how to be better. Then hopefully, we do our job of teaching the next generation how to be better than us.

“So if every generation isn’t the best generation of wrestling, then that means the previous generation is not doing their job. I think for this generation of performers and athletes all around the world, I think we are doing a very good job of branching out from that old stereotype of wrestlers are just guys and girls with muscles who punch each other in the face. Yes, we are that, but we also have college degrees. Some of us have masters. Some of us own businesses. Everybody has their hands in something and we’re much more than what you get to see on Raw, SmackDown, or NXT. That to me is beautiful because I know I didn’t get hired because I was 6’5” and 280. I got hired because of what’s up here in my head. If I can use that creativity to create a new space for myself, ala in the gaming world, ala hopefully in the music world, that’s just showing people that, again, we’re not just wrestlers and any wrestling company essentially turns into a star factory because now you have these skills.”

On why he wanted to be King of the Ring: “As a kid when I wanted to be a wrestler, I was obsessed with tag team wrestling and always have been. Tag teams and factions were always the dopest things to me because you have more chess pieces to move around the board. I wanted to be King of the Ring because in my head, being a fan of King Arthur and the Medieval times, I realized that when kings needed to fight, there would be times when they would have a champion fight for them, but there were times when a champion wanted to fight, and I don’t remember them ever having a king fight for them. From a very young age I realized that to me, a king was the highest. There’s nothing above being King because what’s next? The champion is right underneath, so the King is in charge. To me, you have this crown, you have this title for a year. That means that you get to play around, have fun, and do your thing for a full year.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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