King Woods

Xavier Woods Isn’t Happy With His WWE 2K22 Rating


“King” Xavier Woods isn’t happy with his WWE 2K22 rating. For those unaware, Woods is rated at an 86 in the game.

During a recent G4 livestream, Woods said it should have been much higher. He said,

“I’m not doing this with you, this 86 thing. He’s making fun of me, I’ll explain. I am an A+ student, Kevin. You understand? I make the grade. I get the scholarships, this is what I do.”

“So we did a ratings reveal for our new game WWE 2K22. It’s coming out very soon. And we did a ratings reveal here, on the set, at G4. And your king – the king of wrestling, who’s beaten two world champions this past year, won the tag team titles, amongst other tons of things I’ve done – I’m rated an 86? It makes no sense. At least an 88, I should at least be an 88 … it’s aggravating.”

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