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Xavier Woods On Feuding With Pretty Deadly In NXT, Plans After Retirement From Wrestling



The New Day cemented their legacy as WWE’s Triple Crown Tag Team Champions after defeating NXT’s Pretty Deadly this past December.

Speaking with the Catch Club podcast about the feud, Woods praised Pretty Deadly and commended them for their accomplishments in NXT thus far. The New Day member also discussed his plans for life after wrestling.

You can check out some highlights and watch the full podcast below.

On what drew New Day to make the move to NXT initially: “Pretty Deadly, easily, easily. That’s the reason we wanted to go down there in the first place… I’ve had my eye on them since they were over in the UK.”

On his view of Pretty Deadly’s accomplishments to date: “They’re super talented. They understand what they want to be, and that’s one of the hardest things I think to figure out in wrestling. Those are two guys that I think are going to be, in time, obviously, incredible. They’re already so good right now. They can’t get on the main roster fast enough.”

On his plans after retirement from wrestling: “For movies, yes,” Woods said about working in creative once his in-ring career is done. Movies and video games, yes, 100%. If the opportunity arose [for creative in WWE] and it made sense, then yeah, but what I’ve been working towards is making sure that I have something else as well. I love wrestling, it’s my first love, I’ll love it until the day that I die, but for me, it’s important to be diverse in things that we’re doing. A lot of my focus has been in the games industry, has been in hosting. I want to focus on the fact that professional wrestlers aren’t just people with muscles that scream and punch each other in the face. That’s an aspect of it, yes, but you have to understand that we’re so much more than what you see on TV. One of my skills is being able to go out and do what I can to change people’s perspectives of professional wrestling. I’m used well in that space. I would love to work creatively in anything. If it had to do with wrestling, great. If it’s video games, cool. TV, movies, awesome. I just want to do something where I can create things.”

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