​Xavier Woods Reveals The Roster & Vince McMahon’s Reaction To New Day’s WrestleMania Entrance


During a recent interview with IGN, Xavier Woods discussed The New Day’s entrance at WrestleMania 32, the roster and Vince McMahon’s reactions to it and more. Here are some highlights:

On what anime song would be his dream entrance song: “Oooh. That is difficult…because there’s some good ones. I immediately go to….Inuyasha. I think it’s like the third ending theme. But it’s not intense at all. It’s like this sad and romantic love songs, but it’s one of my favorite anime songs. That, or this song from Cowboy Bebop called “Call Me.” Again, not an intense song, but for some reason–oh! Kuroko’s Basketball! I think one of the second or third themes–those are pretty hype. I don’t know. There are so many good anime songs.”

On who came up with New Day’s Dragon Ball Z entrance at Wrestlemania: “That was my idea. I don’t have have a problem taking credit for that one! But Kofi does like Dragon Ball Z. [Big] E wasn’t really an anime guy…he’s more of a old-school hip-hop head. But we showed him a picture of the stuff that what we wanted to wear, and he was all in. And it’s nice because there are people that caught the attention to detail. So like, their suits didn’t have tails and mine did. So you could tell that if there was a full moon, then we wouldn’t have had a problem winning the match. Or if I turned into a great ape it would have been all good. Essentially, mixing my love for cosplay into my love of wrestling and have it not be outlandish…it’s cool that people appreciate it.”

On the reaction backstage: “The ones who knew what it was, they were pretty into it. The other people that didn’t were still pretty into it because it just looks different and kind of cool, you know?”

On Vince McMahon’s reaction: “Oh, we didn’t see him until right before we went out. It’s funny, because we’ll always have some kind of harebrained idea, and then he sees it right before we go through the curtain, and just kind of gives a little grin and thumbs up.”

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