Xavier Woods Talks Upsetting Big E Over Joke About His NXT Title Reign


On the latest episode of New Day: Feel the Power, Xavier Woods discussed how the group does occasionally squabble and how they get through it. The group is often seen as being on the same page and were asked a question on whether they ever have miscommunication.

Xavier Woods talks about just such an incident he had with Big E and how they resolved it. He also discusses how they handle the occasional bumps in the road that come up as a natural course of being together a lot.

On if they’ve ever had a misunderstanding:

“Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s how we have such great chemistry. I remember one time specifically I upset E., because we were jabbing each other back and forth. And I — [laughs] I said something about him when he was NXT Champion. And the way that I said it, I didn’t mean it in the way that he interpreted. I didn’t realize that he interpreted it that way. And when I did realize that, I made him talk to me because I am very much about, ‘Hey. Speak, what’s on your mind so we can either like, get past it or not.’ And we had this talk while we were in the shower. So we were buck naked cleansing ourselves, and I said, ‘Hey man. What’s the deal. And then we talked for like 10 minutes in the shower just… [laughing] naked, washing ourselves. So yeah, that’s the biggest thing.”

On how they solve issues with each other:

“I don’t think it’s a problem to misunderstand someone or not be on the same wavelength as them. But I feel like, if you do have a problem with somebody like that, if you want to get to the level of chemistry and friendship that we have. Which, we take very seriously. You have to push through things like that. This is like a marriage. Yeah, like you’re not always gonna have fun with your spouse. You’re not always gonna be happy with them, or please [them]. They’re gonna do stuff that pisses you off, and you have to go to them and say, ‘Hey! Quit nagging me about what I’m feeding the kid for lunch! And leave me alone when I’m in the basement live-streaming on Twitch!’ You’ve just gotta say things like that sometimes.”

Credit to WWE’s Feel the Power, and h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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