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Xavier Woods To Host Nickelodeon’s ‘Treasure Truck’ Holiday Show


The Wrap reports that Xavier Woods is set to host the Nickelodeon holiday special ‘Treasure Truck’ that will premiere on December 8.

Four families will compete against each other for the chance to win some of the ‘truckload’ of gifts on the show. Here is the description and other details: 

“Nickelodeon’s Treasure Truck” brings the competition to the front yard of four families, who must compete against each other when the Nickelodeon Treasure Truck drives up with a truck-load full of amazing holiday gifts, the special’s logline reads. The families put their friendships to the test as they take on three rounds of messy, holiday-themed challenges, such as the Ornament Plow, The Claw and the Snowman Shuffle, among others. After each round, one family is eliminated until only one is declared the winner and gets to take home all the gifts inside the truck.

The holiday competition special is executive produced by Moira Noriega. Production of the special for Nickelodeon is overseen by Ashley Kaplan, executive vice president of Nickelodeon & Awesomeness unscripted and digital franchise studio.

Paul J. Medford, vice president of unscripted current series and Luke Wahl, vice president of Nick’s unscripted creative, also executive produces.”

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