Xia Li
Xia Li

Xia Li Reveals When She Found Out She Was Going To The Main Roster, More


During a recent interview with Fansided, Xia Li commented on learning wrestling in WWE NXT, her vignettes before her debut, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On not knowing about going to the main roster until she saw it on TV: “Actually, I found out while I was eating at home. I just hear my phone go beep, beep, beep and there were many messages. I’m thinking, ‘What just happened? Why is it so busy? Oh, I got drafted!’ That’s how I found out. Before that, I was having some dark matches at SmackDown, so I know that’s the test. My friends told me about [doing dark matches]. If they move me up, that’d be great. If not, I’m happy with what I’m doing in NXT, so I’m okay with both because I believe one day if that happens, I will be there [no matter what].”

On her vignettes before her debut: “They asked about my background and about my family, so I told them my story. That vignette is a real story about my real life. I’m really happy they put my real story on TV and there’s a lot of feeling there. When they [aired] it, I cried. If I have that feeling, they will have that same feeling. Also, I had a dream, like a superhero dream, when I was a child, so this is kind of my dream come true with a superhero dream on TV. I’m very happy that they have this whole package for me and they did an amazing job. I’m surprised they did this whole package for me. I didn’t know. I found out at the same time as you. When it came up, I’m sitting in the back like, ‘Oh my god, so good!’ They did an amazing job. I really appreciate that.”

On her time in NXT: “I’m very happy with what I did in NXT because I didn’t have any wrestling experience before I came here. All the stuff I learned from here, I learned from every coach like Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Every coach at the PC taught me a lot and helped me a lot. Without them, there’s no Xia. NXT makes me feel like family. I moved here, so it’s hard to go back to China, especially during the pandemic, so my coworkers and my coaches are my family here. They teach me a lot, they help me a lot, so I’m very thankful for that. My heart is still in NXT and I’m very excited about my future on SmackDown.”

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