Yahoo Covers WWE’s Concussion Policy – Details


Yahoo! Sports has an article up on WWE’s concussion policy. Here is an excerpt from the article…

Since early May, Dolph Ziggler, Fandango, and Tamina Snuka have each suffered concussions in WWE matches. These are real concussions, not kayfabe injuries invented by the WWE creative team to further storylines. Dolph Ziggler missed a pay-per-view and was out of action for over a month with his concussion. Fandango and Snuka have not wrestled since their head injuries.

If the WWE’s treatment of concussions sounds familiar, that’s because it parallels similar trends in other sports, particularly the NFL. Former players who suffered concussions and are now dealing with their after-effects are suing the NFL. At the same time, the NFL is levying severe punishments against players whose actions could lead to concussions.

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