Yoshi Tatsu Vows To Defeat Lord Tensai


Yoshi Tatsu was defeated by Lord Tensai several weeks ago but continues to rant about him. He says his name is in bad taste and still vows to defeat him.


He wrote the following:

As of today, I am planning to post several tweets regarding my thoughts and feelings toward Lord Tensai. First of all, I have a strong reason why I must defeat Lord Tensai. As in my Japanese lesson, “tensai” means natural disaster.

As everyone knows, Japan experienced a major earthquake and tsunami on March 11th of last year. More than 15,000 people lost their lives, over 5,000 people are still missing, and more than 5,000 people were injured. In addition, over 130,000 people lost their homes. Sadly, the recovery has been very slow. Many people are still living in temporary housing, without jobs. Moreover,the Japanese people haven’t been able to recover from the grief of losing family members,including children who lost their parents.

Out of respect, I strongly urge Lord Tensai to change his name. As Japanese superstar of WWE, I cannot tolerate him using this name during Japanese appearance. Even though he is tremendously big and very strong, I will defeat him someday. Japan was defeated by natural disasters – “TENSAI”. And I, Yoshi Tatsu is the one who defeats that “TENSAI”. When I beat him, I will make him change his name. This is #YoshiRevolution Episode 1.

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