The Young Bucks React To Losing The “Too Sweet” Gesture, Discuss Proving People Wrong


During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, The Young Bucks discussed wanting to prove people wrong, losing the “Too Sweet” gesture and more. You can check out some highlights below:

Nick Jackson on the success of Being The Elite: “I always knew it was going to be big for us, but I’m not sure that I thought it would be this big. Originally I just wanted it all to be shot like a documentary on a weekly basis, but Matt thought of adding storylines and I think that’s what has brought it to heights we didn’t know it would reach. It’s pretty awesome to see and I’m flattered anytime someone says they watch every week.”

Matt Jackson on how proud he is of the show: “We’re very proud of the way everything is going down. This is the most hands-on we’ve ever been with a wrestling angle, so to see people are enjoying it is very rewarding. When we first started using Being The Elite to supplement storylines, it was just a little extra bonus reward for the fans who watched. Something fun to follow along with. Whereas now, it feels like some of the stuff we’ve included on recent episodes are actually must-see, if you’re trying to follow along. Actually, recently, our show has given more detailed content than you might not see from watching only ROH or New Japan.”

Matt Jackson on proving people wrong: “We’ve made a career out of working with a chip on our shoulder. Maybe that’s why we work so hard? To prove others wrong? The pool of doubters has thinned in recent years, but it’s definitely still around.”

Matt Jackson on losing the “Too Sweet” gesture and their continued success: “People said our careers were over when the ‘Too Sweet’ hand gesture was taken from us. Now, it doesn’t even feel strange not doing it. People said we only knew how to work one style. Then we switched it up completely. People said Bullet Club had peaked for years now. Yet, here we are, as we continue to help it stay interesting and popular.”

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