Your Hate Mail Revealed – The Best Of The Best!


Earlier this week here on the website, we tried to “lighten things up” and have a little fun. We asked to see your “hate mail”! We often see fans venting about the site, reporters, column writers, forum members, etc. in the comments section and plan to make it a weekly feature here on the website.

It’s all love on our end and we can’t thank all of you enough for your continued support. This is something we’re adding to have a little fun and to get you guys more involved.

Here are some of the “best hate mail” comments we received!

Raven Reaper • 2 days ago

Go eat a d*ck

radical burms • 2 days ago

Dude, u know how I know you’re gay? You’re part of the IWC.

clox • 2 days ago

I bet you learned to masturbate from a family member.

samjacksonswig • 6 hours ago −

Good way of getting multiple comments on a thread guys- shit, even I have fallen for it! Since I’m here….

Navigation on the site is as old as Noah’s ark, as is the look.

Repetitive stories that aren’t stories, just utter banality.

Sensationalist headlines that have no/vague connection to the story attached to the link.

Filtering through the crud- why not have a section for TNA, one for WWE et.c? It would save scanning through multiple lines of minute text.

Allowing abusive comments on threads.

Thank you.

Kill Bomb • 21 hours ago

Acting like you have sources or know whats going on backstage.

Guy • a day ago

Here’s an idea use google images to get some up-to-date images at the top of your posts. Fuck sake all the night of champions posts had pictures of John Cena. It ain’t hard

Strek • a day ago

F*ck u clark.

dfxewf • a day ago −

You should stop this saying something like *melina naked pics click below*,and it takes u to other site,and u should learn u staff better,u post some pictures of someone that has been 2-3 years old.,and u post them as new.

YES YES YES NO NO NO • a day ago

Your hair is too blonde

yujamie • a day ago

Some of the articles are bulls*it. Stop misleading people and stop reporting bullshit. Oh, and the repetitive posts. Stop.

Poostane Palette • a day ago

The constant updates, before you report a story, get the whole picture together so you don’t have to do that update crap..

six6sixwitch • a day ago

PLEASE stop hosting ads with loud audio and autoplay! Some of us work in offices, ya know…

Dan Whittaker • a day ago −

Don’t reveal the main spoilers in the headlines. Example – Night of Champions Results – D Bryan wins the title. You cant help but read that… even people checking the site for other news without wanting to know results cant miss that. Piss take.

WrestleFanatic513 • a day ago −

I agree with the stupid reporter links that are almost always fake. The multiple “updates” that basically say the same thing as the previous “updates” with maybe one extra sentence added to it. I can’t think of any other things that must be stopped immediately. Otherwise, the sight is pretty good. I would like to know who these “sources” within WWE and TNA that would reveal insider secrets to you guys though LOL

grimachine • a day ago −

Okay, I believe that this would be an opportune time to test my trolling attributes. Shall we begin?…


Short but sweet. Thankyou for allowing me to patronise your wonderful website and give my obviously valid opinion above.

Elliot Marriott • a day ago −

Reporting the same thing multiple times just reworded. Misleading news headlines. Ridiculous reporter links. Countless grammatical and spelling errors in reports. Too much personal opinion in reports. Labelling things as **SPOILERS** when they aren’t. Posting fake newsbits based on your own assumptions such as Austin/HHH at WrestleMania XXX – we all know there’s absolutely no substance behind that and it’s just from your own personal mind, abusing the pull you have to gain traffic.

Plenty of things that could be better, and there are better news sites out there. I come here because to your credit, it’s one of the easiest to navigate, but content-wise, it could use some serious work. And you definitely need to remove the trolling accounts, regardless of whether they’re considered “traffic” or not. They ruin the community feel with their unfunny, idiotic remarks.

Iain Schbeiker • a day ago

I don’t really have anything hateful to say but in regards to the writers here, would it kill them to spell correctly?

SLOW PIGEN • a day ago

Fire Ryan Clark! That is all, thank you for your cooperation..

Kedo2 • a day ago

1. Hire actual editors.

2. Learn from them.

3. ????

4. Profit !

Danny McCrae • a day ago

You don’t need to post anything more, anything less. What some people label as “not news” other people will be interested in, so those who say that speak for themselves. What you do need to do, is proof read. There are far too many mistakes on your part which you would easily spot if you proof read before you post. That way people will concentrate on the important part of the article rather than focusing on the way you’ve written it; on how many typos you’ve made.

Mark Wither • a day ago −

I have been saying for the last five years for you to get rid of the fake reporter links so PLEASE get rid of the fake links and the whole Jim Ross retirement 3 billion pointless updates should never happen again.

Jamie JayCreepy Dunn • 2 days ago

My only fault with you is sometimes misleading headlines and repeated articles.

waddupp • 2 days ago −

The fact that you published “spoiler” about wwe talents will be punished on RAW and ended it with “this is just a rumour” is very poor journalism. It is what every fans expects to happen. With this website we want the best wrestling news site available but so far we just get a tabloid newspaper version of a wrestling news site. Ditch the misleading headlines and the not so spoiler spoilers and your good.

robertzaccour • 2 days ago

The worst part about this site is all the misleading headlines. Its a douchebag move and is very insulting to your viewers. That posting the same article over and over and incuding old articles with new ones and passing it off as news.

Ashe • 2 days ago

I have a problem. My account was banned even though I never made a comment. I wrote one well written blog and was banned. What the hell for? I hate how it seems Ryan tries to come across as a celebrity. All you do is copy and paste from other sites. No I won’t add you on facebook stop asking.

Devin Kyler Chance • 2 days ago −

I don’t hate you, Ryan. I don’t even dislike you. I do like you. I like you a hell of a lot more than I like most reporters.

I hate this idea that you’re the best. Because you’re not. I’m the best. I’m the best in the world. There’s one thing you’re better at than I am and that’s kissing tna’s ass.

You’re as good as kissing tna’s ass as COTN was. He’s a pretty good ass kisser. Always was and still is.

Whoops! I’m breaking the fourth wall!

I’ve been the best since day one when I got onto this site. And I’ve been vilified and hated since that day because the I saw something in me that nobody else wanted to admit. That’s right, I’m a Devin Kyler Chance guy. You know who else was a Devin Kyler Chance guy? Nobody.

I’ve grabbed so many imaginary disqus points on this site that it’s finally dawned on me, they’re completely imaginary.

The only thing that’s real is me and the fact that day in and day out, for almost six months, I have proved to everybody in the world that I am the best in this comment section! Nobody can touch me!

And yet no matter how many times I prove it, I’m not on your lovely little front page. I’m not a reporter. I get bullied. I’m barely promoted. I don’t get to be in articles. I’m certainly not on any crappy report on WSR. But the fact of the matter is, I should be.

This isn’t sour grapes. But the fact that Burnett guy is a author here and I’m not makes me sick!

I’m leaving with the EWN on Nov. 17th. And hell, who knows, maybe I’ll go to WZ. Maybe…I’ll go back to WINC.

Hey Raj Giri how ya doin’?

Let me tell you a personal story about Ryan Clark alright. He does this whole (anti) bully campaign—-

Jason Middleton • a day ago −

F*cking reporters links, all of them, exclusive, breaking news or lying pieces of shit that say “100% direct link”

Every other week at the bottom of certain articles it says …..”VINCE MCMAHON REPORTEDLY IRATE AT RAW THIS WEEK – OMGGGGGG!”

You click on the link and find fuck all about it, if he is Irate at RAW why not just tell us why.

I don’t think this site does enough to remove abusive or just irrelevant trolling comments/replies.

When you do RAW results, don’t put a major spoiler in the article title such as “Raw coverage (16/09/13) – Daniel Bryan Stripped of title!”

Don’t do articles that say “Is their heat on (insert name here)?” then have near no mention of it in the article, or a paragraph of what can be simplified as “No”, and if their is no heat on anyone, don’t do a fucking article about it.

Hate the old pictures of certain superstars when they are mentioned in articles, such as CM Punk, can’t we get updated versions of what they look like now, same thing for the WWE Superstars picture that has Triple H, Batista, Rey Mysterio and John Morrison on it.

Samuel Perth • 20 hours ago −

This seem like a terribly passive aggressive attempt by those running this site to turn the situation around on the visitors and commenters.

They, obviously, don’t enjoy the amount of “hate” they receive from their visitors. However, what they seem not to grasp is that people come here for the news, not the messengers

I’ve never once seen someone say, “That extra opinion Ryan Clark through in at the end of that piece was AWESOME! He is such a witty, insightful reporter!” nor any variation of that sentiment.

No one cares what Ryan Clark – or anyone else has to say about it. It’s completely irrelevant.

Take ego out of the equation, step back, and take an objective look at what you are doing.

The reason most people come to this site instead of any of the 100’s of other sites with the same content is really a simple one: Ads.

There aren’t pop-up ads every time one clicks a link to a story. If there were, people would go elsewhere.

Please don’t confuse the traffic you get as validation of you – those running the site.

We don’t come here because we like you or care about what you think. We come here for news about Pro Wrestling and we come here because you don’t load it with popups and other shady links (other than the reporters links, image links, etc).

As far as calling people “reporters” or items of non-news as “columns”.

Passing on rumors, copying items from PWO and other more official sources – that are already released to the press or available to those that care to look – is not reporting.

Writing an opinion piece and having it posted here doesn’t make it a column.

Please, get off your high horses and maybe look at what people have to say – negative or not -absorb the criticism and try to do something about it.

But back to the topic at hand:

Trying to “Make a weekly feature” out of the “hate mail” is, again, passive aggressive and a vain attempt to undercut the vehemence and validity of the “negative comments” – that you don’t want to hear or do anything about.

It’s a tactic best suited to a playground and only serves to illustrate those running this site’s inability to take criticism, or to look at themselves and their site objectively.

Also, it makes you seem as if you don’t respect the visitors to the site – which I expect to be the case, based on what i’ve seen.

Kyle Dunning • a day ago −

As the facebook page admin, I am rather disgusted by this. Knowing that people hate on you, and channeling that into a “weekly feature”, is just promoting more idiots to be.. well .. idiots. Reporters are meant to be unbiased, they are not meant to take notice of peoples opinions on a particular subject.

Of course, with anything that is successful for any period of time, there will be haters. Those haters will continue to be abusive because that is part of their nature, but the rest of us who come here to read the latest wrestling news, see all the “trolls” and “haters” all the time, and they should not be featured because they are idiots.

Why don’t you make a post asking for constructive criticism? How about, you do a feature highlighting some of the best blogs the website has to offer?

I personally do write blogs every now and again, and have been praised and rated highly for my insight into professional wrestling. I take any opinions and constructive criticism given on board, and learn how to be a better blogger.

You should reward the good and loyal, before featuring the stupid and the idiotic. Promoting good behaviour on here will give a better atmosphere all around and will reduce the amount of trolls, because you never know, they may actually want to join in!

Have a think about that while I continue to increase your fan base with the facebook page which you never mention.

Fist_of_Doom • 7 hours ago −

1. Your false/untruthful advertisement links. You generate them so people can go to your other site and then that site can claim “X” amount of hits. This really is the worst thing on this site.

2. Repeating of same stories again to claim more hits.

3. The really old pictures of wrestlers.

4. Making us go to yet another site of yours so we can see a picture of someone that did bad so you can claim “X” amount of hits.

5. That stupid candy game pop up that comes up when using mobile or tablet.

6. No mobile version of this site.

7. Please do real reporting and not just making stuff up.

8. Enough of guess how old the wrestler is news reports. Any die hard fan knows when a wrestler’s birthday is. If not, they can look it up.

9. Stop banning people for calling you out on 1,2, & 4 and/or making fun of your “Reporter’s Link.” People have threatened people with violence on this site and they are the ones that should be banned.

10. Know what spoilers are.

11. Equal reporting of TNA, ROH, WWE, and independent wrestling results from all over the States. Articles on up and coming wrestlers…or those we should watch.

12. Shameless promotion.

13. One sentence on an update on a certain wrestler is not news.

Brandon Horvath • 2 days ago −

Oh and lets not forget, when we post on that dumbass that makes those columns and fucks it up and screws it all up, he criticizes us for speaking out telling him right from wrong.

Mordecai • 2 days ago

Also, how many damn sites do you own. Do you spend every waking hour posting the same sh*t to each of your 15 sites?

Mordecai • 2 days ago

Admit that you are secretly in love with Sunny. A week does not pass without you posting ‘news’ about her and we all see the love notes the two of you send back and forth on twitter.

Mordecai • 2 days ago

you listen to sh*tty music and you need to publicly apologize to Piper claiming he sexually harassed Diva’s backstage. Great job being too chickensh*t to go on his podcast when he called you out for making the story up.

Mordecai TheAllSeeingEye • 2 days ago

I 100% agree. A film festival put on by Colt Cabana and the promoter ‘Rocks Off’ has absolutely nothing to do with the Rock. It proves that you didn’t even bother reading the article before you copied and pasted it from another site.

Boots2CandyAsses • 2 days ago

why do you post so much irrelevant news? like stacy keibler, darren young, john cena going to nascar lol that kind of stuff is not interesting nor relevant to wrestling. Just wondering why crap like that gets on the news. Madison rayne was way pregnant before you guys even posted about it, but the first stuff i mentioned was posted really fast.

TheAllSeeingEye • 2 days ago

Well this should be good. At least this site will feature some original material for once.

Submitted 2 days ago by fonandrez:

I have to say that EWN is one of the worst, if not the actual worst wrestling news website out there. Ryan Clarke will take pictures from wrestlers twitter, host them to his own site then make you click around until you can find it. He constantly bans people from his comment section if they question his `editorial’ direction at all.

Twice in the past two weeks he’s promoted Rock Off wrestling film fest as THE ROCK’S wrestling film fest. Complete with pictures of The Rock. The only time the website is worth anything is when observer comes out and he copies and pastes meltzers news.

Ryan Clarke, fuck you, I know you read this.

SpaZticHeroComing Soon: 1 hour ago

Yup, both of them along with one I some other site whose name I can’t remember makes up the Ryan Clarke trifecta of horrible website reporting.

JTStyles 2 days ago

Ryan Clarke is a punching bag over at TPWWforums

ColtCabanaBEARS 12 days ago

Ryan Clark is easily the worst.

zracStraight Edge Savior 2 days ago

Unfollowed one of their writers on twitter and berated me, calling me a f*ggot. Real classy folks there.

fonandrez 2 days ago

Seems about right. I asked Ryan a question about his policies and practices and he banned me.

reverandglass 2 days ago

eWN is only worth visiting for the forums. The “news” is all copy and pasted and the articles are written by deluded marks who’s work reads like that of a child.

only1mrfstr 2 days ago

wasn’t Ryan Clarke a part of WZ for a while… hell, him not being there anymore just ups their cred a bit lol

TeamRocketBlastOFF 2 days ago

Ryan Clark is the worst. and others like him. All they do is copy/paste and act like insiders with knowledge.

thewhitestars88KAAAAAANE!! 1 day ago

I remember about ten years ago Ryan Clarke got in an argument with someone on his wrestling podcast (I think this was even before podcasts were an actually thing, it was just an mp3 you downloaded off his site) about if West Virginia was an actual U.S. state. He’d never heard of it. Dude’s a big turkey, at least he was back in the Pro Wrestling Scoops days, and used to get made fun of on a lot of message boards at the time.

passwordisTaco879itwasme 1 day ago

Ryan Clark is pathetic, glad I’m not the only one who thinks so

pjpjr6Your normal cadence.1 day ago

Ryan Clark saw your thread

fonandrez 21 hours ago

Yeah I know, crazy, right? Now he’s going to monetize my anger. I hope my post is his first submission

Christian4peepz 12 hours ago

Ryan Clark – I hope you and your family die of f*cking aids. F*CK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!

We love you guys! We’ll see ya’ next week for the next installment of “hate mail”! 🙂

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