YouTube Personality Goes Off On Dolph Ziggler For Standing Her Up, Says He’s Leaving Wrestling


A YouTube personality posted a video to her account slamming Dolph Ziggler for standing her up on a date. Trisha Paytas, who has 2.7 million subscribers to her YouTube account, ripped into Ziggler who she claimed she hooked up with a year ago.

You can see the video below, in which Paytas calls Ziggler “barely a celebrity” and said they had been communicating regularly for a few months. She said Ziggler said he would be in town a week ago and wanted to meet up for drinks on Thursday but then texted her that day and said that while he wanted to meet at 10:30, he couldn’t be out be too late he had to wake up early. Paytas said she told Ziggler not to flake because she was cancelling a date for him. When she asked where to meet he didn’t reply and when she texted again at 10:10, he replied, “I’m going to flake” and that he was still at the airport, and whether they could reschedule for Friday.

“I don’t know what it is about wrestlers, they have these big f–king heads,” she said. “Wrestling’s f–ing fake, but all the fans of this wrestling fake bullsh-t think it’s real and think he’s a god, and he starts thinking this sh-t too. That’s what these wrestlers do.”

She continues on ranting at Ziggler and then finishes, “For all of you wrestling fans, wrestling is f–king fake. This man is a 37-year-old man [and] not a God who is f–king leaving wrestling soon anyways.”

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