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Yulisa Leon Affiliated With KAOZ Lucha Libre, WWE Never Considered Mansoor For A Title Run



Yulisa Leon, who was released by WWE this past September, has adopted the new ring name of Julissa.

In a recent interview with TJ Sports, Julissa revealed that she is now involved with the CRASH-associated KAOZ Lucha Libre promotion which is based out of Monterrey, Mexico. She said,

“I belong to KAOZ and we will surprise a lot of people. We have a lot of plans & surprises set and we will go forward from there.”

Julissa defeated Dulce Tormenta on CRASH’s November 3rd show to win The Crash Women’s Championship.

Mansoor enjoyed a lengthy winning streak on WWE television, and the former WWE Superstar believes it hurt his chances of winning a title.

Mansoor reached 49 straight victories on WWE Main Event and 205 Live before losing during his RAW debut in 2021 via disqualification.

During a recent Reddit AMA, Mansoor revealed that the winning streak was the result of a mandate from WWE higher-ups and that it meant he was never considered for a title opportunity. He wrote,

“I’m proud of that 205 run and was glad I got the opportunity to show more of what I was capable of. Sadly, the streak was merely a byproduct of a mandate from up top that I couldn’t lose, so it was never going to lead into anything.”

He continued, “I was told I couldn’t even lose by being the person not pinned in a tag or multi-man match, so winning the title was out of the question. Very creatively stifling and made it so I couldn’t regularly appear on NXT.”

WWE released Mansoor this past September following the WWE-UFC merger into TKO Group Holdings under the Endeavor Group.

MxM, Mase Madden and Mansoor, the former Maximum Male Models are here to answer your questions in this exclusive AMA!
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