Zack Clayton On Possibly Bringing Jersey Shore’s Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley To AEW Television


Zack Clayton is currently signed on with AEW full-time, and he recently spoke about the possibility of bringing Jersey Shore star and wife Jenni “JWoww” Farley to AEW television someday.

You can check out some of the highlights from Clayton’s interview with TV Insider below:


On being officially signed to AEW: “Signing a full-time deal is something I’m very excited about. It has been coming I feel for quite some time…I’ve had conversations with them for quite some time. I figured it was coming when I was put on the road every week for about a month or two straight.”

On who made the actual offer to him: “Christopher Daniels was the one who offered me the contract and handed it to me. We spoke internally with a few other people. It was great. Everyone was very happy for me. I was appreciative of their help and support. I have plenty of support there, which is great.”

On how receptive AEW was to him continuing to do Jersey Shore Family Vacation: “That’s something I spoke to them about during negotiations for a contract. They were more than happy to fulfill that request because that was something I was doing previously. They have allowed me to do that and other things I do right now, which is great.”

On JWoww being at Rampage and Full Gear: “She is a really big supporter of mine. It’s really important to me. She came along because she wanted to. She wanted to see how it was. She has been to shows before, but this one she came backstage and stayed the entire night. She got to see everything from start to finish. It was important to me because just like she brings me into her world, I wanted to do the same. When I had my match on Friday, she walked out to the crowd and watched my match, and hung out with everybody.”

On JWoww’s involvement in sensory inclusiveness nonprofit KultureCity: “She has been a board member of KultureCity for four years. We are really getting KultureCity tied in with AEW. That’s another role I’m taking on as well. I’m really helping the tie-in connection and expanding on the relationship backstage. It’s a great cause and something we care deeply about. It’s something we want to work on in a big way.”

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