Zack Gibson Talks How Helpful Triple H Is With WWE NXT UK Roster


WWE NXT UK superstar Zack Gibson talked about various topics including how helpful and hands-on Triple H is with each and every member of the WWE NXT UK roster during a recent interview on the Blood Red: The Liverpool FC podcast. Here is what he had to say:

“Yeah, there’s a reason why everyone backstage looks up to him, it’s not something that’s being forced or manufactured, it’s just…he’s so hands-on and helpful to everyone backstage that you can’t help but get caught up in it, you can’t help but look forward to his input in whatever it is that you’re doing and some of the advice has been..I’d give away every penny that I own just to get some of this advice, especially in the build-up to doing this and now, he’s giving it away for free.

He’s commander, he’s working with the team to get us where we need to be and he’s doing that right across the board. I don’t think anyone…I think I’ve got a busy schedule, and I wouldn’t dare take on his at the minute, he’s just everywhere at once evenly.”

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