Zack Ryder Confirms He’s Frustrated With His WWE Role


Zack Ryder recently spoke with SmackTalk Radio Live about developing his character, his YouTube show and more. Check out the highlights:

On separating from Curt Hawkins and Edge and developing a different character: “I was never really comfortable in my own skin when I was a Major Brother or an Edgehead, and when we got split up in the draft in 2009, I knew it was my chance to be something different, and that’s why I started wearing the one-legged tights, it was just to get attention, because I needed to be as different from Curt, as different from Edge, and as different from everybody as possible, and that’s when I started being myself…a bro from Long Island.”

On starting his YouTube Show: “The goal when I started the show was to get noticed or get fired. One or the other was going to happen.”

On what the WWE originally thought of it: “No one ever came up to me for a while and said hey we like what you’re doing, and no one really told me to stop. Nobody told me to continue. I was so under the radar that they didn’t really know I was doing it. And if they did, they didn’t care enough to watch it. And if they did watch it, they weren’t telling me they were watching it because I got no feedback, so I just continued doing what I was doing.”

On whether he’s frustrated in his current role on television: “I mean, absolutely but I think with every superstar, not just me, you can never be satisfied with you position, you can never be satisfied with where you are on the card. If you get in this business, you should want to be at the top, and I’m not at the top yet. So, I’m going to be frustrated until I’m there, and when I’m there I’ll probably want to be even better so I’ll be frustrated then, but that’s how it works, that’s how you get better, that’s how you become the best.”

As we’ve been exclusively reporting, Zack Ryder is just one of the MANY mid-card talents who are very frustrated with their current WWE statuses. Most keep their mouths shut as they know if they speak up, they’ll lose their jobs or be “jobbed out”.

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