Zack Ryder Not Accepting Indie Bookings Until It’s Safe, Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson Note, More


At the closing bell on Friday, WWE’s stock was at $40.54. That is up $0.87 (2.19%) from Thursday’s closing price.

Zack Ryder took to Twitter today to reveal that he won’t be accepting any indie bookings until it’s absolutely safe to go back out in public. He said,

“Thanks for all the love and support the past 48 hours. After 14 years in one place, this new adventure is one I’m beyond excited for. I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about booking me. I cannot wait to wrestling again and meet more of my fans. However, with what’s going on in the world right now, I can’t accept any bookings. It wouldn’t be fair to the fans to take bookings, announce them, have people spend their money on tickets for an event…only for it to be cancelled or rescheduled. The focus right now should be on staying safe and staying home until this pandemic clears up. Once people are able to gather together again, let’s hit the ground running. I cannot wait to get out there and perform for my fans!”

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson’s Talkin’ Shop podcast has hit #1 among sports podcasts on Apple Podcasts after three episodes:

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