Zack Ryder Says He’s Got His Ring Gear & New Theme Music Ready For Independent Return


During a recent Instagram Live Q&A session, Matt “Zack Ryder” Cardona commented on his post-WWE plans. He revealed that he’s already got new ring gear and a theme song ready to go. You can check out some highlights from the Q&A below:

On immediately working on his new ring gear after he was released: “I’m always ready. That’s not just a catchphrase. Not just a hashtag. Always ready. I started designing the gear the second we were released and TTD Wrestling, he is our guy for the podcast. He’s also the guy who has been designing our gear. Rick Michaels actually makes the gear. So, yes, I have the gear design. It’s on the way. It looks great.”

On his new theme song: “I mean, let’s just say that I’ve been listening to it already on repeat Chelsea [Green] knows all the words, because I play it so loud. I love it. I will just say that the song is not complete, but it’s almost there. I love it. That’s all I’m going to say. It’s a great entrance song, workout song. It’s perfect. It’s perfect for me.”

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