Zack Ryder Speaks Out – ‘Net Show, Popularity, & More


In an interview with Lubbock Online, Zack Ryder revealed that it is his dream to be one of the top guys in the WWE.

Here are highlights:

On why he started his internet show: “From the start, I wanted it all. My dream always has been to be the guy on the T-shirts, one of the wrestlers fighting on pay-per-view matches. But no one was there to make my dream come true. So I started the show and taught myself to video edit. My only intention was to find ways to make fun of myself. Luckily, fans loved it.”

On training to be a wrestler while in college: “It was always a joke. My major was liberal arts, which basically meant nothing. I went to college only so my parents would pay for wrestling school. They’ve supported me ever since.”

On his popularity: “I don’t want to toot my own horn, because everyone in the WWE works really hard, but I also have an extra initiative. I hope things play out again for me. I always dreamed of becoming not just another WWE superstar, but the very best, one of the top guys in the WWE. Believe me, that dream of mine has not changed.”

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