Zack Ryder Talks his WWE Release, Why it Was a Relief


Matt Cordona (aka Zack Ryder) discussed his WWE release and why it was a relief for him while speaking with Chris Van Vliet for a new interview.

Here is what he had to say: 

“Okay, so let’s talk serious for a second. So we all, that morning, we got — I say ‘we,’ everybody in WWE got this group text message like ‘Hey, check your talent app. There’s a video to watch’ or something like that. The verbiage might be — you know, it was something like that. And it was a video from Vince McMahon talking about the state of the company and the state of the world. And basically saying that layoffs would be coming. So I mean, I’m a smart guy. I’m like, ‘Okay,, let’s set it up right now!’ Like, I already had it set up. I had my logo guys making logos, Pro Wrestling Tees making logos for me. Like, I knew it was coming. I mean, I didn’t know but I had a pretty good idea.”

“But the thing is, my contract would have been up in August, I had never re-signed. And for about, I guess over a year we’d been in contract negotiations and the anxiety that I was living with? Like, do I stay, do I go? Do I stay, do I go? Because I grew up wanting to be a WWE Superstar of course, right? But my career’s been up and down, up and down and with all these new opportunities out there, do I really want to stay here, or do I want to go somewhere else? And the anxiety of ‘Do I stay, do I go,’ when the decision was made for me? Oh my god, it was like, ‘Thank you! Thank you so much!’ Instantly relieved, instantly.”

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