Zack Sabre Jr. Wants Bryan Danielson At 100%, MJF Roasts Rosie O’Donnell, Minoru Suzuki


Bryan Danielson will face Zack Sabre Jr. next month at AEW WrestleDream 2023.

In an interview following NJPW Road to Destruction, Sabre Jr. called out AEW to ensure Danielson is safe and doesn’t sustain any injuries in the lead-up to their October 1st match. He said,


“WrestleDream is coming up in a couple of weeks. I’m really looking forward to it. But I’m a little anxious about it. I’m a little nervous. WrestleDream is in two weeks. But I’m not nervous. I’m not nervous to wrestle the great Bryan Danielson. No, I’m nervous that Bryan Danielson won’t even make it to the match. Because at this point, a strong gust of wind will disintegrate Bryan Danielson, won’t it? So AEW, I’ve got a firm request for you. Make sure he gets to the bloody match. I don’t care if you need to wrap Bryan from head to bloody toe in bubble wrap. He’s got a broken arm. It was broken. Rather than putting that back in plaster, how about we mummify him in plaster cast? Better still, let’s get a giant bloody Zorb ball, and let’s make him sleep in it. Because this match will happen, Bryan. You chickened out last year. Well, this year it will happen. AEW, make sure it bloody happens. Because all the talk, all of the talk coming out from Forbidden Door, ‘Oh, the mighty Danielson won a match with a broken arm. How incredible.’ But you idiots, you cretins are looking at it from the wrong perspective, aren’t you? Because if Bryan Danielson broke his arm winning a match, think about the state of him when he loses a match to me, Zack Sabre Jr, the best technical wrestler in the world. You’ve got two weeks, darling. Stay in one bit.”

MJF made an appearance on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” when he was just five years old, and he claims he’s still waiting for his paycheck.

The AEW World Champion appeared on the show in 2001 and sang the hit “You Are My Sunshine” song.

In a recent interview with CBS New York, MJF discussed the appearance and how he’s still owed for it. He said,

“Here’s the deal. Very traumatic day for me. Rosie O’Donnell, horrible person. I gave her a very fair, flat fee. To this day she owes me money. To this day. After I sang that well on her show. Still waiting for my check.”

MJF will defend the AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe on this week’s Grand Slam themed episode of AEW Dynamite.

And finally, Japanese wrestling legend Minoru Suzuki will make his House of Glory debut at the promotion’s October 13th show at the NYC Arena.

You can check out the official press release below:

“The King is coming to NYC!
House of Glory Pro Wrestling has announced today the legendary NJPW star Minoru Suzuki will make his HOG debut at the NYC Arena on October 13th.

The former IWGP Intercontinental and NEVER Openweight champion will be making a rare New York appearance.

For over thirty years, Minoru has been a legend in professional wrestling. What does he have in store for House of Glory? Who is his target? His opponent will be announced in the coming weeks.

Fans will not want to miss the huge event and rare opportunity to see one of the all time greats.

“Friday the 13th” will stream live on the Premier Streaming Network and tickets are available now at Tickets start at $20.

Stay tuned to HOGWrestling social media channels for more announcements.

The NYC Arena is easily accessible by MTA, LIRR, and has limited street parking available in Jamaica, Queens.”

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