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Zelina Vega Issues A Powerful Statement (Video), Riddle Gives McGregor/Poirier Pick


During a recent interview with Sky Sports, WWE Superstar Matt Riddle gave his thoughts on tonight’s big Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier III fight at UFC 264. Riddle said,

“If Conor is fired up, put your money on him!”

WWE Superstar Zelina Vega cut a promo following last night’s episode of SmackDown, discussing her strategy for Money in the Bank. She said,

“You realize who you’re talking to, right? The best manager in the business, future Hall of Famer for being the best manager in the business? What I’ve learned as a manager is that you do not reveal your strategy, especially before something like Money In the Bank. So while these girls are running around wondering who else is going to be in the match, who’s qualifying, da da da da dah! I’m going to be home and thinking about how I may not out-power them, and I may not out-quick everybody, but I definitely will outsmart each and every one of you. So bring every ounce of air that you have because that will be the last breath that you are going to take. And you know what? Yeah, that was a powerful statement. But I’m a powerful woman. See you at Money in the Bank.”

Vega captioned her tweet with the following,

“Yeah, I make powerful statements. I’m a powerful woman. See you at @WWE #MoneyInTheBank #ThrowStacksAtEm”

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