Smack Talk Podcast #396 – June 2019 Mailbag, G1 Climax Preview


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Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: June Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “Back during the Divas Era from 2007-2015, WWE female Superstars would generally have just one short match on either RAW or SmackDown (they would get slightly longer matches on either Superstars or a PPV) while there would be some episodes which will not have a women’s match. Most of the female roster at that time were former models with a lack of wrestling experience. But since Triple H took over for John Laurinaitis as WWE’s Head of Talent back in 2012, he started to hire more independent wrestlers while gradually phasing out the models as well as match stipulations such as pajama pillow fights and costume battle royals. These days, there are usually two (sometimes even three) women’s matches on RAW, SmackDown and the PPVs as well as the matches being longer and aren’t just hairpulling or slaps. How did the WWE’s change of perception regarding the women’s division came about.”
  • “Within the next month to month in a half my first album Dissention into Niceness is coming out. Would you guys be interested in listening to it? PS I’ll post in Mega Maniacs when it is available”
  • “With the amount of sleep, you get Tony will you be doing a Pokémon Sleep Let’s Play?”
  • “Whose multiple death do you enjoy more: Kenny from South Park or Hans Moleman from The Simpsons?”
  • “Where is the most unique place and way you can see the 24/7 title changing hands? I want somehow for a woman to win it, her husband brings a ref into the bedroom after it appears, they had sex, the man pins the sleeping women literally screwing her out of the title”
  • “Using the women in WWE make a Women’s tag team? I’m going to say Zelina Vega teams with Sarah Stock to reform Mexican America for one off”
  • “Do you think AEW will do more harm before good? Meaning killing off Impact, ROH and Lucha Underground? Lucha is not dead so I had to add it”
  • “There is a saying The Simpsons did it first in TV. Do you in wrestling people say WWE did it first?”
  • “Should WWE do 205 Live at Full Sail University to give it a better and different feel, so that way you can share the roster between the two brands?”
  • “Thoughts/First Impressions on the Big Brother Cast?”
  • “Do you like when feuds start by someone pinning the champion and then a title match happens on a PPV?”
  • “Would you rather be known as saving Raw and SmackDown Live, or rather be known as kicking off AEW to a successful brand”
  • “Would you rather die before your wife dies or after your wife dies?”
  • “What two colors make the best combinations?”
  • “Do you have any quotes that you remember for your life?”
  • “What is your favorite sound in the world?”
  • “Thoughts on people getting frustrated on Shayna Baszler being champion, and wanting new blood? For instance Purrazzo getting involved more, as well as Kacy, Xia Li, Chelsea Green.”
  • “If you knew the world was ending what would you do?”
  • “If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?”
  • “This is probably only for Tony, but since WWE has been slacking, are you more tempted to watch other promotions like NJPW or whatever?”
  • “How pumped are you for Stranger Things Season 3? Have you seen the final trailer? What do you want to see happen, do you think this is the last season? Can you do a episode rundown for fanboys or a podcast reviewing the season”
  • “Would you be cool with Drake Maverick as champion for 205 Live?”
  • “It just dawned on me the other day that I have been listening to you guys for over 5 years now. I remembered this because on a Dean Ambrose top I have it has the date the Shield broke up, 06/02/14, and that was one night after Payback 2014, when The Shield beat Evolution in the 6-Man Elimination Tag Match. Pulling this all together, being from the UK and being 13 at the time, I couldn’t watch the PPV live but saw the results the next morning. No word of a lie, when I was leaving school I thought to myself “The Shield got a clean sweep, I wonder what Tony, Wago, Paden and Drew think about that”. So finally getting to the question, do you have any wrestling merchandise that brings back any specific memories?”
  • “My second question is, if there was an NXT Hall of Fame, who do you think, based on their accolades in NXT, would be first ballot HOF picks, second ballot HOF picks, who just makes the cut in your opinion, and who just misses out?”
  • “Last one, not wrestling related, but anything from E3 that got you excited?”
  • “What wrestling move in your mind doesn’t match its name?”
  • “Thoughts on having Roman come out with german shepherds or pit bulls? Michael cole saying “Here comes the big dog with his big dogs” is only a positive.”
  • “Segments or lines where you hypothetically spitted your drink? Mine is the shane celebration episode, drew said “shane mcmahon is the best in the world””
  • “Would you ever want to do other tournaments in the future like “Sexiest Belts” (aesthetically speaking lol) or Best Entrance Music?”
  • “Let’s pretend (and hope) that in the near future they end the brand split and merge the tag titles and main titles (WWE with Universal and Raw Women’s with Smackdown Women’s). Would you like to see a midcard title for the Women’s division? “
  • “Have any of y’all had the new “S’mores” flavored Oreos?”

Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • Making WWE: Meet WWE’s Longest-Tenured Referee Mike Chioda
  • WWE Day Of: Behind the Scenes of WWE Stomping Grounds with Bayley
  • Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff now in charge of Raw and SmackDown as executive directors
  • Jinder Mahal out with ruptured patellar tendon injury for 6-12 months
  • Evolve 131 10th Anniversary Celebration show announced
  • Review of Monday Night Raw July 1, 2019 episode
  • WWE Ride Along: Lone Star Scavenger Hunt with Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, The IIconics
  • + more random topics and discussion

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