Wrestling Smack Talk Podcast Episode #185 – WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review


On episode 185 of the Smark Out Moment wrestling podcast SMACK TALK, the panel discusses the following:

Part 1 = Ask Him! Wrestling Trivia Question of the Week

  • Revealing the answers to last week’s questions and recapping all of the guesses and responses from the audience.
  • This week’s questions: 1) Which two people have been in the most amount of Money in the Bank matches? 2) Three people have been in 1 money in the bank match and they were successful at winning it. Who are they?

Part 2 = Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • Sheamus to play Rocksteady in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel
  • Stephen Amell to possibly wrestle as Oliver Queen (Arrow) against Stardust at SummerSlam
  • Samoa Joe signs full-time WWE contract
  • Kevin Owens to hold NXT Championship Open Challenge on SmackDown

Part 3 = Rest Hold Interlude and Commercial Break

  • The WWE “Did You Know?” joke of the week
  • The Smark My Words comment of the week as submitted by the viewers on YouTube
  • Promotional notes for the next edition of the monthly mailbag Q&A session, Sign Me Up initiative, and more.

Part 4 = Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: June Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “Who do you think is the worst wrestler and the worst diva in WWE history and why?”
  • “I was going to ask you about your favorite sports, but I thought you guys would have enough time to get around to them hahahaha. Favorite WWE group or faction and why?”
  • “If you could have ideal one room full of your favorite stuff and decorated to your liking, what would it look like?”
  • “If you had the opportunity to invent an iPhone/Android app, what would the app be about?”
  • “Thoughts for mailbag thoughts on Hall of fame this year or we avoiding not just you everyone not heard a word after because of you know who and I liked what you did with Tna roster breakdown as a mainevent or mail bag you can go through the roster and say WWE ROH NJPW INDY RETIRE for tna just a thought love the show keep up the good work can’t wait for the next espisode”

Part 5 = WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review: Kickoff Pre-Show MizTV Promo

  • Thoughts on the WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 PPV kickoff edition of MizTV with guest Daniel Bryan and the match between Zack Ryder and Stardust

Part 6 = WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review: Tag Team Championship Match

  • Review of the WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 PPV Tag Team Championship match featuring The New Day, Los Matadores, The Lucha Dragons, The Prime Time Players, The Ascension, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

Part 7 = WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review: Divas Championship Triple Threat Match

Part 8 = WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review: John Cena vs Kevin Owens

Part 9 = WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review: Neville vs Bo Dallas

Part 10 = WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review: Intercontinental Championship Match

  • Review of the WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 PPV vacated Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match featuring Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Ryback and King Barrett.

Part 11 = WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Part 12 = WWE Fantasy League & Outro

  • Recap of the current standings in our Fantasy League
  • A breakdown of any recent noteworthy points seizures or deductions
  • Waiver wire and trades between teams
  • Signature outro parody of the week

Hosted by Anthony Mango

Panelists: Mike Paden, Stephen Wago, Drew White



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