Wrestling Smack Talk Podcast Episode #216 – Belt or Bury Kalisto


On episode 216 of the Smark Out Moment wrestling podcast SMACK TALK, the panel discusses the following:

Part 1 = Ask Him! Wrestling Trivia Question of the Week

  • Revealing the answers to last week’s questions and recapping all of the guesses and responses from the audience.
  • This week’s questions: 1) This man was never in a Royal Rumble, but his character was. Who is he? 2) Name the person and the entry number of the wrestler who has won the Royal Rumble twice from the same spot.

Part 2 = Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • Sasha Banks and Paige out with injuries; Randy Orton denies neck surgery rumors
  • Sting inducted in WWE Hall of Fame class of 2016
  • Ric Flair on Stone Cold Podcast
  • Shinsuke Nakamura stripped of IWGP Intercontinental Championship; heading to WWE Performance Center in February
  • Rumors of Daniel Bryan’s release debunked by WWE
  • TNA signs WWE Tough Enough contestant Gabi Castrovinci as new Knockout Raquel
  • 2015 NXT Year-End Awards results of winners
  • St. Louis Rams moving to LA with WrestleMania soon to come in 2019?
  • Sunny selling her WWE Hall of Fame ring on eBay for 3k
  • Shane McMahon named Vice Chairman of YOU On Demand
  • Gawker’s motion to dismiss Hulk Hogan case is denied
  • CM Punk’s first opponent will be Mickey Gall; EA Sports UFC 2 complaints
  • Jason Jordan, Chad Gable and William Regal to attend EVOLVE on January 23rd
  • Chris Jericho’s “back of the bus boys” comment on The Usos misinterpreted as racist

Part 3 = Rest Hold Interlude and Commercial Break

  • The WWE “Did You Know?” joke of the week
  • The Smark My Words comment of the week as submitted by the viewers on YouTube
  • Promotional notes for the next edition of the monthly mailbag Q&A session, Sign Me Up initiative, and more.

Part 4 = Belt or Bury: Kalisto

  • Should Kalisto be pushed to championships in WWE or was his United States title win the best he’ll ever achieve?

Part 5 = WWE Fantasy League & Outro

  • Recap of the current standings in our Fantasy League
  • A breakdown of any recent noteworthy points seizures or deductions
  • Waiver wire and trades between teams
  • Signature outro parody of the week

Hosted by Anthony Mango

Panelists: Mike Paden, Stephen Wago, Shaun Walker, Drew White



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