Wrestling Smack Talk Podcast Episode #218 – January 2016 Mailbag Q&A


On episode 218 of the Smark Out Moment wrestling podcast SMACK TALK, the panel discusses the following:

Part 1 = Ask Him! Wrestling Trivia Question of the Week

  • Revealing the answers to last week’s questions and recapping all of the guesses and responses from the audience.
  • This week’s questions: 1) What is the average number of most eliminations per Royal Rumble? 2) Who had the record for most eliminations in a Royal Rumble before Kane’s 2001 performance?

Part 2 = Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • TNA claims AJ Styles, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson are breaching contract
  • TNA offers Kurt Angle non-wrestling role as brand ambassador and face of the company who works with younger talent
  • Austin Aries debuts in NXT; Shinsuke Nakamura to face Sami Zayn at TakeOver: Dallas
  • Naomi is injured while Sasha Banks splits from Team B.A.D.
  • WWE Ride Along and WWE 24: WrestleMania Silicon Valley

Part 3 = Rest Hold Interlude and Commercial Break

  • The WWE “Did You Know?” joke of the week
  • The Smark My Words comment of the week as submitted by the viewers on YouTube
  • Promotional notes for the next edition of the monthly mailbag Q&A session, Sign Me Up initiative, and more.

Part 4 = Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: January Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “In the late 80’s to mid 90’s, many wrestlers had moves that just don’t hold up today, and are now just regular moves! (DDT, Leg Drop, etc.) The question is, who is someone from that era that had a finisher that looks just as devastating and good as it did “back in the day”?”
  • “If you were a wrestler, what would your gimmick be, attire look like, and move set be (assuming you have amazing athletic ability and can do whatever moves you want), and what “era” would you wrestle in??? Thanks for reading, love the content. Keep it up”
  • “I went back to early 2014 and watched every Smalk Talk episode from then on. I got to the WM32 review and Wago said that at the time he thought WM32 was the best of all time but that 6-9 months later he may have a different opinion. Looking back on it what do you guys think of WM32 and do you guys still think that it could potentially be classed as the best Wrestlemania ever.”
  • “Do you know any other ASD wrestlers or am I the only one?”
  • “Do you have issues with the WWE Network?”
  • “I’m hungry for some cheese pizza. Where should I go?”
  • “Pitch in your opinion the best WrestleMania 32 card with the active superstars without injuries that you have?”
  • “Will Smark Out Moment ever do a retro review? Say that you pick a particular match from the past and you guys talk about your opinions on the feud, what could’ve been done to make it better, and then finally the match itself. You could also talk about what the feud meant for both competitors careers. I think something like this could be really cool to do every once in a while. Thanks and keep up the great work.”
  • “Should wrestling focus more on the story-line aspects or should it try to feel as unpredictable as possible? In my opinion I think the WWE is a story driven sports Entertainment Company that tries to set up intriguing stories that will appeal to a mass audience, but it seems that most outside of the casual fans are losing sight of that. In their mind the WWE should try to feel as unpredictable as possible, but can that ruin an ongoing story-line? Just want to know your thoughts. Thanks and keep up the great work.”
  • “If you could make a stable of wrestlers in the style of Social Outcasts, made out of the most underappreciated or just the best jobber wrestlers of all time, what four would you pick?”
  • “We got the new nicknames “Heathy Baby” and “Red Dragon” for Heath Slater. What is your proposed new nickname for him??”
  • “The Rock says Lana told him Rusev smells like rotten testacles. Looking at Rusev, what do you think he smells like??”

Part 5 = WWE Fantasy League & Outro

  • Recap of the current standings in our Fantasy League
  • A breakdown of any recent noteworthy points seizures or deductions
  • Waiver wire and trades between teams
  • Signature outro parody of the week

Hosted by Anthony Mango

Panelists: Calen Ferris, Mike Paden, Stephen Wago, Drew White



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