Wrestling Smack Talk Podcast Episode #226 – March 2016 Mailbag Q&A


On episode 226 of the Smark Out Moment wrestling podcast SMACK TALK, the panel discusses the following:

Part 1 = Ask Him! Wrestling Trivia Question of the Week

  • Revealing the answers to last week’s questions and recapping all of the guesses and responses from the audience.
  • This week’s questions: 1) What is the cumulative time for all Intercontinental Championship matches at WrestleMania between WM 19 and WM 25? 2) Who has competed for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania the most amount of times?

Part 2 = Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • Hulk Hogan wins Gawker lawsuit but is edited out of Killing Hasselhoff
  • Bobby Roode and Eric Young leave TNA
  • Fifth Harmony to perform America the Beautiful at WrestleMania 32
  • Zack Ryder gets a new finisher: the El-Bro Drop
  • Fan hits Braun Strowman during dark match of Monday Night Raw
  • Luke Harper suffers injury during dark match on Monday Night Raw
  • Eve Torres cast as Maxima in Supergirl television series

Part 3 = Rest Hold Interlude and Commercial Break

  • The WWE “Did You Know?” joke of the week
  • The Smark My Words comment of the week as submitted by the viewers on YouTube
  • Promotional notes for the next edition of the monthly mailbag Q&A session, Sign Me Up initiative, and more.

Part 4 = Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: March Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “How would you feel if Triple H retained the title at WrestleMania if it was not the main event?”
  • “Will John Cena win the WWE title this year? If so, when will it happen and who will be the champion?”
  • “If Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns turns heel, who would WWE turn and why?”
  • “Can Roman Reigns get cheered at WrestleMania and not booed? If so, how?”
  • “If you had the ability to remove somebody currently in the Hall of Fame, who would it be and why?”
  • “Outside of Chris Benoit (because that’s a pretty murky area) who do you think is someone that may never enter the Hall of Fame in spite of being worthy of it?”
  • “Do you think Jessie (from Jessie and Festus) will induct The Freebirds into the Hall of Fame because his late father is going in?”
  • “What will be the main event of Wrestlemania?”
  • “Do you think The Rock will interfere in the Triple H vs Roman Reigns match at WrestleMania?”
  • “If you were on life support, would you want them to pull the plug?”
  • “If you could take a finisher (it could be a submission) from anybody working in WWE or NXT right now or at any time, what would it be? Also, what is your least favorite move of all time?”

Part 5 = WWE Fantasy League & Outro

  • Recap of the current standings in our Fantasy League
  • A breakdown of any recent noteworthy points seizures or deductions
  • Waiver wire and trades between teams
  • Signature outro parody of the week

Hosted by Anthony Mango

Panelists: Mike Paden, Calen Ferris, Drew White



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