Wrestling Smack Talk Podcast Episode #265 – December 2016 Mailbag Q&A


The content for this week’s playlist of Smark Out Moment SMACK TALK wrestling podcasts (episode #265) consists of the following videos:

Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • Zack Ryder injured on SmackDown; undergoes surgery
  • #BlackExcellence photo catches heat
  • Slammy Awards being moved to WrestleMania Week
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament coming to WWE Network in January 2017
  • Brock Lesnar suspended for one year and fined $250,000 for failing two drug tests for UFC 200
  • Scott Hall tweets out Christmas picture with pornstar Brandi Love on television

Ask Him! Wrestling Trivia Question of the Week & Rest Hold Commercial Break Interlude

  • Revealing the answer to last week’s question and recapping all of the guesses and responses from the audience.
  • This week’s trivia question: Who were the Good Santa and Bad Santa in 2013’s Battle for Christmas?
  • The WWE “Did You Know?” joke of the week
  • Winner of the “Smark My Words” comment of the week
  • Promotional notes for the Sign Me Up initiative, merchandise shop, and more.

Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: December Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “Would you consider Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane and John Cena part timers?”
  • “Who is the one to break New Days record and do they break Demolitions other record with there 3 reigns total 698 vs. New Day 2 534+?”
  • “If you could make some trades between brands who would you trade?”
  • “Do you consider Rusev a top star? I ask because his two big feuds were with Cena and Reigns and he got attacked by Rock and Goldberg they trust him to be attacked by big stars
  • “Why do you think that Bayley and Sasha are the only two faces on Raw’s women’s division? At least SmackDown Live has an even 4 to 4 counting Eva and Mickie.
  • “What do you think of Cody Rhodes (if that is his real name) going as The American Nightmare to go against The American Dream name?”
  • “What would you do if you made The List of Jericho?”
  • “Do you consider Princess Leia a Disney Princess since Disney bought Star Wars?”
  • “Do you think in the long run WWE will make 205 Live the exclusive home of the cruiserweights?”
  • “How do you feel about having a WWE Hall of Famer for president? Were you at that Hall of Fame for WrestleMania 29?”
  • “When Tony wish us happy Thanksgiving people made the joke when there’s is. So my question how do you feel about having a multi-national audience?”
  • “What’s your favorite holiday movie?”
  • “What’s your favorite holiday episode of a TV show?”
  • “What’s your favorite comfort food?”
  • “Given the things he did during his wrestling tenure, including to Bret and Macho Man, what’s your honest appraisal of Hulk Hogan?”
  • “I think this is the first Mailbag since the election. How you guys doing?”

Hosted by Anthony Mango

Panelists: Calen Ferris, Shaun Walker and Drew White



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