Diamond Dallas Page

  • Born: 04/05/1956 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey
  • Birthname: Page Joseph Falkinburg
  • Height & Weight: 6'4", 248 Ib
Titles Won:
  • WCW World Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
  • WCW United States Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
  • Fourth WCW Triple Crown Champion
  • WWE Hall of Fame (Class of 2017)

Better known by his ring name Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), he is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, fitness instructor, motivational speaker and actor. In the course of his wrestling career, which spanned two decades, Falkinburg has wrestled for mainstream wrestling promotions World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

Falkinburg first broke into the wrestling business in 1988, as a manager in the American Wrestling Association, where he worked for nine months before signing with WCW in 1991. There, he continued as a manager until late 1991, when he became a wrestler. Over a decade in WCW, Falkinburg became a three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, two-time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, four-time WCW World Tag Team Champion and one-time WCW World Television Champion. He is the fourth WCW Triple Crown Champion, and the only United States Heavyweight Champion to defend the title in a pay-per-view main event, defeating Bret Hart at the 1998 World War 3.

After WCW was sold in 2001, Falkinburg signed with the WWF where he made his pay-per-view debut in the main event of July’s Invasion show, and went on to become a one-time WWF European Champion and one-time WWF World Tag Team Champion. Due to a series of injuries, he allowed his contract with the company to expire in 2002. He worked for TNA from 2004 to 2005, challenging for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Destination X 2005.

On February 20, 2017, WWE announced that Page would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2017, and on March 31, 2017, he was officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Eric Bischoff. Since AEW’s launch, he has helped Cody Rhodes in an unofficial capacity out of respect for what Dusty Rhodes did for his career.

Wrestlers Managed: Badd Company (Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka), Colonel DeBeers, Curt Hennig, Madusa Miceli, Bam Bam Bigelow, Johnny Ace, Dick Slater, The Big Steel Man, Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin, and Badstreet), Diamond Studd, Vinnie Vegas, Scotty Flamingo.

Notable Feuds

vs. Randy Savage

vs. Dave Sullivan

vs. Eddie Guerrero

vs. New World Order

vs. Hollywood Hogan

vs. Mike Awesome

vs. Kanyon

w/ David Arquette vs. Jeff Jarrett & Eric Bischoff

vs. The Undertaker

vs. Raven & Erik Watts

Other Notable Achievements

WCW World Tag Team Championship (4 times) – with Kevin Nash (2) and Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow (2)

WCW World Television Championship

WCW BattleBowl (1996)

WWF European Championship

WWF World Tag Team Championship – with Kanyon

SWF Heavyweight Championship

George Tragos/Lou Thesz International Wrestling Institute Frank Gotch Award (2014)


First Daughter (1999) as Dirk Lindman

Ready to Rumble (2000) as Himself

Rat Race (2001) in a deleted scene

Nice Guys (2005) as Sleezy Guy

The Devil’s Rejects (2005) as Billy Ray Snapper

The 40-Year-Old Virgin (deleted scene)

Jack’s Law (2006) as Spider Benson

Hood of Horror (2006) as Jersey

Splinter (2006) as Detective Stiles

Driftwood (2006) as Captain Kennedy

Knight Fever (2008)

Gallowwalkers (2009) as Skullbucket

Sensory Perception (2010) as Mr. Harrington

Pizza Man (2011) as Kryder / The Big Cheese

Vengeance (2014)

Betting on Baker (2016) as Mr. Baker