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Johnny Rodz

Johnny Rodz

New York City, New York
John Rodriguez
Height & Weight:
230 Ib

Titles Won:

  • WWF Hall of Fame (Class of 1996)

He has previously worked as a wrestler under the ring name Johnny Rodz. He was part of the World Wide Wrestling Federation from its early years, appearing on cards as far back as 1965. He wrestled Bob Backlund in Madison Square Garden while working for the WWWF at the time. He was dubbed “the fire brand from the Bronx” by TV announcer Ray Morgan. He also went by the moniker “The Unpredictable”.

He was a solid worker and the consummate “heel” or bad guy. Johnny would often “tag-team” with Jose Estrada, and Frank “the Gypsy” Rodriguez. For much of the next two decades through mid-1985, Rodz was a mainstay of the federation, though largely used as a JTTS (jobber to the stars). On August 9, 1980 Showdown at Shea, he was defeated by “Polish Power” Ivan Putski.

He has been training students for over 24 years, out of “The World’s Famous” Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn. Rodz has trained many students that have gone on to have successful careers in the ring and behind the scenes. Some of Rodz’ students have even gone on to train other future superstars. Rodz founded the independent wrestling promotion known as World of Unpredictable Wrestling.

Wrestlers Trained

Vito LoGrasso, Damien Demento, Tommy Dreamer, Big Dick Dudley, Mark LoMonaco (Bubba Dudley), Devon Hughes (Devon Dudley), Bill DeMott, Elektra, Jason Knight, Obariyon, Kodama, Vince Russo, Matt Striker, Prince Nana, Colin Cassady, Angel Medina, Taz, Ricky Vega and Marti Belle.

Other Notable Achievements

Cauliflower Alley Club Other honoree (1995)

Canadian International Heavyweight Championship

NCW Heavyweight Championship

NCW Heavyweight Championship (2 times)

WWC World Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with Super Medico I

WWC North American Tag Team Championship (4 times) – with Super Médico I

WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship