Shannon Moore

  • Born: 07/27/1979 in Cameron, North Carolina
  • Birthname: Shannon Moore
  • Height & Weight: 5'9", 202 Ib
Titles Won:
  • WCW Hardcore Championship
  • OMEGA Light Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
  • OMEGA New Frontiers Championship

Moore befriended Matt and Jeff Hardy as a child, and they later trained him to wrestle. He debuted in 1995, and competed for several North Carolina-based promotions, winning several Light Heavyweight Championships. He also wrestled for the Hardys’ promotion, Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA), where he won the OMEGA Light Heavyweight Championship twice and the OMEGA New Frontiers Championship once. In 1999, he signed with WCW, and became part of 3 Count, a boy band parody. The three members of 3 Count jointly won the WCW Hardcore Championship in 2000. In 2001, he briefly held the NWA Wildside Tag Team Championship with Shane Helms.

He later joined the then-WWF in 2001, and was assigned to Heartland Wrestling Association, a developmental territory, where he won the HWA Tag Team Championship with Evan Karagias. After debuting on the SmackDown brand, he became a follower of ‘Mattitude’ and appeared regularly as Matt Hardy’s sidekick. Between late 2003 and 2005, Moore was used mainly in WWE’s cruiserweight division, until his release in July 2005. After a stint on the independent circuit, Moore joined TNA in December 2005.

In March 2006, he re-signed with WWE, initially appearing on the ECW brand, before returning to SmackDown in 2007. He formed a tag team with Jimmy Wang Yang, and the pair challenged unsuccessfully for the WWE Tag Team Championship on several occasions. Following his release in August 2008, he once again returned to the independent circuit, before rejoining TNA in January 2010. He soon formed a tag team, known as Ink Inc., with Jesse Neal in April.

Aside from wrestling, Moore is also a tattoo artist, and owned a tattoo parlor known as Gas Chamber Ink in Southern Pines, North Carolina. He is also a musician, having written his own entrance music, and was part of the band Peroxwhy?gen with Jeff Hardy.

Notable Feuds

w/ 3 Count vs. The Jung Dragons

vs. AJ Styles

vs. Jamie Noble

w/ Jimmy Wang Yang vs. The Miz & John Morrison

w/ Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Deuce ‘n Domino

Other Notable Achievements

FCW World Heavyweight Championship

HWA Cruiserweight Championship (2 times)

HWA Tag Team Championship – with Evan Karagias

NCW Light Heavyweight Championship

NWA Wildside Tag Team Championship – with Shane Helms

SCW Light Heavyweight Championship

WSW World Heavyweight Championship

XICW Midwest Heavyweight Championship