tony schiavone

Tony Schiavone

  • Born: 11/07/1957 in Craigsville, Virginia
  • Birthname: Noah Anthony Schiavone
  • Height & Weight: 5'8", 185 Ib
Titles Won:


He is the play-by-play broadcaster for the Gwinnett Stripers of Minor League Baseball’s International League, a commentator and podcaster for Major League Wrestling (MLW), and commentator and senior producer for All Elite Wrestling (AEW). In the past, he has been a sports radio host and worked as a professional wrestling commentator in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

A 2013 article noted: “At the height of the Monday Night War, veteran broadcaster Tony Schiavone’s voice was as vital to the onscreen product of World Championship Wrestling as Jim Ross’ Oklahoma growl was to WWE.”