WWE Monday Night Raw 30th Anniversary Special Results


Hello, and welcome to the ewrestlingnews.com live coverage for WWE Monday Night Raw! This week is the 30th anniversary celebration and many big names past and present are expected!

Special appearances from WWE Hall of Famers and Legends such as The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Ron Simmons, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, Kurt Angle, “Road Dogg” Brian James, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Diamond Dallas Page, Jimmy Hart, The Godfather, Ted DiBiase Sr., IRS (Irwin R. Schyster), Alundra Blayze (Madusa). Ronda Rousey is also advertised to appear, along with WWE Hall of Famers Kane and The Bella Twins, Brock Lesnar, and others! All of that and still we have the WWE United States Championship match between Austin Theory and Bobby Lashley. Becky Lynch and Bayley will face off in a steel cage. Coming at you live from the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!


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Hulk Hogan comes out to pay his respects to the 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw and asks the wild crowd “Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania, 30 years of Raw and the Philadelphia Eagles run wild on you, Brother?!”

Following a memories segment of the past thirty years of Raw we have the music of the Bloodline playing and Roman Reigns, the Usos, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman appear at the top of the ramp. As they enter the ring we are shown a replay of the events that took place on WWE Friday Night SmackDown during the contract signing between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. Owens came from out of no where and stunned Roman Reigns and fought off the rest of the Bloodline before fleeing. Sami Zayn is in the ring as Roman Reigns reaches for the microphone in Paul Heyman’s outstretched hand. Roman says its time to start the Tribal Court Trial for Sami. Paul Heyman gets on the microphone to tell us that ECW is dead and so is Sami Zayn. He accuses Sami of being a traitor. Heyman says this is an open and shut case and he can prove it with film footage. Following the clips he asks the jury to find him guilty as charged. Sami Zayn defends himself by saying he is very hurt to see that the Bloodline doubts his love and commitment for them. He says it doesn’t matter if they believe him, the fans do. His defense is that he has no defense. Roman Reigns becomes frustrated that Sami doesn’t have any defense. He yells Solo Sikoa’s name. Solo circles Sami and goes for a Samoan Spike but Jey Uso stops him. Jey has some footage played that shows Sami as a supportive factor to the Bloodline. He says that Sami has taken shots for the Bloodline on numerous occasions. Jey admits he did not like Sami at first but now he is as close as family to him. The crowd chants “Sami Uso” and Roman Reigns takes the microphone and stands up. He says that Sami is found not guilty. He adds that he wants Sami to take care of what he has to for the Bloodline tonight and then he doesn’t want to see him again until the Royal Rumble. Roman says that is where Sami Zayn will face his final test. 

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: The Usos defeat The Judgement Day

Dominick Mysterio and Damien Priest are representing the Judgement Day. Damien Priest starts off the match with Jimmy Uso representing the Tag Team champions. Jimmy Uso meets the steel steps on the outside of the ring after crashing on to the announcer’s desk. Damien Priest and Dominick Mysterio take time to double team Jimmy. Jimmy hits a clothesline and makes the tag to his brother, Jey. Damien tags Dominick and he eats a clothesline from Jey followed by a Samoan Splash in the ring corner. It gets a close two count and Dominick makes the tag to Damien Priest. Jimmy Uso is legal again and Damien takes it to both of them with forearm smashes. Priest barrel rolls over the top rope on to both Uso brothers. Dominick comes back in and he gets a near two count after a splash from the top rope. With Damien Priest and Jey Uso legal, Jey goes to the top rope but is knocked down by Finn Balor. The referee ejects Finn Balor. Jey Uso lands a superkick and tags his brother Jimmy in. Jimmy hits a splash but it’s only good for two. Jimmy takes a dive over the top rope but lands ugly. WWE Officials come to assist Jimmy from ring side and Adam Pearce announces that if Jimmy cannot continue then the Usos will forfeit the Championships. Sami Zayn pleads to take Jimmy’s place and Adam Pearce agrees.

Sami takes takes to the ring and ejects Dominick Mysterio and Damien Priest over the top rope. Dominick catches Zayn in a quick roll up but he kicks out and slams Dominick into the corner. Just as Sami is to finish the job Damien Priest steps in and slams Sami down. Jey Uso breaks things up with a superkick to both members of the Judgement Day. Rhea Ripley gets involved and allows for Dominick to land a Frog Splash on Jey. Sami Zayn comes to the rescue and breaks up the pinfall. Jey Uso hits a superkick and then tags Sami Zayn in. They perform a 1D on Dominick and Sami Zayn covers him. They get the pinfall and the Usos retain the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships.

LA Knight is in the ring. He says that Bray Wyatt and all of the WWE Legends in the back are living in the past. He challenges any one of the Legends to come out and face him to get a preview of his upcoming match against Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble. The Undertaker’s “American Badass” theme hits and he comes to the ring on top of a motorcycle. LA Knight that says he is not one of the “soft” members of the locker room that the Undertaker mentioned in a recent podcast. He says he is going to give the Undertaker a pass tonight and he starts to walk back up the aisle. The lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears. He backs LA Knight back up to the ring where he finds himself in the Undertaker’s grip. The Undertaker holds LA Knight for a moment before passing him to Bray Wyatt who lays him out with a Sister Abigail. As the Undertaker exits the ring he leans into Bray and whispers something into his ear.

Steel Cage Match: Bayley versus Becky Lynch (No Contest)

Bayley enters first. As Becky Lynch attempts to enter the steel cage Dakota Kai and Iyo Skye attack Becky. They use a steel chain to rough up Lynch and then toss her into the ring where Bayley joins in the beat down. Iyo Skye and Dakota Kai chain the door of the steel cage shut. Adam Pearce comes down with bolt cutters to open up the door. Damage Control climbs the cage and flee.

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