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AEW Dark Results: April 14, 2020


Billy Gunn returns to AEW Dark!

The Chair Man is out of the AEW TNT Championship Tournament, but can he rebound? Or will The Ass Man add insult to injury?


  • Shawn Spears VS Billy Gunn w/ Austin Gunn; Spears wins.


Tony Schiavone and Cody welcome us back to AEW Dark!

The American Nightmare is back on commentary as we have a one-and-done Dark! Will Shawn Spears rebound after that loss to Cody in the TNT Championship Tournament’s opening match?

Shawn Spears VS Billy Gunn w/ Austin Gunn!

Before the bell, Billy keeps following Spears around the ring and Spears doesn’t like that. Spears tells Billy to back off and the ref keeps him back. The bell rings, Billy goes after Spears but Spears bails out to the stage side. Spears smirks at Billy but Billy stays back. Spears returns and taunts the Son of Gunn, Austin. Billy and Spears circle and Billy corners Spears. Spears uses the ropes as defense but then he gets in and keeps his distance. Austin is a one man cheering section, “Let’s Go, Billy! Shawn Spears Sucks!” Spears makes fun of “The Ass Boy” before he circles with Billy again. Billy and Spears finally tie up, and Billy powers Spears to a corner. The ref calls for the break and Spears slips away again.

Spears and Billy tie up and Spears waistlocks to a spin and snapmare. Spears sits Billy up just to show off his glutes. Is Spears claiming he has ass #PERFECT10N? Billy gets up while Spears laughs at his own joking around. Spears and Billy circle and tie up. Billy gets the wrist and wrenches then yanks on the arm. Spears gets back to his feet but Billy yanks him back down. Billy clamps onto the arm and digs an elbow into the shoulder. Spears endures and gets back up, but Billy wrenches again. Spears rolls, spins and wrenches back, but Billy DECKS him! Even Austin is shocked by that one. Spears bails out as he checks on his chin. He wants a timeout! There are no timeouts in wrestling!

Spears checks his teeth in the camera. Billy says Spears is wasting time, Spears defends that he can a reflection but Billy says he can’t. Spears gets back in the ring but the ref keeps Billy back. Billy and Spears circle and tie up again. Spears waistlocks then CHOPS, but Billy doesn’t even flinch! Billy glares at Spears and Spears says he’s sorry. Billy throws Spears into a corner! Spears avoids a chop to throw stomps and haymakers! Spears whips corner to corner then runs in, but Billy dodges! The crossbody only gets buckles and Spears is stuck. Spears shouts for a timeout but Billy KICKS him! And again! Spears is off the top rope but Billy mule kicks and DECKS Spears! Cover, ONE and Spears bails out. Spears is wincing as he calls for another timeout.

Spears goes around the corner but Billy keeps his eyes on him. The ref keeps Billy back and Spears claims Austin is up to something. Austin says he’s just wanting to help Spears. Spears doesn’t see Billy go out the far side and stand on the steel steps. Spears turns around and gets an eye full of Billy’s gun. Billy steps down and Spears sees he’s surrounded by the Gunn Club. Spears hurries back in the ring and Billy pursues. Spears runs back at him but Billy puts Spears on the apron. Billy pulls the ropes but Spears avoids the slingshot. Spears laughs at Billy but Billy DECKS him again! Billy goes out to fetch Spears and bumps him off the steps. Spears flounders over and falls onto Dasha Gonzales’ lap. Billy brings Spears back to the ring to bump off railing!

Billy refreshes the count and brings Spears around to bump off more railing. Spears drags himself up and Billy ROCKS him again! Austin cheers Billy on more but Spears RAMS Billy into the post! And then into another post! Austin coaches Billy but Spears throws Billy into the stage! Spears leaves Billy down and out and lets the ring count climb. Austin coaches up Billy and Billy gets himself to the apron at 6. Spears is furious and he stomps it out on Billy. Spears digs his knees in then rains down hands. He digs boots in but the ref backs him off. Billy flounders out of the ring but Spears goes out and bounces Billy off the apron. Spears goes around the way while Billy is in a daze.

Spears grabs some water, takes a sip, then comes back to throw haymakers and CHOPS! He puts Billy back in then tells the cameraman to come closer. The cameraman does as told and Spears gets a close up as he applauds and pats himself on the back. Spears goes back to Billy but Billy throws body shots! Austin rallies for Billy but Spears mule kicks. Billy blocks the suplex so Spears DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Spears argues with the ref but Austin rallies up for Billy. Spears looms over Billy as Billy sits up. The Chair Man throws hands but Billy sits back up. Spears throws more punches and tells Billy to “Suck It!” Billy LARIATS Spears! Austin fires up and rallies for Billy as Billy and Spears slowly rise.

Billy is in a corner, Spears runs in but Billy elbows him away. Billy boots then starts to rally with clotheslines, then puts Spears in a corner for a splash! He keeps moving, but Spears fireman’s carries! Billy slips out, kicks low and runs, but Spears avoids the Famouser to roll up! TWO and Billy blocks the mule kick! Spears comes back with another SUPERKICK, then TYE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Billy still lives and Spears grows frustrated. Austin continues to coach up his dad as Spears goes to a corner. Spears slowly climbs up and leaps, but Billy gets under! Billy catches Spears for END OF DAYS! Both men are down but Austin is a one man fever pitch! Billy wobbles over to Spears but Spears pokes eyes! Spears whips but Billy hits FAMOUSER! Billy can’t make the cover before Spears flops out of the ring!

Billy goes out to fetch Spears and puts him back in. He runs in at Spears at the corner, but Spears dodges! Spears fireman’s carry, C4!! Cover, Spears wins!!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by pinfall

Spears rebounds from a hard loss with this huge win! The Chair Man vows to make AEW Dark his show! But will Spears be able to hit the mark consistently?

Cody and Tony hype tomorrow night’s AEW Dynamite.

In the second match of the TNT Championship Tournament, it will be Lance Archer VS Colt Cabana! Cody likes the unique contrast of Cabana’s experience and Archer’s pure aggression, but he can’t call a clear winner. Who do you have moving on to the semifinals? Then, Britt Baker is in action again, even after that bloody, broken nose from last week. Will Baker be able to rebound after that nasty defeat? Then, before his own match in the TNT Championship Tournament, Kip Sabian tunes up against The Kentucky Gentleman! Will Chuck Taylor be a speed bump on Superbad’s road to AEW’s newest title?

But that’s not all. Sammy Guevara is in action, also looking for a good warm-up before his tournament match against Darby Allin. Will the Spanish God stay strong before that Revolution rematch? And biggest of all, the historic Empty Arena NO HOLDS BARRED AEW World Championship Match! Will Jon Moxley keep hold of “Big Platinum” after going toe to toe with The Big Hurt, Jake Hager?

My Thoughts:

A very short AEW Dark, but still a very good one. I do like that we got this match after that kayfabe altercation from a few weeks ago. Spears and the Gunn Club did a lot of great character work during this one and only match tonight, and it was good in-ring action as well. Not sure what Spears flopping into Dasha was about other than they’re all good friends enough to do that gag. It’s fine that Spears wins, it’s so he doesn’t fall too far off. The midcard will need to be strong now that a title is coming, so an overall record of 8-12 is good enough for Spears to eventually turn into a .500 batting average.

My Score: 7.9/10

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