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AEW Dark Results: April 21, 2020


The American Nightmare returns to AEW Dark!

Not since October has Cody been part of AEW Dark! Will his return be victorious while on the road to the TNT Championship?


  • Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Anna Jay; Ford wins.
  • Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes VS Joe Alonzo; Cody wins.


Tony Schiavone and Cody welcome us back to the show.

They’re both ready for the two matches tonight, but especially Cody for his match with Joe Alonzo. “Just like Brian Adias was friends with all those world class Von Erich boys, Joe Alonzo is friends with the Inner Circle, and I don’t mind whipping his ass later tonight.” But that means up first is the Superbad Girl taking on the Star of the Show!

Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Anna Jay!

Anna Jay is back and has dropped one of her Y’s after taking an L against Hikaru Shida. But can she get her first W in AEW at the expense of Ford’s winning streak?

The bell rings and Jay circles with Ford. They tie up, Ford headlocks, Jay slips around behind with a hammerlock, but Ford elbows back. Ford slips around to get the hammerlock, then the headlock and takeover. Jay headscissors back and squeezes tight. Ford moves around, hops and pops out! Sabian likes what he sees and the Superbad couple smiles. But Jay gets Ford with a headlock takeover! Ford headscissors back, but Jay gets out. The two reset and go again. Ford headlocks but Jay powers out, only for Ford to run her over. Things speed up but Ford runs Jay over again. Ford says she should stay down, but Jay gets up to hurdle and hip toss! Ford scrambles away to get back up. She throws an elbow but gets thrown with an arm-drag!

Jay wrenches to a hook kick! Then runs in to forearm smash! Jay goes corner to corner but Kip distracts, “offering” her water. Ford hits a handspring back elbow into Jay! Ford stomps away on Jay but the ref counts. She stops at 4 but she comes back to bring Jay to another corner. Ford throws forearms then chokes Jay on the ropes! She even gives Kip a kiss while doing it! The ref counts and she stops at 4 again. Jay gets to another corner but Ford clubs her with forearms. Ford brings Jay out for a BIG suplex! Cover, TWO! Ford grumbles but Kip coaches her up. Ford grabs Jay’s hair and loops it on the rope to pull! The ref counts again, but Ford CLUBS Jay at 4.

Kip is smiling as Ford whips Jay corner to corner and hard! Ford handsprings in again, but Jay dodges! And dropkicks Ford back! Ford stumbles up into a corner clothesline! Jay snapmares and covers, TWO! Jay runs to basement BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Kip keeps his cool as he coaches Ford but Jay is back on her. Jay wants an STO but is denied by elbows. Ford goes Matrix to then STUNNER! Ford fisherman suplexes to the bridging cover, Ford wins!

Winner: Penelope Ford, by pinfall

The hot streak continues for the Superbad Girl! Will she keep going all the way to the AEW Women’s World Championship?

A special anniversary is coming for AEW.

“We really put our pride on the line to try something new.” AEW Double or Nothing 2019 was filled with “the moments that created the memories that are simply unforgettable.” Saturday, May 23rd, Double or Nothing 2020 STILL HAPPENS! AEW keeps its promise to never let you down.

Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes VS Joe Alonzo!

The American Nightmare waits for the result of Sammy Guevara VS Darby Allin in the TNT Championship Tournament by taking on an apparent friend of the Spanish God. Will Cody’s return to action on AEW Dark be the warm-up he needs?

The bell rings and Cody rolls and circles around Alonzo. Cody gets a leg but Alonzo gets free. The two circle and approach again. They tie up with a knuckle lock but Cody lunges for a leg again. Alonzo blocks with a facelock but Cody backs him into a corner. The ref calls for the break and Cody honors it. Cody and Brandi copy Ford and Kip by having a quick kiss, and Cody circles with Alonzo again. They tie up, Cody gets around but Alonzo has the wrist. Alonzo wrenches but Cody wrenches right back. Cody yanks on the arm then wrenches to a hammerlock. Cody headlocks but Alonzo powers out, only for Cody to run him over. Alonzo kips up, and the Rhodes give him a round of applause. Cody offers a handshake and Alonzo takes it, only for Alonzo to use it in an arm-drag!

Alonzo KICKS Cody right in the back and Cody hobbles away. Alonzo is after him with a whip corner to corner. Cody goes up and over and gets Alonzo with a spinning powerslam! Brandi applauds as Cody brings Alonzo in. Cody suplexes and holds Alonzo up for a count of 10, into the gourd buster! Alonzo writhes but Cody does push-ups just to show off his conditioning. Cody stalks Alonzo, kicks low and hits the Rhodes uppercut! Cody wrenches and whips but Alonzo ducks and slides out. Alonzo is down with Cody but wants to flirt with Brandi. Seems Alonzo has picked up something from Sammy Guevara. Cody slides out to CLUB Alonzo down! He bumps Alonzo off the apron, and again, and again!

Cody puts Alonzo in, and Brandi shimmies with him. Brandi tells Cody to finish Alonzo but Alonzo kicks Cody on the return! Alonzo mocks Cody before he springboards, but Cody gets under the Quebrada, only for Alonzo to get him with a CUTTER! But Cody springs right back up, in anger! Cody BOOTS Alonzo for mocking and stealing his moves, and then stalks Alonzo around the ring. He drags Alonzo in but Alonzo drops to victory roll! TWO, and Alonzo runs into a takedown! Cody has the legs, figure four but standing, into the GAIL LOCK! Alonzo taps, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody, by submission

The American Nightmare takes off the weight belt, but won’t add on to Alonzo’s pain. If anything, Alonzo won Cody’s respect and they have a handshake. Will Cody be as civil when it comes to the TNT Championship Semifinals? Wait and see on AEW Dynamite!

My Thoughts:

Another fun but short episode of AEW Dark. Both matches were good for being well under 10 minutes each. Ford wins again and will surely be a strong #5 contender. Cody obviously wins to stay strong in the TNT Championship story, but I like the little bit of story he put in with commentary. Alonzo being a friend of the Inner Circle is an interesting detail. AEW loves blending stories, so maybe this friendship comes up at some point. I feel like Alonzo wanting to join the Inner Circle because of his connections could be something that gets Alonzo some shine. It could even be a star making moment depending how they go with it.

My Score: 8/10

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