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AEW Dark Results: April 7, 2020


AEW continues on in the Dark!

In these trying times, AEW pushes forward! Wardlow returns to in-ring action, will he rebound from his debut cage match defeat?


  • QT Marshall VS Lee Johnson; Marshall wins.
  • Wardlow w/ MJF VS Ryan Pyles; Wardlow wins.
  • Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Tony Donati; Sabian wins.


QT Marshall VS Lee Johnson!

The Natural Nightmare’s Gift from God goes solo. Will he keep the momentum he and Dustin Rhodes have built since teaming?

The bell rings and QT circles with Johnson. They tie up, go around, and QT puts Johnson in a corner. The ref has them break and QT waits on Johnson. Johnson ties up with QT again, and QT slips to a hammerlock. Johnson reaches back to snampare, but QT slips out to hammerlock again. QT has Johnson on the mat and wrenches harder, but Johnson fights up. Johnson elbows out and runs, but QT runs him over. QT speeds things up, Johnson jumps over but QT rolls. QT bypasses Johnson to get a BIG hip toss! And arm-drag! QT has the arms down and drops a knee! He wrenches to a high armlock. Johnson fights his way up and throws hands then puts QT In a corner. The ref calls for another break, but Johnson stomps and CHOPS!

Johnson mocks the apple eating but turns around into QT’s CHOP! QT has Johnson in a corner and whips him corner to corner. QT runs in but gets an elbow. Johnson hops up then leaps, but QT catches him! And pops him up for a suplex! QT goes to a corner and runs out, for a big leg drop, brother! Cover, TWO! QT keeps his cool as he drags Johnson up for a cobra twist. QT grabs a leg and pulls back on a modified abdominal stretch. Johnson endures, fights out with elbows, but QT clubs him on the back. QT scoops but Johnson slips out to dropkick! Johnson runs to calf kick! QT staggers to a corner but Johnson is on him. Johnson CHOPS and whips, but QT reverses. QT elbows Johnson down then rallies with clotheslines. QT shoves and back drops Johnson!

Johnson flounders to a corner but QT is on him with another whip. QT sends Johnson back in but Johnson boots him away. Johnson goes up and leaps, but into a lethal combination! QT climbs up now, and hits a SWANTON! Cover, QT wins!

Winner: QT Marshall, by pinfall

A bloody scratch on the cheek doesn’t bother QT. Will QT keep this up and bring the Natural along with him to the tag titles?

Wardlow w/ MJF VS Ryan Pyles!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s major muscle had an incredible cage match with Cody, and LOST! Will he rebound at the expense of the VIP, Very Important Pyles?

MJF asks the ref to give Wardlow time to take off the nice suit. Wardlow is given the time for his jacket, tie and shirt. That seems good enough for Wardlow, and the bell rings. Pyles runs at Wardlow but Wardlow picks him up in a fireman’s carry! Wardlow gives Pyles the F10!! Pyles gets all folded up in the landing! Wardlow stands on Pyles for a cover, and wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

MJF raises Wardlow’s hand in victory, then mocks Pyles’ pain. Wardlow winning isn’t a shock to them, so will he also do as expected and tear his way through the competition towards a title?

Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Tony Donati!

Superbad is in the AEW TNT Championship Tournament, and that’s not an April Fools’ joke. But he’ll need a tune-up before taking on The Natural. Can he get it off this new-to-AEW wrestler?

The bell rings and Kip circles with Donati. They tie up, Kip gets an armlock to facelock to cravat. Donati endures the crank but Sabian snapmares him down. Sabian goes for another hold but Donati slips out to hammerlock. Donati cranks on Sabian but Sabian gets up and moves around. Donati spins him to a cravat then a headlock. Sabian fights back but can’t get free. Donati is showing that amateur ability but Sabian shows how mean he can be as he stomps Donati’s foot. Sabian powers out but Donati runs him over! But Kip kips up and throws up deuces in Donati’s face. But Donati shoves him down! Things speed up, Kip stays low then hurdles over. Donati leaps over but Sabian ducks the haymakers and he catches Donati in a facelock.

Sabian wrenches Donati to an arm-drag and clamps onto the shoulder. Donati endures and fights his way back up. Donati arm-drags Sabian off and both men clutch an arm. The ref is busy checking on Sabian as Donati runs, and Penelope anchors a foot! Donati can’t kick the Superbad Girl off, and Sabian BOOTS Donati on the ropes! Sabian clubs away on Donati’s back then stomps a mudhole in the corner. The ref counts and Sabian stops at 4. Sabian storms off corner to corner and shakes out the bad arm. This is another distraction and Penelope CHOKES Donati! Sabian comes back to stomp Donati again. Sabian snapmares and drives knees in. He talks trash as he drives the knees in again and again.

Sabian pulls back on the arms for a half surfboard but Donati refuses to give up. Donati fights his way up again and kicks Sabian back. Sabian shoves and elbows Donati down! Cover, TWO! Sabian keeps his cool as Donati goes to a corner. Sabian stomps Donati in the corner again then whips him corner to corner. He runs in and enziguris! Then a snapmare roll and Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Sabian grins because he’s apparently amused. Sabian drags Donati up and kicks low. He whips Donati corner to corner but Doanti goes up and over. Donati baits Sabian into a back elbow, then into a corner. Donati RAMS into Sabian then wrenches to a hammerlock. He arm-locks but Sabian hip tosses free.

Sabian fisherman’s but Donati slips out! Donati again hammerlocks to cording hold, to a gut wrench and BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Sabian survives the “Donati Driver” but Donati won’t stop. Donati whips Sabian corner to corner but is put on the apron. Donati hits back then springobards, but Sabian trips him up! Sabian drags DOnati on the top rope, draping neckcbreaker! Sabian whips for a pop-up knee to fast ball special! He drags Donati down into a Koji Klutch! Donati taps, Sabian wins!

Winner: Kip Sabian, by submission

That Superbad stretch does it for Sabian on the verge of the TNT Championship Tournament! Will he go all the way and be the first to hold that brand new title?

My Thoughts:

A good episode, but I did not expect it to be so short! Not even 20 minutes as a YouTube video. But it was still good action for AEW Dark, as always. The match order could’ve been a bit different in my opinion, though. Sabian VS Donati was of course the best match of the three, and nine times out of 10, a main event should be the best match. But given how short this episode was, it would’ve worked better if they made Wardlow the main event.

Yes, everything went the obvious way, with the established AEW talents all beating the debuting independent wrestlers. Give Wardlow the biggest guy you can find in that pool, and then still have him get whooped. Make it like even commentary was surprised it happened so fast, and that they were just as surprised that the episode was over. AEW talked of giving their pro-wrestling a sports feel, a match ending “suddenly” is the most sports thing. Just look at boxing or MMA where a hyped up match ends with a first round knockout and everyone feels slighted. That should’ve been Wardlow’s AEW Dark debut.

My Score: 7.9/10

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