AEW Dark Results for July 6, 2021


Here are your results for this week’s edition of AEW Dark:

Lance Archer defeats Ryan Mantell via pinfall:

Jake Roberts would tease a new move from Lance Archer repeatedly on commentary. The move may never have materialised, but the win for Archer did. A dominant display by Archer to kick off AEW Dark.

QT Marshall & Aaron Solow (w/ Nick Comoroto) defeat Terrell & Terrence Hughes via pinfall:

Yet another appearance for the children of D-Von Dudley on AEW Dark, and another defeat. The team of Marshall and Solow looked to have the match won after a huge neckbreaker, but a distraction allowed the Hughes’ brothers to find their footing. They would follow this up by paying tribute to their father with a diving headbutt, before going for the 3-D. This would lead to their demise as Marshall would cause a distraction, before hitting the Diamond Cutter for the win.

The Waiting Room Segment with AEW Women’s World Champion, Britt Baker:

The Waiting Room makes its return to AEW Dark, with special guests Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss. The recent tension between Kiss and Janela continued in this segment, with Kiss lashing out at Janela’s absence of late. Janela and Kiss rekindle their friendship after a long promo. Throughout the segment, both Britt Baker and Rebel encouraged Janela to turn heel on Kiss.

Abadon defeats Natalia Markova via pinfall:

For the time the pair were given, they both had their moments. Ultimately, that match would last just a few minutes, with Abadon picking up the win. She now has a record of 9:1 for 2021.

Matt Sydal defeats Carlie Bravo via pinfall:

Sydal looked dominant in this match ahead of his bout against Andrade El Idolo on AEW Dynamite. Despite Bravo having some momentary glimpses of quality, this bout was pretty much all Sydal. Showing both his high-flying and grounded offence, he would pick up the win after not too long.

The Blade (w/ The Bunny & Matt Hardy) defeats Tre LaMar via pinfall:

LaMar would get in some offence early on in his AEW Dark debut. However, after the outside interference of both The Bunny and Matt Hardy, The Blade would begin to control the contest. Getting in a series of two counts, LaMar would continue to show resilience. LaMar would start to really get the cogs turning, with some rapid offence. This would all ultimately prove to be futile, when a hook from The Blade with brass knuckles on secured then win.

Bear Bronson (w/ Bear Boulder) defeats Big Trouble Bishop via pinfall:

Another debut on AEW Dark, as Big Trouble Bishop made his first appearance in an AEW ring. Bishop towered over Bronson and used this to his advantage. He would lay Bronson out with a huge big boot, before mounting more offence. His control wouldn’t last much longer however, as a stiff lariat, followed by a sit-down senton secured the win for Bear Bronson.

Fuego Del Sol & Marko Stunt defeat Baron Black & Ryzin via pinfall:

Fuego Del Sol’s first AEW win! Fuego Del Sol’s first AEW win! Stunt would spend a fairly minimal time in the ring, as Ryzin largely controlled the contest. As the contest went on Ryzin and Black would keep control, even when Stunt tagged in. As Ryzin looked to secure the win, he missed Fuego Del Sol tagging in where he hit a tornado DDT for the win.

Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy) defeats Viva Van via pinfall:

Statlander’s athleticism was on show early on as she proceeded to perform multiple cartwheels around Viva Van. The result of this contest never looked in doubt, with Statlander in complete control over Van, as the latter made her AEW Dark debut. Statlander would pick up the win with the Big Bang Theory.

The Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison, w/ Julia Hart) defeat Chad Lennex & Zachariah (w/ Dustin Rhodes) via pinfall:

With one of these teams making just their second appearance in AEW, and the other being the top-ranked team in the company, this was only going one way. Lennex and Zachariah got in plenty of offence, but Pillman and Garrison were always going to leave as victors. They would pick up the win via pinfall.

Angelico defeats Prince Kai via submission:

Prince Kai’s second AEW match of 2021 didn’t last long. It seemed to end before it really got started, with Angelico locking in the Navarro Death Roll for the win.

Post-match, there was a brief confrontation between Angelico and Wheeler Yuta.

Wheeler Yuta defeats Ryan Nemeth (w/ The Wingmen) via pinfall:

After last week Wheeler Yuta made his AEW debut in a losing effort against Karl Anderson, he didn’t have to wait long for his first victory. Throughout the match, The Wingmen would continue to be enjoyable in their own way but, it would not stop Yuta from securing the win. As Nemeth taunted, Yuta would push him against the ropes before securing the roll-up victory.

Shawn Spears & Wardlow defeat Hunter Knott & Rosario Grillo via pinfall:

A pure squash match, Knott and Grillo managed to get about five moves of offence combined on the members of The Pinnacle. Shawn Spears and Wardlow played with their food before finishing it, dragging the match out. Spears would eventually pick up the win with the C-4.

Tay Conti (w/ -1) defeats KiLynn King via pinfall:

Conti, the number two ranked female in AEW would pick up her eighth win in a row against KiLynn King. One of the longest matches on the show, with both women getting the time to showcase their impressive skillsets. Conti would pick up the win with the D-D-Tay.

In one of the small moments that make AEW Dark fun, KiLynn King would shout “I Know”, after the AEW crowd began to chant, “this is awesome”.

The Dark Order (Colt Cabana, 10, Alan “5” Angels & Alex Reynolds w/ -1) defeat Will Allday, Jason Hotch, Chandler Hopkins & Dean Alexander via pinfall:

This was a very routine win for The Dark Order, on AEW Dark, with their opponents getting very minimal offence in. Alan Angels would pick up the win via pinfall after a frog splash.

Just this writer’s thoughts, but maybe The Dark Order could benefit from more matches on AEW Dynamite, (they’ve had just one match on Dynamite since the start of February).

Jack Evans (w/ Matt Hardy & Angelico) defeats Mike Sydal (w/ Matt Sydal) via pinfall:

A 100mph, breakneck speed contest this one. Both wrestlers would display their incredible athletic prowess as their high-flying movesets were on display. Unlike his brother, Mike could not get the win against Jack Evans. Evans would perform a high-bridge backslide pinning combination for the win.

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