AEW Dark coverage

AEW Dark Results: March 24, 2020


AEW gives us a double dose of Dark!

In these trying times, AEW gives opportunities to those who both deserve and need it. Witness the Dark debuts of many independent talents!


  • Jake Hager w/ Sammy Guevara VS Joe Alonzo; Hager wins.
  • QT Marshall & Dustin Rhodes w/ Brandi Rhodes VS Matt Sells & Jon Cruz; Rhodes & Marshall win.
  • Robert Anthony & Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS SoCal Uncensored; SCU wins.
  • Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Suge D; Sabian wins.
  • Colt Cabana VS Brandon Cutler; Cabana wins.
  • Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela VS Corey Hollis & Mike Reed; Kiss & Janela win.


Jake Hager w/ Sammy Guevara VS Joe Alonzo!

The Big Hurt wants to keep his momentum going, but does that mean he’s going to hurt Alonzo the first night he’s in an AEW ring?


The bell rings and Hager circles with Alonzo. They tie up and Hager gets around Alonzo to waistlock. Hager powers Alonzo to a corner and throws forearms into Alonzo’s back. Hager keeps on Alonzo at the ropes, then whips him across the way. Alonzo ducks and dropkicks the legs out! Alonzo runs and wheelbarrows, but Hager makes it a German Suplex! Hager stalks Alonzo to the corner and digs his knee into Alonzo’s head. Sammy vlogs this while the ref backs Hager away. Sammy gives Alonzo a cheap shot! The Spanish God gets away with that one, and Hager slaps Alonzo around.

Hager drags Alonzo up but Alonzo throws hands! Hager knees low and shoves Alonzo, but Alonzo kicks back! Alonzo runs but into a tackle into the corner. Hager runs but into boots! Alonzo hops up and leaps, into an URENAGE! ARM TRIANGLE! Alonzo is OUT, Hager wins!

Winner: Jake Hager, by submission

And the undefeated streak continues! But Hager doesn’t let Alonzo go until he’s satisfied. Will Hager be satisfied with anything less than putting the hurt on everyone who isn’t in the Inner Circle?

QT Marshall & Dustin Rhodes w/ Brandi Rhodes VS Matt Sells & Jon Cruz w/ Skyler Moore!

The team-up of God’s Gift to Wrestling and the Natural continues in the shadow of war between The Inner Circle and The Elite. Will QT and Dustin “welcome” the new guys to the AEW Tag Division?

The teams sort out and Dustin starts against Cruz. The two circle with the bell and they tie up. Dustin headlocks but Cruz powers out, only for Dustin to run him over with a shoulder. Things speed up, Dustin sees the back drop coming and whips Cruz out of it. Dustin drops down then arm-drags Cruz down! Dustin wrenches Cruz and tags in QT. Cruz resists but Dustin still whips him into a corner. Dustin hits a corner clothesline, then QT adds his own. QT feeds Cruz to a LARIAT from Dustin! Cover, TWO! QT brings Cruz up and wrenches but Cruz ROCKS QT with a right. Tag to Sells and Sells gets the hand-off. Sells swivels but QT ROCKS him with an uppercut! QT drags Sells over and tags in Dustin.

QT whips Sells for a body shot and a knee from Dustin! Standing mariposa senton from QT! Dustin covers, TWO! Sells’ headband flies off but Dustin wrenches his arm to a shoulder breaker. Tag to QT, and #NaturallyGifted double wrench to double punch! Then they hit a double Russian Leg Sweep! Cruz is going nuts as QT covers, TWO! QT stalks Sells to ropes and throws forearms. QT whips but Sells reverses and Cruz gets a cheap shot in! The ref reprimands but QT DECKS Cruz for that! Sells hits QT with a SHOTEI! Cover, TWO! Sells rams QT to the corner and stomps away. The ref counts but Cruz tags in. Sells grinds QT in and Cruz throws hands. Skyler applauds her team as Sells tags back in. Sells wrenches QT for Cruz’s double stomps! Cover, TWO!

Cruz staggers to his feet and distracts the ref, and Skyler chokes QT on the ropes! Dustin protests but Skyler gets away with it. Tag to Sells and they mug QT. Sells hits a knee smash and neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! QT crawls for his corner but Sells keeps him back. Tag to Cruz and Cruz whips QT. QT kicks Cruz down and gives Sells a lethal combination! Hot tag to Dustin! The Natural rallies on Cruz with clotheslines then a whip. Cruz reverses but Dustin hits the Rhodes Uppercut! And an atomic drop! Dustin runs to bulldog! Sells runs into the spinning powerslam! Cruz flounders up and Dustin tags in QT. Dustin gut wrenches Cruz up to the Canadian rack and QT runs, DOMINATOR CUTTER! Cover, QT and Dustin win!

Winners: Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall, by pinfall

“The Natural Nightmares” are undefeated as a duo! Will they rise up to be contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships?

Robert Anthony & Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS SoCal Uncensored!

The #SearchForSpears is still going, but “Egotistico Fantastico” gets a chance to prove himself in person! Will they find #PERFECT10N against SCU’s Addiction?

The teams sort out and The Chair Man wants to start, but Anthony says he’s waited 20 years for an opportunity like this. Spears lets Anthony tag in and now Anthony starts against Frankie Kazarian. The two tie up, go around, and Anthony wrenches Kaz’s arm. Kaz wrenches back but Anthony rolls and cartwheels through to get the wrench back. Tully documents all this on his phone as Kaz endures the wristlock. Kaz stands and uses the ropes to flip. Kaz whips and arm-drags Anthony around! He has Anthony in an armlock but Anthony gets up and powers Kaz to a corner. The ref counts but Anthony arm-drags Kaz, only for Kaz to arm-drag right back!

Anthony gets up and throws big forearms! Anthony wrenches and tags in Spears, but Kaz slips away. Spears tells Anthony to stand down, and Anthony obliges. Spears rushes Kaz but gets an arm-drag for himself! Tag to Christopher Daniels and Daniels clubs Spears’ arm. Daniels wrenches and yanks Spears’ arm to then whip. Daniels dropkicks Spears down hard then covers, ONE! Spears sits up but Daniels is on him. Spears powers Daniels to a corner and CHOPS! He scoops Daniels to slam him down, then stomps him for good measure! Spears brings Daniels up to scoop again but Daniels slips out. Spears elbows Daniels away but Kaz tags in. Kaz waits for Spears to whip Daniels, and Daniels reverses the whip for Kaz’s windmill!

Anthony runs in but into an atomic drop! Kaz runs to bulldog Anthony on Daniels’ knee! Daniels adds the STO! Spears staggers over into double wrenches. Kaz kicks, Daniels clotheslines and then Kaz double stomps Spears down! Cover, TWO! Kaz feeds Spears to Daniels’ boot then tags him in. Daniels brings Spears over to bump off buckles in the open corner. Daniels throws knees then snapmares Spears down. Tag to Kaz and Daniels slingshot elbow drops. Kaz slingshot leg drops! Cover, TWO! Tag to Daniels and they drag Spears up. SCU double whips and Daniels body shots, but Anthony trips Kaz up! Anthony drags Kaz out to RAM him into railing! Spears SPINE BUSTERS Daniels!

Spears brings Daniels up to throw outside, and now Anthony goes after him with furious fists! Anthony puts Daniels and tags in. Spears wants Anthony to impress him, and Anthony goes after Daniels with HARD body shots. Anthony whips, scoops and tilt-o-whirl SLAMS Daniels down! Cover, TWO! Anthony grits his teeth as he stalks up behind Daniels. Anthony ROCKS Daniels with a left hand then tags in Spears. They mug Daniels then throw him out. Spears drags Daniels up for an apron back suplex! Spears brings Daniels down to then sit in the crowd and cheer himself on as a fan. “This is Awesome! Spears is Awesome!” Daniels crawls to the ring and Spears gets in first.

Anthony gets a cheap shot in and then tags in. Spears digs his boots in then Anthony stomps Daniels at the ropes. Anthony throws hands on Daniels then calls for a tag. But Spears is busy talking with Tully and Daniels hits back! Daniels throws elbows and forearms, then he boots Anthony away. But Anthony scoop slams Daniels down! And again! And a third! Cover, TWO! Anthony clamps onto Daniels with a chinlock and grinds him down. Anthony even drives in elbows and leans on Daniels. Daniels fights his way up but Anthony powers him back to tag in Spears. Spears drags Daniels out and taunts SCU, only for Daniels to counter the suplex into a cradle! Cover, TWO!

Spears reels Daniels in but Daniels drops to victory roll, TWO! COMPLETE SHOT! Spears writhes while Daniels crawls, hot tag to Anthony! Anthony back suplexes but Daniels lands on his feet, tag to Kaz! The Heavy Metal Rebel rallies on Spears and Anthony! Kaz shotgun dropkicks Spears out and then gives Anthony a back kick, front kick and LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Kaz drags Anthony up to whip but Anthony reverses. Spears baits Kaz in and catches him. Anthony runs in but Kaz escapes, and Anthony keeps himself from hitting Spears! Kaz rolls Anthony up and Spears complains rather than helps. TWO and Kaz DECKS Spears! Kaz scoop slams Anthony down then runs, to springboard leg drop! Cover, but Spears runs in, only for Kaz to move! Spears drops ax handles on Anthony!

Spears blames Anthony for that but Kaz puts Spears on the ropes. Kaz stomps and guillotine leg drops Spears out! Kaz throws hands on Anthony then runs, but into a fireman’s carry! Anthony adjusts Kaz for a ROLLING AIR RAID! Cover, TWO!! Anthony grits his teeth and shouts at Spears. Spears shouts back, “Don’t tell me what to do!” Spears and Anthony bring Kaz up but Daniels saves Kaz from the double suplex. SCU brawls with Anthony and Spears in opposite corners. Anthony and Spears whip but Kaz reverses, and Daniels clotheslines Spears down! Anthony clotheslines Daniels but Kaz clotheslines Anthony. Spears fireman’s carries Kaz, but Kaz slips out. Spears standing switches and Anthony runs in, but Kaz escapes and this time Anthony clotheslines Spears down! SCU hit the high-low on Anthony!

Spears looks to Tully, and again, he and Tully bail out. Anthony double clotheslines SCU! Anthony says they can do this, but Spears says Anthony screwed up. Spears stays outside as Anthony whips Daniels at Kaz, but Daniels reverses and Kaz boots Anthony! SCU works together as Daniels suplexes Anthony up for Kaz to put in the gut wrench. Daniels goes to the corner, BEST MELTZER EVER!! Cover, SCU wins!

Winner: SCU, by pinfall

This wasn’t #PERFECT10N for Spears, and Tully gives a thumbs down. Spears goes after Anthony with furious punches! Spears drags Anthony up to the fireman’s carry, for the C4! “You’re not it.” But will Spears and Tully ever find “it” with such high standards?

Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Suge D!

Superbad got the taste slapped out of his mouth on Dynamite, and he wants to be ready for his shot at Boom Boom, Colt Cabana. Will Sugar Dunkerton get a sample of what Kip’s preparing for Cabana?

The bell rings and Kip doesn’t take Suge serious. He gets an extra good luck kiss from Penelope, but Suge rolls him up! TWO, and Suge wants Kip to keep his cool. Things speed up, Suge hurdles then monkey flips Kip! Suge headlocks but Kip elbows and stomps free. Kip shoves but Suge holds ropes. Suge redirects then cartwheels around Kip, and gives him a smack on the butt! Kip ROCKS Suge with a right! Kip goes after a corner buckle but this is to distract the ref as Penelope BOOTS Suge! Suge is in a daze as Kip stomps him down. Kip kicks and stomps Suge against the ropes, then grinds a boot into Suge at the corner. The ref backs Kip off, and Penelope chokes Suge on the ropes!

Kip drags Suge up to throw big haymakers. Kip wrenches and whips Suge corner to corner hard, then runs in for an enziguri! He rolls with Suge to Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Suge survives and frustrates Kip, but Kip shrugs it off and grins. Kip toys with Suge and brings him up for buckle bumps. Kip stomps Suge again, then throws a back elbow. He whips Suge corner to corner again, but Suge dodges the corner attack. Suge runs in but is put on the apron. Suge hits back then swings a clothesline. Kip ducks and springboards to enziguri! Suge wobbles but Kip drags him up onto the top rope, draping swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Suge survives and Penelope argues the count.

Kip half nelsons Suge but Suge resists the suplex. Suge powers Sabian into buckles over and over, then arm-drags Kip off. Kip runs back in but Suge goes up and over. Suge runs back and ducks a clothesline to go up and under. Kip sees through Suge’s bait but Suge catches the kick. Suge spins Kip to ROCK him with a right! Suge waistlocks but Kip elbows back. Kip reaches for a leg but Suge leap frogs over. Suge slides under and shoves Kip to table top him! “TASTE IT!” Rolling elbow!! Cover, TWO!! Sabian survives and shocks Suge! Penelope coaches Kip but Suge goes to the corner. Suge climbs up as Kip stands, and Kip KICKS Suge down! HALF ‘N’ HALF! Then a wrench and a headlock, Russian Leg Sweep to the Iron Octopus! Suge taps, Kip wins!

Winner: Kip Sabian, by submission

Superbad gets his first win in awhile and he feels really good about it. Will he turn things around for himself in 2020?

Colt Cabana VS Brandon Cutler!

Boom Boom, 2-0 for Colt Cabana already in AEW! But will he make it 3-0? Or will the Dungeon Master finally get that critical hit he needs to win big?

Cabana stops by commentary to give Taz and Excalibur tips about how to put him over, and he also gives them Cutler’s 20-sided die that he left on the stage. Excalibur rolls a 13 and Taz’s number was 13! What’re the odds? Well, 1/20 actually. That aside, Cabana goes to the ring and the match begins.

Cutler and Cabana shake hands to show it’s respectful, then they circle. Cabana waistlocks, spins Cutler around and baits him in. Cutler falls for it, Cabana trips him up and Cabana rolls Cutler to his feet to arm-drag him across the way! Cabana does a victory lap and he high-fives the ref. Cutler high-fives the ref, too, just so he isn’t left out. Cabana gives Cutler a pep talk oddly, and they reset. Cabana gives Cutler a free move and Cutler gets the arm. But Cabana spins, switches, headlocks, spins more, wrenches and wrings Cutler out! Cabana does another victory lap and gives commentary a thumbs up. Cutler keeps his cool and now he gives Cabana a free move. Cabana accepts, and throws Cutler before he knows what hit him!

Cabana says hey to the cameras as Cutler gets up. Cutler wants another go, so Cabana gives up an arm. Cutler gets the wrist but Cabana spins and headlocks and hammerlocks and spins but Cutler wrenches Cabana! Now Cutler cheers himself on and Cabana has to admit he got got. Cabana offers another free move but Cutler speeds things up. Cutler rolls off Cabana’s back, Cabana blocks the boot and whips but Cutler reverses. Cabana goes up and under and comes back but Cutler dodges. Cutler goes up and over, and gets to his feet in time to arm-drag Cabana! Cutler has an armlock but Cabana endures. Cabana grits his teeth but Cutler brings him down to a cover, ONE!

Cutler is back on the arm but Cabana gets up. Cabana powers Cutler to a corner but the ref calls for the break. The two cleanly separate, and Cabana says Cutler’s really good. Cabana isn’t sure Cutler will win, though. Cutler punches Cabana down for that one! Cutler grabs a leg, but falls for Cabana’s bait, and Cabana CLACKS Cutler’s hands together. Cabana BOOTS Cutler down then speeds things up again. Cutler scoops but Cabana tilt-o-whirl headscissors Cutler out! Cabana fires up and claps his hands, but then remembers there are no fans to echo it. Cabana goes out but Cutler gets in and DIVES back out! Direct hit!

Cutler drags Cabana up and puts him back in. Cutler springboards but Cabana moves to the side! Cabana runs corner to corner but Cutler slides out to avoid the Flying Apple! Cutler leaps in but Cabana gets under, and the BIONIC ELBOW hits! SUPERMAN CLUTCH! Cover, Cabana wins!

Winner: Colt Cabana, by pinfall

Boom Boom, still undefeated in AEW! Cabana assures Cutler he’s still got it, but he has yet to win. Will Cutler ever complete the quest of his first victory in AEW?

Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela VS Corey Hollis & Mike Reed!

The Concrete Rose and Bad Boy mix things up to see if they can get on the right track together. Will they get a win as they “welcome” the Young Original and the Hot Shot?

The teams sort out and Janela starts against Hollis. They circle and tie up and Janela gets the wrist. Hollis spins and gets a shoulder breaker to a wristlock. Janela rolls and rolls and handsprings to wrench back. Janela sings for himself and then tags in Kiss. Kiss rams knees into Hollis then wrenches to a wristlock. Kiss keeps Hollis from Reed and Janela tags back in. Janela climbs up to drop an elbow into Hollis’ shoulder. Janela keeps on Hollis with another wrench, then tags Kiss back in. The Jersey boys double whip Hollis corner to corner, then Kiss handspring SLAPS! Hollis rushes Kiss but Kiss sends him into Janela’s running knee! Kiss drags Hollis up to stomp away in the corner.

Kiss snapmares and kicks Hollis down! He brings Hollis up to tag in Janela. Janela feeds Hollis to Kiss’s TWERK ATTACK! Kiss then boots Hollis into Janela’s German Suplex! The two pose together, Kiss in a handstand and Janela holding onto a leg. Kiss goes at Hollis but Hollis throat chops! Hollis whips Kiss to ropes but Kiss kicks back! Kiss spins Hollis around for a back kick then runs. Hollis blocks the boot and makes Kiss do the splits, for Reed to run in and KNEE! The ref reprimands but Reed tags in to rain down rights on Kiss! Reed drags Kiss up to whip into buckles and throw a big uppercut! Reed rams a shoulder into Kiss and reels Kiss in for a LARIAT! Cover, ONE!

Reed looms over Kiss and taunts him, but Kiss fires off forearms! Kiss goes Matrix but Reed sweeps the legs. Tag to Hollis and Hollis headbutts Kiss down. Hollis clamps onto Kiss with a thrashing chinlock. Hollis cranks back but Kiss gets up and fights back. Kiss elbows free but Hollis keeps him from Janela. Kiss keeps throwing hands, Hollis whips but Kiss reverses. Hollis goes up and enziguris back! Cover, TWO! Hollis tries again, TWO! Hollis drags Kiss up and feeds Kiss to Reed’s boot. Tag to Reed and Reed throws uppercuts on Kiss. Reed teases Kiss and Janela with a near reach, but Kiss elbows Reed back! Kiss reaches but Reed clubs him down! Reed suplexes but Kiss slips out and tags in Janela!

Janela goes up and leaps to crossbody Reed down! Janela hits Hollis for good measure, then spins Reed around for a jawbreaker! The Bad Boy keeps moving to LARIAT Reed down! Janela fires up but Hollis runs in, only for Janela to fireman’s carry and Death Valley Drive Hollis onto Reed! Tag to Kiss and Kiss whips Janela in. Janela blocks Reed’s boots to ROCK him with a right! Reed ends up sideways on the ropes, Kiss runs in, handspring AX KICK! Janela goes up top and Kiss joins him. The two combine for a diving board MACHO ELBOW! Kiss adds the FLYING SPLIT LEG DROP! Cover, Janela and Kiss win!!

Winners: Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss, by pinfall

The Jersey boys win big together! Are we seeing the beginning of an incredible tag team?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode, but I wouldn’t call this a double dose other than we did get six matches in one hour as opposed to three. All the matches were pretty solid, and all of the indie talent new to AEW looked good even in defeat. Robert Anthony did really well in the match with SCU and Shawn Spears, so I hope he sticks around. I also think Corey Hollis should stick around to reference his history with Hangman Adam Page. Cutler is especially doing great in his run of losing but still looking great. Still hoping he turns out to be the one unknown purple masked Creeper in the Dark Order.

My only real gripe tonight isn’t even the matches but how Dustin and QT are named “The Natural Nightmares” and not my idea. That name really only plugs the Rhodes family, aka The Nightmare Family. “Naturally Gifted” works in QT’s old nickname so that it’s an equal team name. But that aside, if The Elite ever “falls apart,” Cody should go ahead and join up with them, get in on the still rumored AEW Trios Division.

My Score: 8.2/10

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