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AEW Dark Results: March 3, 2020


The AEW Revolution gets Dark!

You thought the Revolution was over? HA! AEW Dark gives you extra content from Leap Day in Chicago, plus aftermath and interviews!


  • Britt Baker & Penelope Ford VS Yuka Sakazaki & Riho; Baker & Ford win.


Colt Cabana speaks backstage.

“Well here I am, AEW Chicago, Illinois. And when you’ve been doing it as long as me, you know. You know you always come prepared.” The greats will tell you to always bring your gear and that’s what Cabana did. Cabana has known the Young Bucks for so long, and then the rest of the Elite. He’s been wrestling with these guys for decades, and they invited him to join AEW. They let him have the freedom to not sign a contract, “do what you do” and the door was open. “If something comes up, speak your mind.” Cabana doesn’t usually do that, but he still wants to do this. Japan, Australia, and now AEW.

The SCU were also friends, he saw an opportunity and a city desperate for help, and Cabana jumped on that opportunity. If the Dark Order wants to throw down, he’s ready. Cabana, the Elite and now Boom Boom, Colt Cabana! Will the Dark Order be able to stand for much longer?

Backstage interview with Christopher Daniels.

The Ring General is pacing as Lexi talks about his Exalted One swerve. What prompted him to do that? He’ll tell us all what he finally realized and what made “the scales fall from my eyes.” Tonight in Chicago, Daniels realized that among all the lies, half truths and empty promises from the Dark Order, the biggest one was about The Exalted One. There IS NO EXALTED ONE! There is NO ONE behind Uno and Grayson, it is just them! They’re keeping everyone on edge as they make themselves more than they are, “which is just desperate little men.” Daniels says he exposed the Dark Order, that it’s just the Dark Order against Cabana & SCU. And Daniels vows to do everything in his power to be rid of the “cancer” that is the Dark Order! S C U later!

Backstage interview with Kris Statlander.

The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien lost in her shot at the AEW Women’s World Championship and the Native Beast still reigns. Kris is feeling disappointed, frustrated. Today wasn’t the day for the Alien to take the belt home to her planter, but maybe she’ll be more “down to Earth” next time. She’s not even in the mood to boop. Will Kris be able to recover and return to the title scene?

Backstage interview with PAC.

The Bastard got more of a fight out of Orange Cassidy than he expected, but he found a way to win. But the Lucha Brothers did go after the Best Friends, Trent Baretta and Chuck Taylor, during that match. What is his relation to Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix? “Excuse me, little lady. That is none of your business.” What she should ask is about his win! That was “inevitable.” To the AEW management, be ashamed! Cassidy’s condition is on their conscience, and everyone can just keep their noses out of Pac’s business.

Britt Baker & Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Yuka Sakazaki & Riho!

AEW Dark gives us exclusive action as The Doctor and the Bad Girl team up to take on the Wrestling Magical Girl and Wrestling Idol! Will Riho help Yuka get revenge on Britt for that unwanted tooth removal?

Britt hits the ring and Yuka hits her! Fans cheer as the Magical Girl stomps Baker in the corner! Riho intercepts Penelope and brawl on their end! Kip gets in and grabs Riho, to get a V-TRIGGER! You’d think the Cruise of Jericho Mixed Tag would’ve taught Superbad a lesson. Penelope turns Riho around to kick low and whip. Riho reverses and sends Penelope out onto Kip! Baker turns things around on Yuka and the bell rings. Yuka elbows Britt and Riho helps her go corner to corner for a big forearm! Riho adds a knee then goes corner to corner and gets some help from Yuka, sidewalk shotgun dropkick! Fans are fired up as Yuka covers, TWO! Yuka stomps and clubs Britt then tags Riho in.

Riho runs but Baker spins her. Riho dodges but Baker mule kicks hard! Tag to Penelope and Penelope headlocks. Riho fights out but Penelope runs her over. Cover, ONE as Riho goes Matrix! Riho shotgun dropkicks Penelope down! Penelope is on the ropes as Riho tags Yuka. Fans fire up again as Yuka brings Penelope up. Riho and Yuka double wrench and double drop toehold Penelope down. Then they double elbow drop, run and double LAST CHANCER! Britt protests and the ref counts, but Riho and Yuka let go at 4. Riho goes back to the corner and Yuka drags Penelope up. Yuka snap suplexes then floats over, una amiga! Another suplex, dos amiga! Yuka scoops Penelope for a Northern Lights DRIVER! Cover, TWO!!

Penelope survives the magical hat trick, but Yuka snapmares and rolls to basement enziguri! Yuka runs but Kip trips her up! Fans boo Superbad but he plays innocent. Britt gets in for a surfboard STOMP! Britt tags in and goes after Yuka with stomps! She drags Yuka up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Britt drags Yuka up for a butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Britter is growing annoyed with Yuka so she clamps onto the jaw with a chinbar. Fans rally for Yuka as Britt puts her on the ropes. Britt chokes Yuka, then gives her the same STOMP! Tag to Penelope, Peneope runs and shotgun dropkicks Yuka back into the ropes! The ref reprimands Penelope but misses Britt’s cheap shot SUPERKICK! Penelope covers, TWO!! Yuka survives but barely.

Penelope drags Yuka to a corner and throws big forearms. Penelope whips corner to corner then handsprings in with the back elbow! She runs side to side to BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Yuka still lives and fans rally up. Tag to Britt and she takes the hand-off to push Yuka against buckles! The ref counts and Britt lets up, but Penelope adds a choke! The ref reprimands Penelope but now Britt chokes her! Riho gets in but the ref keeps her back. Kip gets in to argue with Riho so as to distract the ref, and this just gives Britt and Penelope more time to choke and smother Yuka! Britt stomps a mud hole into Yuka before the ref backs her off. Britt drags Yuka up to throw big forearm shots!

Fans rally as Britt whips Yuka to a corner. Britt runs in but Yuka boots back! Yuka hurries up top and missile dropkicks Britt down! Yuka tags in Riho and Riho goes up top! Penelope runs over but Riho leaps and runs to handspring and dropkick! Riho slips around to Crucifix DRIVER! Penelope bails out and Chicago fires up as Riho climbs. But Kip jumps up to anchor Riho! Yuka runs, springboards, MAGICAL GIRL SPLASH!! Riho kicks Kip away then adjusts, to LEAP onto Superbad! The super crossbody takes Kip out! Yuka puts Britt in and keeps Penelope down as Riho goes up top. DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Britt survives but Riho keeps her cool.

Riho drags Britt up but Britt blocks the Northern Lights. Riho tries to push Britt to the corner but Penelope trips Yuka up! Fans boo but Britt hits the swinging fisherman neckbreaker! Rings of Saturn, but Riho rolls it! The ref is still arguing with Penelope, Kip flips the script! Britt has the Rings back, Penelope keeps Yuka out, LOCKJAW!! Riho taps, Britt and Penelope win!

Winners: Britt Baker & Penelope Ford, by submission

The Doctor smiles as she comes out the winner thanks to her Superbad teammates. Will Britt be smiling as part of the AEW Women’s World Championship picture?

My Thoughts:

A considerably short episode but one I didn’t expect to get at all. The promos from tonight were good, but Daniels sure is hyped. I like that he at least believes the Exalted One is false advertising, but that’ll make whoever takes that role even more of a surprise, certainly to Daniels. Seeing Cabana in AEW while being free to go everywhere else he wrestles is great, because he has been a lot of fun to see in NJPW. PAC wants a title, and he certainly deserves a shot. Depending on how AEW chooses to go with Jon Moxley and the Inner Circle, I wouldn’t mind seeing PAC, with or without the Lucha Bros, get in the mix and make this a three pronged story for the top title.

The tag match we got was good, it keeps up the story between Baker and Sakazaki and revisits the Cruise of Jericho Mixed Tag match through Riho and Penelope so that those stories can continue into the Spring. I hope we get more of that, but I’m probably letting my fan side say Riho and Sakazaki should’ve won as the Faces. I said with the previous Dark with Baker squashing Alize that she’s clearly being built up, I’m just not feeling it yet. Maybe Dynamite gives us some more Baker VS Sakazaki and that is where Baker loses to get some buzz.

My Score: 8/10

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