AEW Dynamite coverage

AEW Dynamite Feb 12, 2020 Full Results & Report


AEW Austin is golden!

Dynamite is dripping with gold and animosity! Will Nyla Rose finally take the AEW Women’s World Championship from Riho?


  • AEW World Tag Team Championship: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS SoCal Uncensored; Hangman & Omega win and retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships.
  • Dustin Rhodes VS Sammy Guevara; Dustin wins.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Riho VS Nyla Rose; Nyla wins and becomes the new AEW Women’s World Champion.
  • MJF VS Jungle Boy; MJF wins.
  • Jon Moxley VS Santana w/ Ortiz; Moxley wins.


AEW World Tag Team Championship: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS SoCal Uncensored!

Dynamite opens with a huge championship rematch! Can the Cowboy pull it together to keep the gold with him and the Best Bout Machine? Or will these once again become the S C U tag team titles?


The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and this rematch from the Cruise of Jericho begins!

Austin cheers for “Cowboy Sh*t!” as the teams sort out. Omega starts against Frankie Kazarian, but wait. The Dark Order interrupts with a message! “Best of luck with your match tonight.” The Dark Order is legion, for they are many. Some of their members may be closer than you think. The Exalted One is coming! “When the time is right, we will strike.” Christopher Daniels says he’ll go make sure Evil Uno and Stu Grayson don’t pull anything, and the bell rings.

Omega and Kaz shake hands and circle. They tie up, Kaz headlocks, but Omega pries against the hold. Omega powers out, Kaz runs him over with a shoulder! Things speed up, Omega arm-drags Kaz and again. Omega has the arm lock but Kaz gets up to put him on the ropes. The ref counts and Kaz lets up, to then kick low! Kaz whips, Scorpio Sky gets a cheap shot in! Fans boo but Omega lets Scorpio have that one. Kaz waistlocks but Omega elbows out to BOOT Scorpio! Omega hears fans fire up so he takes aim and slingshots, only for Kaz to yank him down! Kaz waistlocks, Omega standing switches but Kaz switches back. O’Conner roll, TWO!

Omega runs but is put on the rope! Another cheap shot and then a GERMAN SUPLEX! Kaz hits Hangman then covers Omega, TWO! SCU is gritty as Scorpio tags in. SCU double whips ad kicks Omega! Complete Shot from Scorpio! Kaz DECKS Hangman as Scorpio covers, TWO! Scorpio drags Omega up, Gory Especial, but Hangman clotheslines Kaz out! Hangman ROCKS Scorpio, then pop-up GERMAN between Omega and Hangman! Omega full nelsons Scorpio as Hangman goes out. Kaz yanks Hangman down and CLOBBERS him! Scorpio runs but into a huricanrana! Omega knees Kaz out and fans fire up. The Terminator drums begin and Omega rises, to build speed, only for Scorpio to trip him. Scorpio FLIES onto Hangman, but Omega FLIES onto SCU!

Austin is thunderous for “Kenny! Kenny!” as Omega drags Scorpio up and into the ring. Omega climbs up as Scorpio stands, missile dropkick to the back! Omega drags Scorpio up, AOI SHOUDO! Cover, TWO! Omega tags Hangman and they bring Scorpio up together. Kaz flies in, Omega and Hangman get clear. They double kick, then both run, boot and… KOTARO KRUSHER! Hangman goes after Scorpio with a whip, but catches Scorpio’s crossbody! Fall Away Slam! Hangman kips up and Austin fires up. Fans are fired up as Hangman tags Omega back in. Omega brings Scorpio up and fans fire up. “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton, Hangman adds the shooting star! Omega moonsaults, onto knees! Hangman is up top but Kaz shoves him down!

Omega staggers and Scorpio gives him a flapjack! Tag to Kaz and Kaz rams Omega into the SCU corner. Kaz rams Omega with his shoulder, but Omega fights back! Fans rally but Kaz knees low and throws Omega out. Scorpio SPEARS Omega into the barriers! Then rams him into the apron! Scorpio puts Omega in and Kaz drags him up. Kaz scoops and slams Omega, then springboard leg drops! Cover, TWO! Omega survives and gets to the apron, but Kaz tags Scorpio. Scorpio stands on Omega until the ref counts 4. Fans boo but Scorpio drags Omega around for a kick to the ribs! Omega throws hands in return, and a CHOP! Omega runs but Scorpio kitchen sink knees! Tag to Kaz and Kaz runs in to crossbody! Cover, TWO!

Kaz keeps on Omega with body scissors and a bearhug to squeeze Omega like a boa. Fans rally up as Omega endures. Omega fights his way up to his feet, and he carries Kaz as a backpack towards the corner. But where is Hangman? Omega drops backwards to senton on Kaz! Kaz tags Scorpio and Scorpio is right on Omega with kicks and punches! Kaz runs in to corner splash! SCU double whip Omega corner to corner, but Omega boots Kaz and elbows Scorpio! Omega goes up and over and hurries, hot tag to Hangman! Fans are thunderous as Hangman deals out haymakers and CHOPS! Hangman whips Scorpio but Scorpio reverses. Scorpio runs in, Hangman dodges and BOOTS Kaz!

Hangman runs back at Scorpio but Scorpio boots back! Scorpio hops up and leaps, into a BOOT! Fans are at a fever pitch as Hangman starts a clothesline train between Kaz and Scorpio! Scorpio dodges but leaps into Hangman’s fireman’s carry! Hangman boots Kaz and dumps Scorpio, for the standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!! Scorpio survives and keeps SCU in this match! Hangman calls Omega in and Omega obliges. They drag Scorpio up and double whip, but Scorpio holds ropes. Scorpio sends Omega out then sends Hangman. Hangman boots back and slingshots, but Kaz LARIATS Hangman! Cover, TWO!!

Scorpio tags Kaz and gives him the boost for the tornado DDT on Hangman! Cover, TWO! Hangman survives but Kaz keeps on him with a whip. Hangman reverses, Kaz rolls off Hangman’s back to BACKSTABBER! Scorpio slingshot cutter! Kaz slingshot cutters Omega! DOUBLE DRAGON SLEEPERS! The ref tells the illegal men to get out and starts counting. Omega powers Kaz into Scorpio to save Hangman! All four men are down but Austin is fired up! The teams regroup and Hangman throws hands with Kaz. “This is Awesome!” as Kaz forearms back. Kaz runs, but Omega tags and Hangman rocks Kaz back! Hangman whips Kaz at Omega’s V-TRIGGER! Scorpio runs in, to get a SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Kaz staggers up, Hangman takes aim, slingshot and…

No! Scorpio anchors Omega’s foot! Kaz dodges Buck Shot to turn Hangman around. Hangman powers out of Unprettier to Pop-up BOMB Kaz! Omega kicks Scorpio away, Hangman rolls Kaz into a V-TRIGGER! Hangman DIVES onto Scorpio! Omega and Hangman reset, BUCK SHOT TRIGGER!! Cover, Omega and Hangman win!!

Winners: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Kaz just misses getting that ropebreak! But close only works in horseshoes and hand grenades! Will SCU get closer after next week’s Tag Team Battle Royal? Or will Hangman and Omega have fresh challengers for AEW Revolution?

But wait, the Dark Order heads to the ring! Christopher Daniels is nowhere to be seen as Evil Uno leads Stu Grayson and the Beaver Boys down. But wait, here come Best Friends! Trent and Chuck Taylor have had their run-ins with the Dark Order, so they won’t let this go down. Wait, now MJF’s mercenaries in The Butcher, the Blade & The Bunny are here. And so are The Hybrid2! The AEW Tag Team Division is converging on one ring! But to reinforce SCU and Best Friends, it is the Young Bucks! They SUPERKICK the Beaver Boys, and a brawl is on!! It is chaos, much like what that battle royal will surely be.

Best Friends clear out TH2 while the Dark Order retreats. They and the Bucks focus on the mercs, but the Butcher double clotheslines Chuck and Trent! He dumps them out but the Bucks give out double dropkicks! And then the alley-oop dropkick for the Butcher! Allie the Bunny is upset but so is Evil Uno! Matt and Nick Jackson climb to DOUBLE LEAP onto the cluster! Will the Bucks be the #1 contenders after the chaos next week?

AEW is picture in picture as tensions still mount between all the teams.

But just as Uno and Grayson want out, Orange Cassidy blocks their path! The Sloth forces them to face DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Trent makes sure The Sloth didn’t overdo it, and they join the Bucks in the ring. The Bucks stand with Cassidy, and we have a Sweet Shin PARTAAAY~! The Bucks even give Cassidy a headband! Thumbs up, and a QUINTUPLE HUG~! So either the Bucks are honorary Best Friends of the Best Friends are honorary members of The Elite. Either way, will one of these two tandems be in line for the title opportunity at Revolution?

AEW shares Jim Ross’s interview with Santana before the show.

Good ol’ JR heard Santana’s words from last week, as did everyone, and it was obvious the passion behind them. Santana got everyone’s attention because that was the first time we’d ever heard him talk like that. Santana vowed to teach Jon Moxley what it is like to live in darkness. Could he expound on that at all?

Santana says he will tell us “a little story.” A little over 10 years ago, Santana was in the “deepest, darkest point” in his life. He was broke, jobless, directionless, living in some BS basement apartment in the Bronx. Santana felt he was buried alive. So just one night, he called his father 3:30 in the morning. Santana explained exactly how he felt to his father. And his father, who was blind at just 14 years old, had a very unique experience with living in darkness. Then his father was “stolen” from Santana. That is Santana’s life.

JR points out that the Inner Circle’s actions towards Moxley makes Moxley’s actions back retaliatory. Isn’t Chris Jericho the one Santana should be upset with? Santana says Moxley had the chance to join “the real reason this company is so successful.” Moxley built his own coffin, and Santana vows to put Moxley in the dark. Will Santana be the last nail in that coffin of the Maniac’s own making?

AEW receives another message from Darby Allin.

The Undead Daredevil is still gasping for air, so he takes a page out of Sammy Guevara’s playbook. Darby uses cardboard as cue cards to speak. “Smashing my throat with the skateboard… You made a mistake. Sooner or later, I’ll find ya. But in the meantime… Sammy, you busy at Revolution? Hit me up…” He also has a doodle of Sammy saying, “Kissing Jericho’s ass gave me herpes!” The message is clear, Darby wants to destroy the Spanish God! Will he get his chance in Chicago?

Dustin Rhodes VS Sammy Guevara w/ Jake Hager!

Speaking of Sammy, he has a rematch with the Natural! Just like then, the Big Hurt is by Sammy’s side, but will Dustin be ready for them both this time?

Austin is fired up for their hometown here at the bell, but Sammy bails out. Sammy huddles up with Hager. Hager distracts Dustin, Sammy runs in, but Dustin BOOTS Sammy down anyhow! Sammy swings on Dustin but gets tossed! Dustin hits a BIG Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Sammy bails out again and says he doesn’t want to do this anymore. He and Dustin go to retreat, but Dustin leaps and clobbers Sammy at the ramp! Dustin dares Hager to fight, and then gives Austin Hook ’em Horns! Sammy leaps into an UPPERCUT! Dustin throws Sammy into railing and then into the ring as as AEW goes picture in picture.

Dustin gets on the apron but Hager anchors his foot! Sammy enziguris back! Dustin stumbles down and Sammy DIVES! The cannonball tope hits Dustin at the ramp! Sammy soaks up the praises of, well, mostly just Hager. Sammy brings Dustin up and rams him into railing! The Inner Circle high-fives as Sammy refreshes the count. Sammy insist the ref stop counting, but this just gives Hager a chance to throw Dustin into the crowd! Sammy goes out to fetch Dustin, and uses a fan’s Fat Head sign to SMACK Dustin! The ref reprimands Sammy as he puts Dustin in and covers. TWO, but Sammy drags Dustin up for a fireman’s carry. Sammy does squats, then Samoan Drops! Cover, TWO!

Dustin suddenly has Sammy in a ghost pin! TWO, and Sammy LARIATS Dustin down! Cover, TWO! AEW returns to single picture as fans rally up for Dustin. Sammy aims from the apron to springboards, into a COMPLETE SHOT! Both men are down but Austin rallies up. Dustin gets up first and counter punches Sammy! Dustin whips and clobbers Sammy with clothesline after clothesline! He whips again but Sammy reverses, only for Dustin to drop down and uppercut! Fans fire up as Dustin runs in, but Sammy BOOTS back! Sammy runs out, into the spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO! Hager shouts for Sammy to get up but Dustin climbs up. Fans let him know “You Still Got It!”

Hager distracts Dustin again by standing on the steel steps. Sammy attacks from behind, drags Dustin out, FEAST YOUR EYES! Cover, TWO!! Dustin survives and Hager is furious! This is the most emotion we’ve seen from the Big Hurt! Sammy drags Dustin to a drop zone and climbs up top, but Dustin stands to trip him up! Dustin climbs to join Sammy and SUPER BACK DROPS him! Sammy flounders up and leaps to the top! Sammy grabs at Dustin but Dustin fights back, SUPER GOURD BUSTER! Dustin leaps, SUPER DESTROYER! Austin is thunderous as Dustin drags Sammy up, suplex, FINAL RECKONING! Cover, Dustin wins!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes, by pinfall

The Natural exacts revenge on Sammy, and stares Hager down. Dustin grabs a mic as Hager and Sammy head up the ramp. “Hey, turn around!” No, not you, Sammy. Dustin is talking to “Jericho’s b*tch!” Fans echo that sentiment as Hager glares at Dustin. Dustin wants to know if Hager is ever going to step into the ring, or if he’s just going to collect a paycheck. Hager is failing in MMA, and is failing in AEW before ever getting started. Hager broke Dustin’s arm so Dustin is gonna kick Hager’s ass at Revolution! Fans want to see it, so the ball is in Hager’s court. Sammy wants Hager to leave this for later, and Hager heads out. Will Hager show just how badly he’s “failing” at being a fighter?

Tony Schiavone once again interviews Britt Baker.

Fans boo as The Doctor returns. Britt gives Tony a hug and then Tony asks how she justifies what she did to Yuka Sakazaki. Is that really the “stupid” question he’s about to ask her? This interview is already going as poorly as the others… But Britt stuck to her ethical and legal obligation as a dentist: improving the overall dental health of the public. Tooth 19, aka the mandibular second molar, in Yuka’s mouth needed to go because of decay. Fans boo, not wanting to hear Britt’s technical talk and excuses. Britt says she did Yuka a favor! Especially since she did it for free. Who even is Yuka to wander out onto “our” Dynamite stage? She might not even have health insurance! Unlike “Mr. Starbucks” Schiavone. Seriously, give a hand to Tony for trying so hard.

Fans definitely are on Tony’s side, but they’re not on Britt’s. Tony asks about the coming AEW Women’s World Championship match tonight. Britt’s faced both Riho and Nyla, who does she think wins? Well, it will be a fantastic match, we will be in awe of the Native Beast and of the Wrestling Idol. But the true winner is Britt, because they’re both second compared to her. Fans boo but Britt says there’s a lot of confusion in their “chubby Whataburger faces.” She will make it easier to understand: “I am a role model.” Britt has three degrees, two Plan A’s, and the first woman to sign with AEW. “This is my division.” And what she did to newcomer Yuka is a statement. Then she insults the Longhorns with her hand gesture! Will Britt continue to do everyone “favors” from here on out?

AEW Women’s World Championship: Riho VS Nyla Rose!

The Native Beast has been on a rampage ever since being denied the title when AEW Dynamite debuted. But will she be undeniable in this newest rematch for the gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Beast VS Idol begins again!

Riho rushes Nyla right away with knees and forearms! Nyla shoves her away but Riho comes back for more! Riho tries a waistlock but Nyla powers her into buckles! And then rams her with her hip attack! Nyla whips RIho corner to corner, roars and runs in, but Riho drops to roll her up! TWO and a close call! Things speed up, Nyla runs Riho over with her full body! Nyla covers, but Riho uses the Matrix escape! Riho runs but the dropkick is swatted away, and Nyla stomps Riho down. Fans boo as Nyla drags Riho up and suplexes. Riho escapes again to throw more forearms! Riho rocks Nyla at the ropes but Nyla blocks the whip to rock Riho back!

Nyal whips Riho, but Riho tilt-o-whirl headscissors! And then dropkicks Nyla out! Austin is fired up for Riho as she climbs up top. Riho LEAPS, but Nyla catches her! Nyla calls Riho a “BAKA (IDIOT)” before Nyla gives her a gutbuster! Nyla throws Riho into the apron then into the ring. Fans boo as Nyla gets a bad idea. Nyla brings out a TABLE! Shanna knows what Nyla can do with this, and fans do, too! The ref reprimands Nyla but she doesn’t care. Nyla stands the table up, but Riho runs atop it to dropkick Nyla into barriers! That only works because Riho’s so small… Riho clubs Nyla while AEW goes picture in picture.

Riho puts Nyla in the ring and then climbs up top again. Nyla stands, Riho leaps, the crossbody hits! Cover, TWO! Riho keeps her cool and brings Nyla around. Riho tries to scoop Nyla?! That doesn’t work at all, and Nyla clubs Riho on the back. Nyla scoops Riho and slams her with ease, to then drop a leg! Cover, TWO!! Riho survives but Nyla keeps her cool. Nyla drags Riho up and bumps her off buckles. She makes sure the corner cam sees it, too! Riho flounders in the corner but Nyla stomps a mudhole! And then grinds her boot in! The ref backs Nyla off and Nyla soaks up the heat. AEW goes to break as Riho is sputtering for air.

AEW returns as Nyla knees Riho hard. Nyla whips but Riho cartwheels and dropkicks! Nyla doesn’t fall and she clamps onto Riho’s throat. Riho fights back but Nyla lifts her. Riho gets around, Crucifix DRIVER! Both women are down and a standing count begins. The count climbs to 4 as both women stir. Riho reaches ropes at 6 and uses them to drag herself up. Nyla and Riho stand at 7, but Riho drop toeholds Nyla onto the ropes! Riho dials it up, 619 blocked! Nyla drags Riho in, lifts, but Riho sunset flips! Nyla sits down but misses! Riho basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Riho drags Nyla up but Nyla fireman’s carries for a Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO!! Riho still lives and Nyla is shocked!

Nyla drags Riho back up, suplexes, and then hangs Riho out to dry on the ropes. Nyla goes to a corner and climbs up. Fans anticipate what’s coming, and Nyla LEAPS to GUILLOTINE KNEE DROP! Fans have to cheer for that just on athletic merits. Nyla covers arrogantly, TWO!! Riho survives and Austin is thunderous for the little idol that could. Nyla whips Riho to a corner for a corner splash! Nyla fireman’s carries, then climbs the corner! Fans are worried but Riho slips off to throw palm strikes! Nyla slaps and BITES Riho’s face! Nyla brings Riho up, SUPER DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?! Riho survives!? No one can believe it but Austin loves it!

Nyla drags Riho up but Riho pushes back to fire off forearms! Riho won’t let up, even as Nyla swats her. Nyla Electric Chair lifts, and wants to parody Omega! But Riho fights out, full nelsons, and speaking of Omega, SNAP DRAGONS!! Riho reels Nyla in for another! Riho runs corner to corner, but misses! She hits buckles instead, and Nyla drags her up for a BEAST BO- NO! Riho escapes, Nyla wants her leg, but Riho gets free to dropkick again! Riho hauls Nyla up, NORTHERN LIGHTS?! Bridging cover, TWO!! Riho is going superhuman but this isn’t over yet! “This is Awesome!” though, as Riho is up top again. DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, ONE!?

Nyla flounders about but falls into another drop zone. Riho is up top once again, DOUBLE STOMPS AGAIN! But Riho won’t stop there, she’s up again… DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!? So close and yet so far, in more ways than one. Riho runs, corner to corner, SPEAR from Nyla! Nyla drags Riho up again, BEAST BOMB!!! Cover, Nyla wins!!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall (NEW AEW Women’s World Champion)

An epic showdown between two of the best, but in the end, it was the Native Beast that bested her opponent! We finally have our second-ever Women’s World Champion, how long will she reign?

AEW is picture in picture as Nyla goes backstage.

And after getting a congratulatory hug from Tony Khan, Nyla encounters Omega. Omega has to admit, Nyla won against his friend, Riho. Nyla doesn’t want to shake his hand, and then starts talking trash. Nyla says Omega finally notices her, right? “All your base are belong to us, Kenny.” But where is everyone else? Only a handful of women are here to celebrate? Jericho got a party with “bubbleh” and grapes! What about Nyla? Omega says it’s over, but Nyla says it is NOT over. This is just the beginning.

But is that how it is? All this disrespect since day one, but now she’s the champ! There’s not even applause! The women just stand around like idiots. Nyla pushes past Big Swole Aerial Monroe, and Omega sarcastically notes, “Great champ, guys.” Leva Bates is apparently the only one trying to be positive about the new women’s champion. Who from the locker room is brave enough to step to Nyla first?

Backstage interview with The Inner Circle.

“Mr.” Chris Jericho has big news for next week’s Dynamite. He has really big news. Jon Moxley used the car keys of the stolen Ford GT to stab Santana in the eye, he proved he is “human garbage.” It makes Jericho sick that he will have to stand in the ring with Moxley at AEW Revolution. But Jericho will, as an honorable man. But Jericho scoured the globe for “a bounty hunter” to tear Moxley apart first. So if Moxley somehow survives Santana tonight, he will face a man who has toured the world “ending careers.” It’s JEFF COBB! Santana is the darkness, and Cobb will give Moxley a Tour of the Islands. And either way, it’ll prove to Moxley he will never be ready for Jericho. See you in hell!

Yes, that’s right! Jeff Cobb is now All Elite! Will the Hawaiian Juggernaut leave nothing left for Le Champion to face in Chicago?

Brandi Rhodes joins commentary.

After seeing what her husband, Cody, went through last week with the ten leather lashes, it is hard to fathom that next week is the Steel Cage match with Wardlow. But Cody will be ready. As for MJF, he is up next.

MJF VS Jungle Boy!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is actually excusing his muscle to stay in the back. He also waves to Brandi as he passes by commentary. Will MJF’s massive ego take a hit after underestimating Jungle Boy Jack Perry?

AEW returns from break, and to be fair to MJF, JB actually dismisses Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt. This will truly be 1v1 as the bell rings. MJF makes his pecs dance just to show off, but fans are all behind JB! JB and MJF tie up, and MJF waistlocks. JB standing switches but MJF switches, too. More switching and JB gets MJF down to float and facelock. MJF rolls to wrench but JB handsprings to wrench back. MJF handsprings and wrenches to a headlock. JB powers out but MJF runs him over with a shoulder. MJF soaks up the heat but JB kips right up! So MJF throws him by his hair!

Things speed up but MJF Fargo struts over JB just to show off. JB runs in, leaps over, MJF hurdles but JB handsprings and headlock takeovers! MJF headscissors but JB pops out to jackknife cover! TWO as MJF bridges and spins JB. Backslide but JB slips out to cradle! TWO and MJF cradles, TWO. DOUBLE handsprings! Fans actually have to cheer MJF on that one. MJF shoves JB but JB shoves MJF down! MJF bails out of the ring to cool off and fans troll him. JB waits on MJF and MJF slowly returns. MJF offers a handshake but we all know better than that. JB spits on his hand before shaking MJF’s. Then JB CHOPS MJF, goes up, up and away to arm-drag MJF! Then JB dropkicks MJF down!

MJF flounders to a corner and fans are all fired up for Jungle Boy! JB goes to MJF but MJF throat chops! The ref reprimands but MJF bumps JB off buckles. MJF fires off hands and stomps until the ref counts. MJF lets up at 4 to go out and pull JB out by his hair! He throws JB into railing! Fans boo, jeer and even flip MJF off but he just tunes it all out as he lounges on the apron. Arn Anderson is watching this backstage, studying on behalf of Cody. MJF mocks fans before he fetches JB for a scoop slam to the floor. MJF leaves JB behind as he goes into the ring, and AEW goes picture in picture.

The ring count begins as MJF lounges on the ropes. JB drags himself in at about 7 but MJF is on him with stomps. MJF drags JB up on the apron to bend back against the ropes in a backbreaker rack! The ref counts, MJF lets up at 4, then goes back for more! The ref backs MJF off and JB flops to the mat. MJF drags JB up and knees him down! MJF drops knees to JB’s back then puts on a half camel clutch. JB endures being bent back down, and fights his way up. JB throws body shots from all sides then rocks MJF with a right! He runs, but into MJF’s tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Cover, TWO! MJF grows frustrated as he stalks JB to a corner.

MJF mocks fans for liking JB and stomps JB down. He stands JB up to whip corner to corner, then back drops him on the rebound! MJF swaggers over to JB in the other corner, to whip again, for another back drop! MJF cheers himself on but fans boo. AEW returns to single picture as MJF puts JB back in a corner. MJF wrenches and whips yet again, but JB reverses, to give MJF a back drop! Fans fire up again as JB rests in the corner. MJF runs at JB but JB boots him away. JB elbows, forearms and uppercuts MJF! MJF blocks the whip and throws JB to ropes, but JB LARIATS! MJF bails out, JB builds speed, JB DIVES! Direct hit but JB keeps going, another DIVE! JB wants the third, and he FLIES! The tope conjilo hits and Austin is thunderous!

JB puts MJF in the ring, drags him up, but his back won’t let him lift MJF. MJF clubs JB then back suplexes. JB lands on his feet and hops up, POISON-RANA! Cover, TWO!! MJF survives and JB grows frustrated. Fans rally up for JB as he drags MJF up. JB fires himself up to try again, but can’t get MJF up all the way. MJF drags himself to a corner as JB clutches his back. JB runs in but is put up. JB headstands but MJF SUPERKICKS and Alabama Slams! MJF copies another Cody move with the underhooks and inverted Gory Especial! JB endures and pops out, then rolls MJF up! TWO!! JB ducks and boots MJF then rolls up top! MJF staggers up to trip JB!

“Hey, Brandi! You can have a real man!” MJF is vile as he climbs up to join JB. JB resists the superplex and fights MJF back! JB flips over, RUNNING POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! JB was so close and yet so far! Wait, Wardlow reappears from the crowd! JB slaps and clubs MJF at the ropes but the ref backs him off. Wardlow sneaks MJF the Dynamite Diamond Ring! MJF waits for JB to come close, DIAMOND RING PUNCH! Fans boo as MJF drags JB back up. MJF dragon sleepers, for DOUBLE CROSS! Cover, MJF wins!

Winner: MJF, by pinfall

The Salt of the Earth wins with his parody of Cody’s move. But this isn’t the end, as Wardlow drags JB up into a fireman’s carry, for an F5!! But here come the Jurassic Express! Luchasaurus backs Wardlow down while Marko checks on JB. Wardlow and MJF leave, because Wardlow has his Steel Cage match with Cody next week. Will the American Nightmare get back at MJF’s muscle for everything the two have done?

AEW again hears from PAC.

“Word on the street, Kenny, is that you’re done.” That Omega is a “shadow of who you once were, on a slippery slope to mediocrity.” The truth is, Pac knows Omega hasn’t been the same since that loss in Chicago. And Pac understands why Omega’s confidence is shot and his negligence has grown. All of Omega’s problems are all because of Pac. The Bastard is the best, and that haunts Omega. Omega is scared. “As ya f***in’ should be!” But there’s no more running, no more hiding. Two more weeks, and we have the Ironman match to prove who is the best! Isn’t Omega lucky?

BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Dynamite!

While there will be a #1 Contenders Battle Royal, the AEW World Tag Team Championships are on the line again! Hangman and Omega will take on the Lucha Brothers, Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix! Will the gold change hands so close to Revolution?

Jon Moxley VS Santana w/ Ortiz!

It has been eye for an eye between The Maniac and the Inner Circle, and that might be as true as it’s ever been here tonight! Le Champion leads Sammy and Hager to their VIP box while Proud ‘n’ Powerful are together at ringside. Will Moxley survive Santana to then take on Jeff Cobb? Or will everyone witness the end of the Paradigm Shift?

Since Moxley’s usual path is blocked by the Inner Circle’s VIP box, Moxley comes out from the complete other side of the audience and on the ground level! Santana doesn’t even let Moxley get to the ring, he attacks at the railing! Moxley drags Santana over to join him and the brawl is happening in front of the fans! The two throw hands as the ref and Ortiz hurry after. Moxley rams Santana into more railing, and then throws big forearms. Santana throws forearms back but this match isn’t even official yet! Santana kicks Moxley to barriers, then runs in, but Moxley back drops him to ringside! Moxley drags Santana up to throw into railings on the other side!

Ortiz gets in Moxley’s face but Moxley doesn’t sweat him. Moxley CHOPS Santana and things finally enter the ring. The bell sounds and Moxley clotheslines Santana in a corner! Moxley CHOPS Santana all around but Santana hits back. Moxley fires off forearms and knees but runs into Santana’s elbow. Santana whips but Moxley reverses to send Santana out with a clothesline! Ortiz checks on Santana but Moxley climbs up, to LEAP! The huge elbow takes out Santana! Moxley drags Santana up to throw haymakers and follow around the way. Santana sends Moxley into steel steps! Santana wants to take Moxley’s good eye using the corner of the steps! Moxley holds him off, but it comes dangerously close! Moxley fights back and then puts Santana in the ring.

Santana hits Moxley away, builds speed and wrecks him with a dropkick! Ortiz laughs at Moxley and the Inner Circle applauds as AEW goes picture in picture again.

Santana stands Moxley up to CHOP, and then follows him around the way. Santana clubs Moxley to railing, and then CHOPS him against the railing. He puts Moxley back in the ring, covers, ONE! So Santana goes after the good eye with his thumb! The ref reprimands but Santana puts Moxley on ropes to choke! Santana clubs away but lets up at the ref’s count. He clubs Moxley around, then puts him in a corner. Santana rams his shoulder in but Moxley does his best to fight back. Santana climbs up to drive elbow after elbow into Moxley’s head! Moxley pushes Santana away, but Santana catches the kick to enziguri Moxley back! Cover, TWO!

Both men take a moment to check their eye patches before Santana clamps onto Moxley with a chinlock. Moxley endures, even as Santana rakes his good eye! The ref reprimands, the two men stand up, and Moxley pries free to throw forearms from all sides! AEW is single picture as Moxley whips but Santana reverses, only for Moxley to rally with lariats! Moxley whips again but Santana kicks him away! Santana swings but into one underhook. The bad eyes make it hard to find the other arm, but Moxley gets the backslide. TWO, but Moxley has the one arm for a FUJIWARA! Santana endures as Moxley pulls back. Santana fights up, rolls and boots Moxley away!

Moxley ducks Santana’s punch to GERMAN SUPLEX Santana away! Ortiz coaches Santana while the rest of the Inner Circle is worried. Moxley runs corner to corner but Santana boots him away! BUCKLE SHOT! Santana gets up as Ortiz talks trash to Moxley. Santana runs corner to corner now, but Moxley is right up! Moxley swings, Santana waistlocks and O’Conner rolls, but Moxley slips out. Santana rolls back more to CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Santana keeps his cool as he drags Moxley up, SPIKE PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives that dangerous move, but Santana keeps his cool. Santana climbs up top and leaps, but he splashes onto knees!

Both men are down and a standing count begins. The count reaches 5 before Moxley stands with the ropes. But Ortiz lurks with the mad ball! The ref spots him and warns him not to! Santana runs in, Moxley sends him into Ortiz! Moxley rolls Santana up, TWO! Santana SUPERKICKS! Santana runs, into a LARIAT! Both men are down again and Austin fires up! Moxley crawls around, gets to his feet, and fires himself up! Moxley heads to the top rope but Ortiz lurks again! Ortiz SPITS a bunch of beer!? Moxley is blinded as Ortiz shimmies and dances. Santana runs corner to corner, CANNONBALL! Santana puts Moxley in the drop zone and heads up top, FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?! Moxley survives the screw job and Ortiz is furious!

Fans rally for Moxley while the Inner Circle is frustrated. Moxley and Santana flounder about, but Santana slaps Moxley around. Moxley swings on Santana but misses wildly. Santana grabs Moxley and mocks him, but Moxley thumbs Santana’s BAD eye through the patch!! Moxley still wobbles, Santana flails, they bump into each other! PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

But Ortiz is right on him! Mad ball and claws get at Moxley’s face! And here come the rest of the Inner Circle! Hager and Sammy stomp and punch Moxley while Ortiz pushes the ref out of the ring! Le Champion takes his time swaggering into the ring, a bottle of the bubbly in his hands. Ortiz uses the mad ball more, then Jericho uses the AEW World Championship belt to LASH Moxley! Hager has Moxley up in the arm triangle, then KNEES Moxley low! The Inner Circle puts Moxley in the drop zone for Sammy to climb up and 630 SENTON! Hager drags Moxley back up as Jericho takes off his fancy jacket. JUDAS EFFECT! Jericho “covers” Moxley and Ortiz “counts,” Jericho “wins.”

Wait, who is Jericho calling for now? JEFF COBB IS HERE TONIGHT!? The bounty hunter debuts on AEW a week early, and he reels Moxley in for a TOUR OF THE ISLANDS! The Inner Circle only gets stronger thanks to the addition of the Hawaiian Juggernaut! Will there be anything of Moxley left by the time we get to Revolution?

My Thoughts:

An amazing episode for AEW Dynamite tonight! I really liked that they again opened with an amazing tag team match for the titles. It was great to see Hangman & Omega retain, and it is an interesting move for SCU to be a bit more Heel in the match-up. It is also of note that the SCU disappeared during all that brawling with The Dark Order and the other AEW tag teams. Evil Uno’s message about their newest members being closer than you’d think, could it be that the SCU are already part of the faction? Is Daniels going to be the Exalted One if it isn’t Matt Hardy? Also, with another AEW World Tag Team title match next week, will Hangman & Omega retain to face The Dark Order in some capacity?

The Women’s World Championship was incredible! This could’ve been on the PPV as is! And Nyla winning actually felt right. I wish TNT had let us hear her promo backstage so we could get context of what might be building between her and Kenny Omega. Omega VS PAC is coming, and PAC had a great promo tonight, but maybe after Revolution, AEW makes history by having Omega VS Nyla as a co-ed feud? Britt had a very strong promo tonight, and I honestly laughed at her line about Whataburger. She might still move up to challenge for the title, even if Nyla is Heel just like Britt.

MJF VS Jungle Boy was a great match, and I agree with commentary in saying these two young stars are going to be among the biggest names in wrestling in just a few years. Of course MJF cheats to win, though, but that was some classic Heel work. Wardlow is being a henchman for now but I would love to see him and Luchasaurus have a series of matches.

Dustin getting a win back on Sammy was great, and we’ll finally get Dustin VS Hager at Revolution. Darby calling out Sammy was a great promo, and I would hope we get that match for Revolution. The Inner Circle is definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with. I am so glad to see Jeff Cobb got off the sinking ship that is ROH to join AEW! Mox VS Santana was a great match tonight, Mox VS Cobb is going to be just as good, if not better. And Moxley running this gauntlet to get at Jericho, this is some great stuff.

My Score: 9.3/10

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