AEW Dynamite coverage

AEW Dynamite Feb 19, 2020 Full Results & Report


AEW Atlanta is Dynamite!

Atlanta welcomes home the American Nightmare, but will this AEW homecoming be a horror story? Cody Rhodes takes on Wardlow, in a STEEL CAGE!


  • AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal: The Young Bucks win and will challenge for the titles at AEW Revolution.
  • Kris Statlander VS Shanna; Statlander wins.
  • Jon Moxley VS Jeff Cobb; Moxley wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS The Lucha Brothers; Hangman & Omega win, retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships, and move on to defend the titles at AEW Revolution.
  • Steel Cage Match: Cody VS Wardlow; Cody wins.


AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal!

Dynamite has an explosive opener as the entirety of the AEW Tag Team Division ringside, minus the champions and their challengers for the night. The Young Bucks, SoCal Uncensored, Jurassic Express, Private Party, Best Friends, Proud ‘n’ Powerful, The Butcher & The Blade, The Hybrid2, Strong Hearts, and the Dark Order’s Beaver Boys are all fighting for Revolution!


The bell rings and all the teams rush in! And we have chaos! Trent goes after Isiah Kassidy while Luchasaurus clubs Jack Evans. SCU is after MJF’s mercs while Strong Hearts and the Bucks brawl in a corner. Fans cheer for “A E DUB!” for this insane action to start. But wait, just off in the corner, not in the ring at all, the Beaver Boys are staying out of the fight! And so are Santana and Ortiz! It seems John Silver and Alex Reynolds as well as the INner Circle are fighting smarter, not harder. Angelico bumps T-Hawk off buckles while Private Party goes after SCU. Jungle Boy is after Angelico with help from Hawk while The Blade throws kicks on Luchasaurus. Wait, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky each go up top on opposite corners, to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! The whole field goes down!

Jack Evans slips away to a corner and boasts as he works to do the same. 450 is CAUGHT! Evans crowd surfs and gets THROWN! Evans is out but Angelico keeps TH2 alive in this match, and he goes after Matt Jackson! SCU goes after Angelico, wanting to get TH2 out completely. Private Party goes after Strong Hearts while Butcher saves Blade. Luchasaurus and JB go out under the bottom rope, and JB holds onto the post so as not to be eliminated. T-Hawk rallies on Private Party with shoulders and elbows. Marq Quen elbows Hawk back and Isiah helps him, but Hawk overpowers them. Hawk sends Quen out, then Isiah, but he gets SILLY STRONG DDT! Out goes Hawk! Strong Hearts are half down!

But The Blade & The Blade double team Isiah with the backbreaker! Blade whips Scorpio but Scorpio reverses, and Blade runs into Kaz’s kick! Scorpio hits the complete shot! Kaz rallies on Angelico, kick, knee lift and LARIAT! Atlanta cheers for SCU but NOW the Dark Order’s top minions attack! Reynolds and Silver clobber Scorpio and Kaz from behind! Fans boo as they drag Scorpio up and whip him into Kaz. But Scorpio monkey flips Kaz to DOUBLE LARIAT the Beaver Boys down! Wait, the Dark Order’s spokesperson gets SCU’s attention. “I thought SCU was about brotherhood.” So then where is Christopher Daniels? The Exalted One is drawing near. But then the Beaver Boys throw out and ELIMINATE SCU!! Only to turn around into SUPERKICKS!! The Young Bucks ELIMINATE The Beaver Boys!

SCU go after Evil Uno and Stu Grayson in the crowd! Who cares about the Exalted One when they can beat up these two now! But back in the ring, Angelico scoops Matt to give him a backbreaker. Nick goes after Angelico but gets a low blow! CIMA dropkicks Angelico! And ends up face to face with Trent. They CHOP and CHOP back and forth! The mercs are after Private Party as Cima gets the edge. Cima whips, Trent reverses but Cima fakes out the dropkick to DOUBLE STOMP! Cima whips Trent but Trent boots back. Trent hops up but Cima SHORYUKENS! And ICONOCLASMS! Fans fire up but NOW PNP get in to go after CIma.

Cima fights them off but Ortiz puts Cima out. Ortiz sends Jungle Boy out but they double enziguri Ortiz back! And then JB brawls with Cima on the apron! Cima ducks a punch to waistlock JB! Luchasaurus saves JB with a BOOT! Jurassic Express ELIMINATES Strong Hearts! Santana goes after Luchasaurus but JB ROCKS Santana with a forearm. JB slingshots up and over Luchasaurus to headscissor Santana away! JB dropkicks Isiah and feeds Quen to Luchasaurus’ BOOT! Fans are fired up as JB wheelbarrows Quen up, Luchasaurus adds the TAIL WHIP to the half nelson facebuster! But the Bunny distracts JB, who is a sucker for a pretty lady. This allows Butcher and Blade to pounce on the Jurassic Express!

Proud ‘n’ Powerful are back outside by going under the bottom rope, they get cheap shots in on Private Party. Wait, is Evil Uno offering Cima a Creeper Mask!? Cima takes hold of it, but he doesn’t put it on. He goes backstage, will the Strong Hearts soon #JoinDarkOrder? Back in the ring, Angelico throws Nick Jackson out but Nick holds on to the ropes! Angelico sweeps but misses, and gets the slingshot facebuster! Ortiz and Santana go after Nick, double suplex but Nick fights out! Nick gives out roundhouse kicks to the Butcher and the Blade, then a back kick to Trent and Chuckie T. Luchasaurus choke grips and lifts Nick, but Nick slips out to ROUNDHOUSE! Nick gives a corner shining wizard to Santana! Then one to Ortiz! Then the Butcher, and then The Blade!

The Blade gets extra with the roundhouse, forearm and NO bulldog as Blade feeds Nick to the Butcher, who throws Nick out! Matt is the only Buck left! Matt goes for revenge but the Butcher puts him in a corner. Isiah comes squealing in but he’s sent into Matt! And so is Quen! Butcher starts serving up Private Party Buck clothesline sandwiches! And then he runs at JB, only to get an elbow and forearm. JB runs at Butcher but Butcher back drops him onto Matt and Private Party! Ortiz and Santana regroup while Luchasaurus stares down The Butcher! Fans fire up as these two big men start throwing forearms! They’re on Luchasaurus’ side, and things turn to CHOPS! Butcher blocks a boot but Luchasaurus boots a clothesline to HEADBUTT! But Butcher knees back and swings. Luchasaurus handsprings?! TAIL WHIP but Butcher LARIATS! Atlanta fires up as both men fall!

Quen runs at Santana but Santana dodges to clothesline Quen out! Quen lands on the apron, and Isiah runs over, Silly Strong is denied! An enziguri rocks Quen, and Isiah is used to knock him off! Quen is out, and then Proud ‘n’ Powerfull TOSS Isiah onto him! Proud ‘n’ Powerful ELIMINATE Private Party! But then Jurassic Express goes after them! Angelico grabs JB to throw him out, but JB holds onto the ropes. JB SLAPS Angelico, and Angelico runs into Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus shows kick, Angelico puts up his guard, but Luchasaurus brings it down to HEADBUTT! And boot! JB low bridges Angelico, Jurassic Express ELIMINATES TH2! But Sammy Guevara grabs at JB’s feet! PNP run and knock JB off the apron!

Luchasaurus choke grips Santana but Ortiz begs for mercy. Luchasaurus shows no mercy, but the mercs attack! They and PNP work to get Luchasuarus up and out! They ELIMINATE Jurassic Express! Matt Jackson is all alone under the bottom rope while Best Friends, Proud ‘n’ Powerful, and The Butcher & The Blade are the three full teams left. Best Friends go after Butcher but he kicks them away. Blade helps out, but Best Friends spill out the bottom. Butcher and Blade pursue, and Matt goes after PNP! Trent SPEARS Blade while PNP beat Matt down. Chuckie CANNONBALLS onto the mercs! Chuckie gets in the ring but Santana boots him to a corner. Santana runs in but Chuckie hits the Sexy Chuckie Knee! Trent adds on the PSYCHO KNEE!

Chuckie BOOTS Ortiz, and feeds him Sole Food Half ‘n’ Half! Atlanta fires up as the Best Friends HUG! Only for the Butcher to throw Chuckie out! Matt goes after Butcher but Blade throws Trent. Trent skins the cat and grabs Blade with a headscissors! Orange Cassidy appears from practically thin air and saves Trent from the floor! Cassidy gets Trent to the steel steps, and Trent baits Blade into the tornado DDT! Matt sends Blade out, but Blade skins the cat, only to get double dropkicks from Matt and Trent! Trent, Matt and Butcher stand alone while PNP are huddled by a corner. These are our final five!

Matt and Trent stand together while Butcher works with PNP for a 3v2 brawl! That of course favors Butcher, Santana and Ortiz. Santana whips Matt to a corner, and then he and Ortiz whip Matt and Trent at each other. Trent and Matt dosido to go back and corner clothesline PNP! Trent and Matt DOUBLE SUPERKICK Butcher! Wait, is it… Yes, Matt and Trent HUG! Honorary Best Buck Friends! But then Butcher double LARIATS them both! Bunny cheers Butcher as he drags Trent up. Butcher CHOPS Trent in a corner, then backs up, for a big corner clothesline! He grinds a boot into Trent while Ortiz keeps Matt down. Butcher whips Trent corner to corner, and Trent tumbles over and out! Butcher clubs Trent but Trent holds on to the bottom rope!

PNP keep Matt away as Butcher drags Trent up. Trent grabs Butcher and drags him out! They’re both on the apron while Matt fights off PNP. Butcher forearms Trent and Cassidy is waiting to help. Trent wobbles but he CHOPS Butcher back! And again! Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets, confident Trent has this. But then Bunny comes by and flirts. Only to keep Cassidy in his oranges!! Bunnies don’t like Sloths, it seems. Butcher CLOBBERS Trent, and the mercs ELIMINATE Best Friends! Matt goes after Butcher with furious fists, and BITES the fingers! Butcher pushes Matt away, so Matt SPEARS Butcher! The Young Bucks ELIMINATE Butcher & Blade, and Matt is still in this because he went through the middle rope! Matt is all alone with Proud ‘n’ Powerful, and lets not forget Sammy. Matt gets in and fights PNP by himself! Haymakers and CHOPS, but PNP kicks low.

PNP double whips, Matt dodges, but his double clotheslines are ducked. PNP double back suplex but Matt lands on his feet! Matt gives them DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS! And he floats through!! Matt dumps Santana out, but Santana holds on! Matt runs but Sammy trips him! Ortiz and Santana bring Matt to a corner, Santana climbs, STREET SWEEPER!! PNP drags Matt up and throw him out, but Matt says on the apron! The Inner Circle thinks they’ve won but Matt gets in. PNP go after Matt with stomps, and then lift him, but Matt slips out. Matt boots Santana and prepares to back drop Ortiz, but Ortiz CLAWS Matt’s back! Rawr. Matt throws Ortiz out! Ortiz is on the apron, and Santana stops himself from running into him. But then Santana dodges and the SUPERKICK sends Ortiz down! It’s just Matt and Santana!

Matt SUPERKICKS Santana! Sammy springboards in, into a SUPERKICK! Matt runs to clothesline Santana out! The Young Bucks ELIMINATE Proud ‘n’ Powerful, and WIN!!

Winners: The Young Bucks (NEW #1 Contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships)

Matt Jackson wins for him and his brother! The Young Bucks are heading to AEW Revolution! And both Kenny Omega and Hangman Page are watching backstage! But with The Cleaner & The Cowboy still to defend those AEW World Tag Team Championships, will they even be meeting the Bucks in Chicago?

AEW is picture in picture as MJF gives Wardlow a pep talk.

At this rate, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has no choice but to face the American Nightmare at Revolution. Therefore, his muscular henchman is the last line of defense. Can Wardlow wreck Cody so that MJF will have an easier time in Chicago?

The Nightmare Family arrives backstage.

Cody, Brandi and good boy, Pharaoh, walk the halls as Cody prepares for his hardcore homecoming.

Kris Statlander VS Shanna!

With a NEW AEW Women’s World Champion atop the division, every other woman wants to step up to the challenge. Portugal’s Perfect Athlete knows exactly how nasty Nyla Rose can be, but will her experience against the Native Beast be the edge she needs? Or will the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien again be the galaxy’s greatest contender?

Britt Baker joins commentary and is surprisingly civil by comparison to her recent behavior. She compliments Kris and Shanna for being talented, but claims she is still the best. Yet she’s not #2 contender like Statlander. Britt’s defense is that she is still the number one trending women’s wrestler in AEW and that’s what matters.

The bell rings and Kris wants to boop the ref. He allows it, and Atlanta cheers. Kris and Shanna tie up and go around. Kris headlocks, Shanna wrenches out to a shoulder breaker. Shanna has the wristlock but Kris slips through to wrench back. Shanna spins and yanks on the arm. She wrenches, Kris wrenches back. Shanna rolls, handsprings and wrenches again! Fans cheer the technical exchange but Kris handsprings and cartwheels! Shanna lets her go but Kris keeps going! Kris handstands to headscissor Shanna to ropes! Britt is not impressed. Shanna gets to a corner but Kris slithers over, to boop! Fans chant, “I believe!” Shanna wags a finger at Kris then boops her back! Kris boots Shanna! Shanna boops Kris! It’s a BOOP FIGHT! Shanna turns it into more a pie face, so Kris pie faces back.

Shanna throws a forearm, and tells Kris to knock off the boop. Kris blocks the next forearm to ROCK Shanna back! And CHOP! Kris fires off then whips Shanna to kick low and uppercut! And PELE! Cover, TWO! Kris drags Shanna up and around to then run, but into the kitchen sink knee! AEW goes picture in picture as Shanna KICKS Kris in the back! Shanna seethes as she ax handles Kris down and covers, TWO! Shanna keeps on Kris with a BUZZSAW! Kris is in a daze as Shanna walks around her. Shanna BUZZSAWS again! Shanna grinds her shoe into Kris’ head but lets up at the ref’s count. Kris sits up but Shanna BOOTS her down! Cover, TWO! Shanna keeps her cool as she brings Kris up. Kris throws body shots and CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS!

Kris runs, but into Shanna’s LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Kris survives but Shanna keeps focus. Shanna looms over Kris and gives her kicks in the ribs. Shanna brings Kris up to bump her off a buckle! Then snapmares Kris down for a dragon sleeper! Shanna grinds Kris down but Kris endures. AEW returns to single picture as Kris fights her way up. Kris snapmares Shanna off hard, then ROUNDHOUSES! Shanna staggers to a corner and Kris fires up! Kris runs corner to corner, for a big uppercut! Then side to side for a KNEE! Kris brings Shanna in for a spin-out bomb! Cover, TWO!! Shanna survives but Britt’s dental expert advice says she should check in with the doctors given that hit to the jaw.

Kris drags Shanna to the drop zone and heads up top. Fans fire up as Shanna trips Kris up! Shanna KICKS Kris while she’s in the Tree of Woe, then climbs up top for herself! Kris does her best to sit up, and gets WOE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Kris survives and Shanna is growing frustrated. Shanna hobbles up and brings Kris in. Shanna underhooks and lifts but Kris fights out. Kris spins, Shanna dodges and runs, tilt-o-whirl DDT SPIKES Kris down! Cover, TWO!! Kris survives again and Shanna can’t believe it. Fans say “This is Awesome!” as Kris sits up against ropes. Shanna runs and basement dropkicks! Kris almost goes out of the ring! Cover, TWO!! Kris still survives because she’s not human, she’s an alien!

Shanna drags Kris up, full nelsons, but Kris elbows and jawbreakers free! Kris drags Shanna up over her shoulder and right up, into the BIG BANG THEORY! Cover, Kris wins!!

Winner: Kris Statlander, by pinfall

The #2 contender is moving up and Britt loses her manners as she insults commentary on the way out. Will the Dentist have something to say about the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien being ahead of her in the rankings?

Tony Schiavone interviews Nyla Rose!

The new AEW Women’s World Champion is here, and Tony congratulates her on the win. This is how the fans greet Nyla? With boos? “Is that really the greeting of a champion?” Well they all sound like annoying little bees! “THIS is justice!” Nyla says she should’ve been the ORIGINAL champion and the highest paid woman in AEW! Nyla should be on the posters and graphics! But waiting made Nyla hungry, and when Nyla gets hungry, “I break bitches!” Riho got broken! Tony defends that Riho showed a lot of courage in that match. Courage?! Little Riho showed “courage,” but where did it get her? Nyla represents “UNBRIDLED POWER!” The bees can buzz and say whatever, but in the end, the fact remains: Nyla is the queen bee in this hive!

Nyla vows to be a one-time champion because no one can match her! No one is a beast like Nyla! But here comes Kris, who is still hot off her victory. Kris holds up the finger, and boops… the belt! Nyla swats the hand away, but here comes another big challenger in Big Swole! Swole drinks it up and flexes. Queen bee, huh? Let’s see it! Referees and security make sure the three women don’t fight, even though fans would love to see it! Nyla may be champion now, but will the hunter become the hunted soon enough?

Jon Moxley VS Jeff Cobb!

The Inner Circle managed to recruit a true powerhouse in professional wrestling, and now the Hawaiian Hitman makes his AEW in-ring debut! Will there be anything left of the Maniac for Le Champion, Chris Jericho, to go after at Revolution?

But before the match, the Inner Circle appears! Jericho has a ticket so he’s not here as a competitor but a VIP with front row seats. Jake Hager and Sammy also have tickets so that they can sit with Le Champion. Atlanta sings along with Judas in My Mind as Cobb joins Moxley in the ring. The bell rings and Moxley rushes CObb! But Cobb dodges to get an OVERHEAD suplex on the rebound! Cobb rocks Moxley with a right and CHOPS him, too! Cobb whips and dropkicks Moxley down! Moxley bails out but Cobb pursues. Moxley kicks and throws forearms but Cobb rocks him with one! Cobb bounces Moxley off steel steps then puts Moxley in the ring. Moxley dropkicks Cobb down then slingshots to plancha! Direct hit and both men are down at the ramp. Cobb crawls and fans rally for Moxley.

Moxley CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Cobb, then puts him in the ring. Cobb runs Moxley over with a shoulder! Cobb drags Moxley up to drive an elbow into the eye patch eye! He even drops a headbutt, and headbutts the bad back. Cobb stands on Moxley, using all his weight to crush the bandaged torso. Moxley CHOPS again! And again! Cobb knees low then whips Moxley HARD into buckles! The Inner Circle cheers as Cobb rams knees into Moxley’s back. Cobb bends Moxley back with a chinlock as fans rally up for Moxley. Moxley fights his way up and throws knees into Cobb. Moxley runs but Cobb elbows him down! Cobb catches his breath before he blasts Moxley off the apron and to the railing! Fans rally up for Moxley as AEW goes picture in picture.

Moxley drags himself towards the ring but Cobb goes out to fetch him. Cobb rams Moxley into the apron! And clubs him against it! Moxley hobbles around the way and Cobb pursues. Moxley refreshes the count while going around the next corner, and the throws forearms on Cobb! Cobb reverses the whip to send Moxley into railing! Moxley spills over into the front row! Cobb goes back to the ring to keep the ref distracted while Jericho uses the AEW World Championship to LASH Moxley! Jericho gets away with it and Cobb comes back to fetch Moxley. Cobb CHOPS Moxley and then clubs the bad back.

Moxley gets in the ring and Cobb follows to rip at the tape! Cobb undoes the medical tape and throws it to the fans as a free souvenir. Then Cobb uses what’s left to choke Moxley! AEW goes to break as the ref reprimands the Hawaiian Hitman.

AEW returns and Moxley fights out of a waistlock. Moxley is free and runs, but into Cobb’s arms! But he fights out of the Tour and Cobb staggers away. Moxley blocks a boot to jam the knee! And then Moxley puts the leg on the ropes, to run and dropkick! The Inner Circle is worried for their hitman as Moxley drags Cobb to a post. Moxley swings the leg into the post! And again! Moxley won’t let Cobb get away, and he swings the leg into the post again! Jericho shouts for Cobb to get up as Moxley gets in the ring. Cobb gets up to scoop and ATHLETIC PLEX Moxley down! Cover, but Cobb lets Moxley up at TWO! Jericho likes that!

Cobb headbutts Moxley then drags him up. Cobb reels Moxley in but Moxley slips around to a sleeper hold! Fans fire up but Cobb bumps Moxley off buckles. Cobb is free, and he waistlocks Moxley. Moxley rolls to get a KNEEBAR! ROPEBREAK! Moxley lets Cobb go and Cobb bails out. Moxley hobbles up to the top rope, and leaps! Into Cobb’s arms! OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Jericho is loving this almost as much as Atlanta is! Cobb puts Moxley in the ring, scoops him and rams him into the buckles! And then hits a powerslam! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives the Oklahoma Stampede, but Cobb drags Moxley back up. Cobb torture racks but Moxley slips out. Moxley boots Cobb then hops up to hit a flying knee! Moxley keeps moving, running knee!

Cobb wobbles and Moxley runs again, but into a SNAP GERMAN! Moxley’s back up to LARIAT Cobb down! Fans are thunderous for Moxley but the Inner Circle grows worried again. Moxley and Cobb stand to throw hands! Back for back, and Moxley gets the edge. Moxley runs into a SUPERKICK! But he rebounds to clothesline! Cobb stays up and CLOBBERS Moxley down! Cobb drags Moxley up, reels him in, but Moxley slips out. Moxley kicks low but Cobb pushes Moxley away from the underhooks. Moxley stops himself in the corner but Cobb hits a running uppercut! Down goes Moxley, and he gets to the apron. Cobb climbs up the corner and drags Moxley up. DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEX! But Moxley cradle counters!! Moxley wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

The Maniac ruins the in-ring debut of the Inner Circle’s muscle! But now the Inner Circle rushes the ring to attack! Jericho leads the charge in beating Moxley down! Cobb adds on and it’s 4v1! But wait, here comes Dustin Rhodes! The Natural has his own grudge with the Inner Circle, and he fires off on Hager! Cobb and Sammy help turn the tide and now Dustin is in a 4v1 of his own! Fans boo more, but the lights go out?! And when they come back up, it’s DARBY ALLIN! The Undead Daredevil wants after the Spanish God! Darby skates down the ramp and rushes the ring! His skateboard is his weapon and shield! Hager’s low blow hits the board and Dustin clotheslines Hager out!

Darby jams Sammy in the ribs! Kickflip SMASH! Cobb steps up and clubs Darby down! German suplex but Darby lands right on his feet! Darby jams Cobb with the board, and Moxley gives Cobb the PARADIGM SHIFT! Darby throws Sammy into steel steps! Moxley stalks Jericho as Atlanta is at a fever pitch! AEW Revolution comes 10 days early with a brawl! Moxley whips but Jericho runs away! Fans boo as Le Champion grabs his AEW world title and heads out. But the heat was only turned up on these grudge matches! Will AEW Revolution be extraordinary?

AEW is picture in picture as Darby Allin brings out cue cards!

Darby again parodies Sammy’s favorite gag and delivers one more message to the world. “Sammy… In 10 days in Chicago, Feb. 29th at Revolution, you’re FINISHED! The Inner Circle is FINISHED! Mox will take the title! But I will take so much more! Your voice! Your livelihood! At Revolution… I promise I will… HIT. YOU. UP!” Darby tears the card and slashes the throat. Is the Spanish God going to be dragged down by the Daredevil?

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS The Lucha Brothers!

The Young Bucks are heading to Chicago for Revolution. But will they be meeting their Elite friends? Or will they have an epic rematch with Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix?

The tensions run high but the introductions are made. The belts are raised, and fans chant for “Cowboy S*it!” as we begin with Hangman and Fenix.

Fenix and Hangman get face to face, and then Fenix stomps Hangman’s foot! Fenix jabs and jabs and jabs then headlocks. Hangman lifts Fenix and powers out, but Fenix slides under and shoves to somersault and headscissor! But Hangman blocks to push Fenix off. Fenix runs into a BOOT! Hangman drags Fenix up and over to the corner to tag in Omega. Fans fire up even more as Hangman and Omega double whip and kick to kick and run. Boot and Kotaro Krusher! Cover, TWO! Omega drags Fenix up and scoops him for a rib breaker! Cover, TWO! Fenix survives but Omega drags Fenix up to tag Hangman. Omega and Hangman mug Fenix as fans continue to cheer. Fenix ROCKS and CHOPS Hangman! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Fenix fires up but Hangman CHOPS him down!

Hangman drags Fenix up in a pump handle and suplex! Cover but Pentagon stomps it apart! Omega throws Pentagon out but goes back to his corner. Hangman tags Omega in and whips Fenix to a corner. Fenix reverses, Hangman elbows him back, and Omega fireman’s carries. Fans duel as “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling Senton, Shooting Star, MOONSAULT and triangle lariat takes out Pentagon! Cover, TWO! Omega keeps his cool as he brings Fenix up. Fenix rakes Omega’s eyes then SUPERKICKS! Hangman gets in, Fenix dodges to leap up! Fenix goes after Omega’s face and tags in Pentagon. Pentagon KICKS Omega’s leg and rakes the eyes as Fenix puts Hangman in a corner.

The Lucha Brothers coordinate to CHOP Hangman and CHOP Omega, repeat! They whip Omega and Hangman at each other, but Omega and Hangman reverse, only for Fenix to hop over Pentagon and kick Omega! Pentagon mule kicks Hangman and Fenix jumps onto his brother’s shoulders. Pentagon uses a Death Valley to throw Fenix at Hangman for a huricanrana! Then Pentagon enziguris Omega in the corner! Fenix gives Pentagon a monkey flip boost for the CANNONBALL! Fenix adds a basement dropkick! The ref gets the Lucha Brothers to back off as AEW goes picture in picture.

Fenix snapmares Omega to a chinlock and traps an arm. Omega endures but Fenix bites his hand! Cover, ONE, but Fenix still has the chinlock. Fenix clubs Omega then tags in Pentagon. Fenix hauls Omega up to SPINE BUSTER! Then he opens Omega up for Pentagon’s flying STOMPS! Omega’s glutes take a critical hit! The ref reprimands the Lucha Brothers but Pentagon “apologizes.” Pentagon brings Omega up to whip to ropes and SUPERKICK right out of the ring! Fenix goes after Omega to put him back in while Pentagon taunts Hangman. The ref keeps Hangman back and Pentagon puts Omega in a chinlock. Omega endures, even as Pentagon fish hooks his face. Pentagon clubs Omega over and over and over as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns as the Lucha Brothers both club Omega down. Omega fights back with body shots and back hands! Pentagon kicks a leg and Fenix somersaults, only for his splash to get knees! Pentagon KICKS Omega again! “CERO! MIEDO!” Pentagon whips but Omega ducks and tornado DDT’s on the run! Fans fire up as Hangman returns to the corner! Hot tag to Hangman! Hangman corner clotheslines and CHOPS Pentagon! Hangman fires off and fans fire up! He whips Pentagon but Pentagon reverses, only for Hangman to run him over! Hangman BOOTS Fenix, then scoops Pentagon for the Fall Away Slam! Hangman kips up to PESCADO onto Fenix! The Cowboy keeps moving, sliding lariat on Pentagon! Cover, TWO!

Hangman keeps his cool and tags Omega in. Omega and Hangman bring Pentagon up and double whip corner to corner. Fenix gets in but gets CHOPS. Omega and Hangman double whip Fenix at Pentagon but Pentagon puts Fenix on the apron. Omega runs into a SUPERKICK! Pentagon SUPERKICKS Hangman, too, then runs at Omega. Omega denies the slingblade to feed Hangman’s forearm! Pop-up GERMAN! Fenix leaps in, but into a full nelson! Fenix breaks out of it but Hangman hits a rolling elbow! Pop-up- CUTTER! Fenix takes out Hangman, and Pentagon uses Hangman as a step stool to hit Omega with a DESTROYER!! All four men are down but Atlanta is thunderous!

A standing count begins as the four men stir. Hangman and Fenix flop out as fans say, “This is Awesome!” Omega and Pentagon are on the apron. Omega throws a forearm, Pentagon throws one back. Pentagon CHOPS so Omega CHOPS! It’s a CHOP fight but then Pentagon enziguris! “CERO! MIEDO!” Omega V-TRIGGERS! Fenix tightrope walks to KICK Omega! Pentagon drags Omega up, tucks him in, APRON- No! Omega back drops out of the piledriver, but Fenix hits a HURICANRANA! Hangman MOONSAULT outta nowhere!! Hangman puts Omega in to tag! Discus lariat! Cover, TWO!! Pentagon survives but Hangman has fire in his eyes!

Tag back to Omega, and Hangman brings Pentagon up. Omega and Hangman double whip but Pentagon kicks Omega in the face! Pentagon SLINGBLADES Hangman! Omega CHOPS Pentagon but Fenix missile dropkicks! Hangman blocks Fenix’s superkick to CHOP! Pentagon SUPERKICKS Hangman! “CERO! MIEDO!” Hangman pop-up BOMBS Pentagon and sets him up for Omega’s V-TRIGGER! Fans cheer again as Fenix rises. Fenix ducks, handsprings, but into the chicken wings! Hangman slingshots, but Fenix gets free and Omega takes the BUCK SHOT! Fenix dropkicks Hangman down! Pentagon drags Omega up, pump handles, SUPERKICK from Fenix and then Fenix FLIES onto Hangman! PENTA DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?! Atlanta can’t believe it but they are loving it!

Pentagon drags Omega back up, tags in Fenix, and tucks him in. Fenix goes up, Omega slips out to SNAP DRAGON! Fenix tornillo into a V-TRIGGER! Omega underhooks Fenix, TIGER DRIVER ’98!! Cover, TWO!?! Fenix still lives and Omega can’t believe it! Omega slashes the throat, drags Fenix up and Electric Chair lifts. But Fenix fights out and waistlocks. Omega standing switches but Fenix elbows free of that. Hangman tags in as Fenix runs at Omega. Omega side steps, Fenix tiger feints, but Omega ducks the heel kick as Hangman takes aim. BUCK SHOT TRIGGER!! Cover, Hangman and Omega win!!

Winners: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

An incredible tag team title match! But now, we’ll have Elite VS Elite!? The Young Bucks join their friends in the ring, mostly checking on Omega. Hangman walks over to bring Omega over to his side, but Omega stops the tug-o-war. The tensions between Hangman and the Bucks haven’t gone away, but will it all be settled in Chicago?

AEW proudly presents their very own action figures!

The stars of All Elite Wrestling will be immortalized by Wicked Cool Toys in the “Unrivaled Collection!” The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Cody and Brandi Rhodes are the first generation! Keep your eyes open for when these hit the shelves because they’ll be going fast!

Steel Cage Match: Cody w/ Arn Anderson & Brandi Rhodes VS Wardlow w/ MJF!

Finally, after MJF put a list of stipulations in the way, there will be a grudge match of MJF and the American Nightmare at AEW Revolution. Cody had to endure not hitting MJF, and he had to endure MJF lashing him. This cage match is so that MJF’s muscle can maul Cody all he wants. Is Wardlow’s first match in AEW going to be Cody’s last? Or is MJF greatly underestimating the man who took him under his wing?

This match not only makes history for AEW, but AEW lets it be known that their cage matches are only won by pinfall or submission! Escaping will not matter, so both men must face what is coming! The bell rings and “This is war!”

Fans are fired up for Cody as he and Wardlow circle. Cody avoids Wardlow’s hands to BOOT! But Wardlow doesn’t budge!? Wardlow and Cody approach, Cody waistlocks to a headlock, but Wardlow throws him off. Wardlow flexes but Cody isn’t intimidated. Things speed up, Cody drops to uppercut! Wardlow blocks the cage bump to scoop Cody. Wardlow tries to long dart but Cody slips out to hit the Beautiful Disaster! Cody throws hands in the corner but Wardlow pushes him away. Cody runs but into a LARIAT! MJF is all fired up seeing his henchman turn Cody inside out! Wardlow drags Cody up to throw him into the steel! Cody is between ropes and cage and Wardlow bounces him off the steel again! MJF cheers but Arn and Brandi come around the way. Wardlow kicks at the cage as AEW goes picture in picture.

Cody is busted open from that shot to the steel! Wardlow goes to Cody and stomps him down! He punches right on the open wound, and smears the blood on himself as a badge of honor. Wardlow drags Cody back up to throw into the steel again! Cody gets up to throw hands on Wardlow but Wardlow knees low. Wardlow brings Cody in, lifts and BOMBS Cody into the steel! MJF is still pumped up as Wardlow again punches the bloody wound. Wardlow drags Cody up to throw big hands, and stalks Cody as he hobbles around. Wardlow BOOTS Cody through the ropes! Cody dangles from the ropes, and is between steel and apron! MJF mocks Cody right to his face as Wardlow pushes the cage wall and SMASH it back into Cody! And again! And again!

Cody flops down into the gap and MJF talks up his muscular Mr. Mayhem. Cody drags himself back into the ring and Wardlow stomps him down! Wardlow soaks up the heat as he drags Cody up for a suplex TOSS! AEW returns to single picture as MJF tells Wardlow to do that again. So Wardlow does! Wardlow drags Cody up as MJF mocks the fans. Cody suplexes Wardlow?! And throws him down with a gourd buster! Cody has a crimson mask forming but he springboards for a CUTTER! Wardlow gets to a corner but Cody just fires himself up! Cody goes in and throws right hands! He gets all the way to 10, and then adds a bionic elbow! Cody throws Wardlow but Wardlow stops himself a LOW BLOWS! Fans boo but there are no disqualifications in this match.

Wardlow stalks behind Cody and drags him up. “This ends now!” Wardlow fireman’s carries and hits an F-TEN!! Because 5 is not enough! But Wardlow doesn’t cover, he wants to end Cody, not the match. Cody crawls to the gap but Wardlow follows. Wardlow grinds Cody’s face on the steel! Wardlow smashes Cody into the steel cage’s door! The door opens, but again an escape is not a victory. Arn watches MJF very closely as MJF lurks over. MJF tries to play on the old grudges between Dusty Rhodes and the Four Horsemen. “Did him like you did his daddy!” Arn smashes MJF!!

Wardlow drags Cody back in and into another powerbomb, but Cody slips out, runs and clotheslines! Wardlow stays up even after a second clothesline! Cody hits a LEAPING lariat and that takes Wardlow off his feet! Cody throws Warodlow into steel now! Wardlow staggers back in, into the spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO!! Cody hurries to the top rope, but Wardlow ROCKS him first! Wardlow trophy lifts and THROWS Cody into steel! Wardlow climbs up top now and SWANTON BOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Cody still lives and MJF is furious! Wardlow borrows the Dynamite Diamond Ring! Code LOW BLOWS Wardlow in return! And then takes the ring for his own! MJF is furious but fans are loving this.

MJF climbs up the girder, but Brandi SMACKS MJF in the back with a chair! Brandi doesn’t back down when MJF glares at her, and Arn throws MJF into the crowd! Cody stalks up behind Wardlow, DIAMOND RING PUNCH! And CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!?! Wardlow survives and Brandi can’t believe it! But Cody looks up at the very top of the cage…! Cody starts climbing, and reaches the very top! Atlanta freaks out as he SUPER MOONSAULTS!! Cover, Cody wins!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

The American Nightmare survives a steel hell and is red hot towards Revolution! Cody climbs back up to stand triumphant, and now MJF has no choice but to face what’s coming to him! Will MJF’s life be a living nightmare after what Cody does to him in Chicago?

My Thoughts:

An incredible episode! For one, it really shows that AEW knows how to think outside the box on match types that have been around forever. I like that their tag team battle royal 1) had everyone start outside the ring before rushing in, and 2) was about needing both members of a team being eliminated, not just one. I will say that they overused the loophole of safe exits from the ring. Not everyone has to be sliding out from under the bottom rope to give themselves a breather, even if it is a smart tactic. But I loved how everyone got shine, and how they booked Matt Jackson to overcome the odds so that we get the story we’re getting for Revolution. Omega & Page VS Lucha Brothers was incredible, too, and now getting Elite VS Elite is a really awesome match to look forward to.

Statlander VS Shana was a great match, and Britt was pretty good on commentary. Statlander is on a great roll, and both her and Swole stepping up to Nyla Rose was a good touch. I’m expecting a contender’s match for next week’s go-home, but it’s fine if they didn’t since not all titles have to be defended all the time. Other promotions may not stick to their 30-day rule, but AEW can make it work so as not to overwork their talent. Moxley VS Cobb was also a great match, it was both a great surprise and yet a logical choice for Moxley to win with a surprise pin so that Cobb isn’t weakened but Moxley still has momentum. Dustin is honorary Elite, but can Darby join Moxley in their own team? Borrow from Moxley’s NJPW gimmick and call them the Death Riders.

And that Steel Cage match, that is another prime example of AEW being creative and different with classic matches. Their cage was an original design that was halfway to a Hell in a Cell, they did away with the escape rule, which always seems to take priority in WWE cage matches, and there was just a different energy about the match in general. Cody bleeding was a good touch. And that moonsault to end it, incredible! MJF and Wardlow get their comeuppance, but does this mean shenanigans allow MJF to win at Revolution? It would prolong the feud and build MJF up as a Heel mastermind if he adds to his collection of henchmen. But it’d have to be after a good amount of ass whooping he takes from Cody, or else it won’t be satisfactory to the fans.

My Score: 9.4/10

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