AEW Dynamite coverage

AEW Dynamite March 11, 2020 Full Results & Report


AEW makes a Utah debut!

Salt Lake City is Dynamite! Death Triangle has their first official match in AEW! Will this trio show management the mistakes they’ve made?


  • Ortiz w/ Santana VS Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson; Cody wins.
  • Nyla Rose & Bea Priestley VS Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida; Rose & Priestly win.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS MJF, The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny & Wardlow; MJF, Butcher & Blade win.
  • Six Man Tag: Joey Janela & Private Party VS Death Triangle; Death Triangle wins.
  • Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara VS Hangman Page & ???; Hangman & Dustin Rhodes win.


The Inner Circle “hurt some people,” and that included AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley!

After The Maniac took the title off Chris Jericho, Jericho and his boys made sure to rough him up last week. A beating before the tag match main event, a beating after the main event, and a POWERBOMB off the stageWill the Death Rider ride again and get his revenge?

Tony Schiavone interviews Hangman Page backstage.


With Kenny Omega still out of action because of a busted hand, the Cowboy must find a substitute against Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara. But before he can even answers, the Young Bucks interrupt. Matt Jackson wants to know why they’re even over here. Hangman says he needs someone he can trust, so that’s NOT why Matt and Nick are here. He wouldn’t team with those two if they were the last people on Earth. Well, not Matt. Maybe Nick. Is Nick still good after the ass whooping he got? Nah, Hangman keeps his partner a secret. It isn’t Nick, right? That aside, is the Elite still (not) fine?

Ortiz w/ Santana VS Cody Rhodes w/ Brandi Rhodes & Arn Anderson!

The Proud ‘n’ Powerful are back in action to settle things with the American Nightmare after the attack brother Dustin suffered at the hands of the Inner Circle. But will Cody be able to focus knowing Jack the Snake Roberts and his client are gunning for Cody’s “slice of the pie?”

The bell rings and Cody circles with Ortiz. They tie up, Cody trips Ortiz then runs, but Ortiz ducks and follows. Ortiz rolls and headbutts low to then whip. Cody reverses and dropkicks Ortiz down! Cody has Ortiz in a corner and wrenches to whip. Ortiz reverses but Cody goes up and over and hits the spinning powerslam! Cover, ONE! Ortiz gets to ropes and Santana coaches him up, but wait! From the crowd, it’s Jake the Snake! And that man with him is Lance Archer! The Murder Hawk officially arrives in AEW, and he is the client?! Cody notices this, and Ortiz attacks in the distraction! Fans lose their minds but Ortiz keeps on Cody with a whip. Cody reverses but Ortiz holds ropes then ducks, to clothesline Cody and himself out!

Ortiz shouts, “The Best! The Best!” as he keeps after Cody. He whips Cody into railing in the bad arm, then brings Cody around. Ortiz whips Cody towards steps but Cody reverses to send him into the steps instead! Santana freaks out but fans fire up. Santana lurks with the mad ball, but Cody keeps his eye on him. Coach Arn comes up and Cody puts Ortiz in the ring. Cody fireman’s carries and hits a gutbuster! Cover, TWO! Cody drags Ortiz around while Snake and Archer watch from the front row. Fans cheer for Jake the Snake while Cody has Ortiz in a Boston Crab. Ortiz crawls to get the ropebreak, and Cody lets off at 4. Cody fires up but Ortiz kicks him down and throws European Uppercuts. Ortiz shows his claws but Cody kicks to hit the Rhodes Uppercut!

Ortiz goes to a corner and distracts the ref, and Santana swipes at Cody! Cody glares at Santana but Ortiz kicks the legs out! Fans boo as Ortiz stalks Cody to ropes. Ortiz chokes Cody but lets up at 4. Ortiz runs but Cody gives him the kitchen sink knee! Cody goes to a corner and baits Ortiz. But Ortiz sees the boots coming and catches a leg! For a knee jammer! Cody falls and flounders and Ortiz says he’s a genius. Ortiz drags Cody up for a snap suplex, then covers, TWO! Fans rally up for Cody but Ortiz drags him around. Ortiz throws Cody out and distracts the ref, Santana gets more cheap shots in! Fans boo but Santana gets away with that. Arn protests but Ortiz gets in Arn’s face.

Ortiz goes to Cody and puts him in the ring. Ortiz runs and drops the planking splash! Cover, TWO! Snake and Archer are not impressed as Ortiz cranks Cody’s leg, into a Deathlock! Fans rally as Cody endures, but Ortiz stands up to swivel the hips. Cody throws body shots but Ortiz rakes his eyes! Santana double guns for Ortiz as Cody flounders to a corner. Ortiz stomps a mudhole and then grinds his foot into Cody’s face. The ref counts and Ortiz lets up at 4. Fans boo but Ortiz soaks it up as he swivels his hips again. Ortiz drags Cody up to snapmare down, covers ONE! Ortiz stomps Cody down but fans rally up again. Cody gets up as Ortiz throws big forearms. Ortiz runs but Cody follows to rally! Cody suplex TOSSES Ortiz!

Cody runs corner to corner and jumps up to rain down punches! He gets all 10! Ortiz staggers and Cody takes off the weight belt! Fans are thunderous as Cody tosses them the free souvenir! Cody climbs up top but Santana distracts the ref, Ortiz trips Cody up! Ortiz says he’s too smart, and then he climbs up to join Cody. Ortiz brings Cody up but Cody resists. Cody gourd busters Ortiz down! Ortiz grabs at the ref and Santana anchors Cody’s leg! Brandy uses HER belt to LASH Santana! Ortiz rocks Santana with a right then climbs back up, to SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives but Ortiz is on him. Fans rally as Ortiz throws hands. Arn and Santana are ready to throw hands as Ortiz whips Cody. Cody dodges Ortiz to DIVE onto Santana!

Cody turns around, catches Ortiz’s tope, and GOURD BUSTERS Ortiz on the ramp! Fans are thunderous again, but Snake keeps Archer from jumping the rails. Cody puts Ortiz back in but Ortiz dropkicks the bad leg! Ortiz Fisherman Suplexes! Bridging cover, TWO! The Snake and the Murder Hawk head out, willing to wait. Ortiz brings Cody up and hwips but Cody reverses, kicks and sprintboards, but Ortiz gets under the kick. O’Conner roll, ONE and COdy has it! Cody drags Ortiz up and into the dragon sleeper, but Ortiz kenes free! Ortiz runs in but is put on the apron> Cody throws a forearm, grabs a leg, and hits a dragon screw! Ortiz shoves Cody but Cody delfects the kick to kick th eleg! And STOMP the leg down!

Cody fires up, grabs the bad leg, and fans “WOO~!” as he puts on a Figure Four! Ortiz endures but turns the hold over! Cody endures the pressure, but he turns it back! Ortiz taps, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody, by submission

The American Nightmare is victorious! But then Santana ruins his celebration with more mad ball! Arn storms the ring but Santana stays back. Matt Jackson runs in, and even Kenny Omega! Omega’s bad hand keeps him from competing, but it won’t stop him from fighting! We’re just two weeks away from AEW Dynamite: Blood & Guts, who will finally win the war of Elite VS Inner Circle?

“Hey! Hey Cody!” Jericho talks smack to the Elite. They got the upper-hand tonight, but don’t forget that Le Champion is putting AEW on notice. Blood & Guts, Inner Circle beats the hell out of the “pumpkin head dipshits.” By the way, if you’re wondering where Nick Jackson is, they ran into him in the hallway. He might have a bit of a headache. Nick’s head is stuck under a garage door!! Jericho laughs as he tells the others to call a doctor, and pick up their trash. The Elite find their way tot he back and free Nick from the door. Will Nick be in any shape to fight in two weeks? Will he be in any shape to fight for the rest of the year?

AEW is picture in picture as medics check on Nick.

A stretcher and back board are already brought in, and the medics work to carefully slide and lift Nick. He is wheeled out, Matt, Cody and the others keeping close by. Nick is loaded into the ambulance as AEW returns to single picture. Brandi helps Cody and Matt get into a car to go with the ambulance to the hospital.

Nyla Rose & Bea Priestley VS Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida!

The Native Beast teams beastly Priestly with to battle the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien and the Samurai of Stardom! While Kris failed to bring the AEW Women’s World Championship home to her planet, can she rebound with Shida’s help?

The bell rings and Beast and beastly attack! Nyla knocks Shida down while Bea is after Kris in the corner! Fans boo as Nyla bumps Shida off buckles and stomps her foot in. Bea sends Kris out then goes out to club her down. Nyla clubs Shida but Shida hits back. Nyla mocks the fans but Shida throws big forearms! Shida runs but Nyla runs her over. Shida kips right up and shoves Nyla! And then kicks and runs, but Nyla grabs Shida’s hair! Nyla reels Shida in for a lariat! Nyla drags Shida up to scoop and slam, then drop a leg! Cover, TWO! Nyla drags Shida up and tags in Bea. Beast and beastly mug Shida in their corner, then Bea throws Shida into an open one.

Bea gives Shida bad vibrations but fans rally up. Shida gets up and throws body shots back. Bea clubs Shida down then snapmares for a KICK! Shida is stinging as she goes to ropes, and Bea grinds her boot in. Bea scrapes her foot on Shida’s face then runs to boot wash! Bea covers, TWO! Fans rally up and Bea slaps Shida around. Bea tags in Nyla and they mug Shida again with a hard kick. Nyla stands Shida up to forearm and scoop, but Shida slips out. Shida runs, into a cheap shot! Nyla suplexes Shida up to bring her down hard! Cover, TWO!! Nyla keeps between Shida and Kris as she brings Shida up. Fans rally and Shida ducks a clothesline to hit a knee!

AEW goes picture in picture as Nyla and Shida tag Bea and Kris! Kris dodges then dropkicks Bea down! Kris kicks but Bea blocks. Bea spins Kris but Kris uses that to dragon whip ROUNDHOUSE! Kris discus lariats Bea down! Bea gets up again but Kris runs corner to corner to hit an uppercut! Kris goes side to side just to get in Nyla’s face before she KNEES Bea in the head! Kris scoops Bea for the Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO! Kris keeps her focus as she brings Bea up for big forearms. Bea back kicks back, then swings, but Kris gets around to Cobra Twist rolling clutch! They go around and around and around and around, and around and around, to a cover! TWO!! Kris is up but Bea dodges to tilt-o-whirl and get her in the Iron Octopus!

Bea cranks on Kris’s head and arm but Kris stays on her feet. Kris powers up and fans rally as she brings Bea around, but Bea cranks harder to bring Kris to her knees! It’s a grounded octopus but Kris still endures! AEW returns to single picture as Nyla shouts, “Tap, you stupid alien!” Kris refuses, and powers back up, only to flop over again. But third time’s the charm and fans rally up as Kris clubs Bea off! Bea gets up to BOOT Kris down! Bea drags Kris up to whip but Kris reverses. Kris walks into Bea’s mule kick, then Bea hops up and up, only for Kris to rock her first! Kris cradles Bea for a BACKBREAKER! She brings Bea over to the corner for a buckle bump, then sets her up in the middle rope.

Tag to Shida, and Kris becomes Shida’s weapon in a snap suplex into Bea! Cover, TWO!! Bea survives but fans chant, “Holy Shida!” Shida drags Bea up but Bea resists the suplex to rock her with a right. Shida hits back but Bea boots. We have a brawl but Shida gets the edge, only to run into a ROUNDHOUSE! Bea runs into an enziguri! But Bea stays up to GERMAN SUPLEX! Shida is up to SHINING WIZARD! Both women are down but fans fire up. Shida and Bea crawl, hot tag to Nyla and she knocks Kris off the apron! Nyla stomps away on Shida as fans boo and jeer. Nyla drags Shida up to suplex and hang on the ropes. She goes to the corner and climbs up top, for the GUILLOTINE- No! Kris saves Shida from the knee!

Shida adjusts as Nyla runs in, and Shida shoulders in! Kris adds a kick while Shida climbs, to missile dropkick! Kris and Shida work together, and meet in the middle! Cover, TWO!! Shida drags Nyla up, but Nyla blocks the suplex. Nyla throws forearms but Shida enziguris back! Shida suplexes for the FALCON ARROW! Cover, but Bea breaks it with a BOOT! Kris goes after Bea and throws her out. Kris throws forearms on Nyla, but runs into a LARIAT! Nyla drags Shida up, reels her in, and with Bea climbing up top, powerbomb lifts Shida. But Shida fights Bea off, then huricanranas Nyla! Shida goes up to get Bea for a SUPERPLEX! Nyla SPEARS Shida!! BEAST BOMB!! Cover, Nyla and Bea win!

Winners: Nyla Rose & Bea Priestly

The AEW Women’s World Champion stays on a roll with just a little help from Bea. But then Bea goes after the Beast! Because who doesn’t want the title? Bea makes a bold move against Nyla Rose, but will she regret riling up such a fearsome champion?

Christopher Daniels addresses the AEW Faithful.

In a blatant parody of the Dark Order’s videos, the Fallen Angel asks, “Are you tired of being told you’re a loser? Have you been waiting for a higher power to reveal themselves?” Daniels introduces himself, and is sure you remember him from such videos as Being the Elite and Chris Daniels Almost Dies. But today, he has a very important message. “Screw the Dark Order!” When AEW started, the Dark Order had momentum as an undefeated team poised for success. But that ended when they faced Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, aka SCU. So the Dark Order created videos that targeted the lost and frustrated, and created this character known as “The Exalted One, a shadowy figure whose favor people would strive to gain as they followed the orders of Stu and Uno.”

But the only ones who saw any success were Stu and Uno. All that time spent trying to fool you into thinking someone like Daniels was the Exalted One all along was a lie. A smokescreen used to hide the fact that Uno and Stu have no easy answers, and that there is NO Exalted One. Now surely, you’re thinking, “Christopher Daniels, how can you prove these bold accusations that you’re making?” Daniels challenges Uno and Stu to singles matches wherever and whenever they choose. It could be AEW Dynamite, AEW Dark, a PPV, or even a random parking lot. But when Daniels beats them and no Exalted One comes to the rescue, Daniels will have proven Uno and Stu are just “sad, desperate men.” #ScrewTheDarkOrder, #DarkOrderSucks.

Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS MJF, The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny & Wardlow!

Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt have been on a roll in the New Year, but is that about to change? Will Maxwell Jacob Friedman and his mercenaries start their own successful trios record?

The trios sort out and Marko steps to MJF. MJF laughs but fans are strongly behind Marko. MJF takes his time taking off his Letterman jacket to again show off the “I Pinned Cody” shirt. He’s never going to let us forget that. Marko and MJf tie up and MJF shoves Marko down! But Saurus tags in while MJF brags, and MJF bumps into him. MJF turns around and is scared by the dino hiss! MJF has his mercs get in but Jungle Boy and Marko jump in. Referee Aubrey keeps the peace as fans fire up. MJF goes after Saurus but his ax handles are swatted away! MJF dodges the boot but JB and Marko are in his way. He turns around and sees Saurus again. MJF asks for him to go easy, but that’s so Blade and Butcher can chop block Saurus down!

Butcher and Blade drag Saurus to the MJF corner while the ref has to keep JB and Marko back. MJF has his mercs set Saurus up so he can stomp away on the bad leg. Tag to Blade and Blade kicks away on the leg then CHOPS! Tag to Butcher and he keeps on the leg, too! MJF mocks the fans as Butcher CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Tag to Blade and he runs side to side to dropkick the bad leg! Tag to MJF and the mugging just continues. MJF cranks on the leg against the rope but the ref reprimands him. MJF stomps the leg then runs side to side, just to strut his way back over. Saurus grabs MJF around the neck! But the mercs grab him first! MJF dragon screws Saurus to a cover, ONE!

MJF stomps Saurus’ bad leg while Bunny Allie taunts him. Blade tags in to DDT the leg! Tag to Butcher and Butcher runs to splash down on the leg! AEW goes picture in picture again as Butcher stomps away on Saurus’ leg. Butcher drags Saurus up and tags MJF back in. They stomp the bad leg then snapmare Saurus down. MJF mocks the fans and goes after the leg with an elbow drop. MJF traps the leg in a toehold and cranks, but Saurus clubs MJF on the chest! Saurus fights free but MJF grabs the leg again. Saurus sends MJF into his mercs! Fans fire up as Saurus crawls, hot tag to  no one as the mercs drag Marko and JB down! Butcher SLAMS Mark on the apron!!

Saurus runs at MJF but gets caught into a kneebar! MJF cranks on the bad leg but Saurus gets the ropebreak. The ref counts and MJF lets go, but MJF grabs the leg and brings Saurus around. MJF hooks Saurus for a standing toehold as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Aubrey reprimands the mercs for helping MJF get leverage in the deathlock. She counts but they won’t let go, so she kicks their arms! They drop MJF on the mat! Fans cheer Aubrey’s moxie while MJF tags in Blade. Blade goes after Saurus but Saurus CHOPS him down! Fans rally up but Blade KICKS Saurus back to the corner. Marko is still in bad shape while Saurus fights out of enemy territory. Blade avoids the Tail Whip but not the return! MJF tags in and he just flops on Saurus’ legs. Saurus powers up and drags MJF and blade with him as he walks towards the corner! Fans are thunderous but Blade and MJF trip him up. They roll him, but he breaks through the clotheslines, hot tag to Jungle Boy!

Jungle Boy dodges MJF and Blade to shotgun dropkick Butcher! JB boots MJF then rolling elbows Blade! He throws Blade aside to SUPERKICK MJF! Corner uppercut for Blade, enziguri for Butcher, and then JB whips. Blade reverses but JB comes back with a LARIAT! MJF runs in but JB spins him around to KICK out the leg! Imploding senton and springboard QUEBRADA onto Blade! Jungle Boy has cleared the ring, but he builds speed, only to run into Butcher’s grip! Marko returns and jumps onto Butcher’s back! Butcher can’t throw Marko off, and JB gives Marko the spin start to DDT Butcher! Handspring kicks take out MJF and Blade, and fans are fired up! Marko says HE will take the DIVE! But MJF and Blade catch him, so JB DIVES! Down go MJF and Blade!

Marko and JB get back in and go together. Luchasaurus FLIES out onto Butcher, Blade and MJF! Fans lose their minds and even Saurus’ boys can’t believe that one. Saurus drags Blade up and into the ring, then adds MJF. Saurus tags in and JB brings MJF around. JB feeds MJF to Saurus, and Saurus has both MJF and Blade in choke grips. DOUBLE DINO CHOKE SLAMS!! Standing moonsault! Cover, Marko runs to intercept Butcher, but Butcher THROWS him at JB, and they fall onto the fall!! Saurus stares down with Butcher and they RAM like, well, rams! And again! And again! They both choke grip, break free, throw forearm after forearm, but Butcher gets the edge, Until he gets the knee and TAIL WHIP! But Butcher still LARIATS!

Everyone is down and Bunny is freaking out! Marko tags in and MJF is down in a corner! Marko runs in to fire off stomps! It’s a Marko mudhole! The ref backs him off, and Marko apologizes, before he slides under! Marko stomps MJF more!! JB pulls Marko off but Marko shoves him away. Marko tells JB to go up and he drags MJF over. Bunny distracts everyone else, and Blade shoves JB down! Wardlow blindsides Luchasaurus! MJF grabs Marko, and reels him into the FUJIWARA! Marko taps, MJF and team win!!

Winners: MJF, The Butcher & The Blade, by submission

The Salt of the Earth armbar gets the better of a heated Marko, and MJF mockingly shouts, “I’m going to Disney World!” But will he and his henchmen really be heading to the top of the food chain in AEW?

Darby Allin has another message.

He slams his skateboard on a car hood with “WIN” and a heart spray painted on it. He wears a cardboard mask of Chris Jericho’s bloody face. Then he wears a cardboard mask of Sammy’s face while being zipped up in a body bag by Jericho-cardboard mask. “Sammy” is dragged by a truck labeled, “RIP Sammy.” The message is pretty clear: Darby still wants to end the Spanish God. When and where will Darby get his chance?

Tony Schiavone introduces Britt Baker.

The Dentist returns to AEW Dynamite and is happy to see Tony here. It’s not like there’s much else going on in Utah. She did bring him his favorite coffee. Britt would’ve brought beer but you’d have to cross state lines for that. But anyway, boring coffee and boring Utah, but Britt’s here to liven things up. What’s not hard to find is sugar, because she’s seeing a lot of “high BMI” and poor oral health. Britt is here to help as a dentist! Because remember, she’s a dentist.

Tony guides things towards the announcement Britt was going to make. Britt wants to remind us all, especially these “similar looking faces” in this “giant family reunion,” that you can pursue anything and everything you have a passion for. You can get that promotion, become that construction worker, or janitor, or plumber, or dental assistant. We can all achieve greatness! Britt is here as our role model and will lead by example. Tony has to be honest, she isn’t really making a lot of friends here. Britt ignores that to thank the fans for their “warm, standing ovations.” Fans chant “You Suck,” actually. But out comes Big Swole! Fans cheer for her!

Swole encourages “Brittney” to keep talking, because that’s what she’s good at. Britt acts like no one watches the product and no one would hear Britt run her mouth. Why is she hiding behind Tony? He don’t even like her! Tony doesn’t want to be in the middle of this, even though he is. Britt asks why Swole is out here when she’s not even relevant. The most relevant thing about Swole is her boyfriend. Uh, you mean, husband, BAYBAY! Britt gets mad now, and SPLASHES Swole with the coffee!! And she runs away. Swole shrugs that off but is ready to make the Dentist need some dental work! Will Swole break Baker when they meet again?

AEW is picture in picture as the next match entrances begin.

Six Man Tag: Joey Janela & Private Party VS Death Triangle!

The Bad Boy stood up for Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy when PAC, Pentagon and Fenix attacked on AEW Dark Denver. Will the Bastard and Cero Miedo kill the party here tonight?

AEW returns to single picture as Private Party makes their entrance, followed by Death Triangle. The tensions run high but the referee keeps the peace. The trios sort out and PAC starts against Kassidy. Fans chant for “CERO MIEDO!” as Pac just stares at Kassidy. And then Death Triangle rushes the corner! Pac stomps Kassidy down while the Lucha Brothers take out Janela and Quen! Fenix goes out to KICK Quen while Pentagon KICKS and CHOPS Janela! Pac drags Kassidy up and grinds as he whips him to ropes. Kassidy slides under then runs, but things speed up. Pac leaps and runs but Kassidy leaps. Pac leaps, Kassidy rolls off his back and arm-drags to calf kick! Fans fire up as Kassidy kips up and gets in Pac’s face.

Pac RAMS Kassidy into the Party corner, then drags him away before either Quen or Janela can tag in! Tag to Fenix and they mug Kassidy in their corner. Fenix suplexes but Kassidy fights out. Quen tags in, Fenix kicks Kassidy, but Kassidy and Quen whip. Fenix reverses to crisscross Private Party but Kassidy mule kicks Fenix first. Kassidy boosts Quen but Fenix puts him on the apron. Fenix sends Kassidy out, but Quen helps with the Silly String, to go around and around to the DDT! Quen hurries but Pentagon tags in first! Fans fire up as Quen tags in Janela! Bad Boy and Cero Miedo rush each other, Pentagon gets around to KICK Janela in the leg!

Pentagon hears fans chanting as he runs in, but Janela kicks him away. Janela leaps up and hits a flying uppercut! Janela drags Penta up to whip but Penta reverses. Pentagon runs in, Janela goes up and over and hits a BIG clothesline! Fans fire up as Janela drags Pentagon up. Pac knocks Janela down, but Kassidy dropkicks Pac out! Fenix and Quen run in, Quen DROPKICKS Fenix down! Private Party double dropkick Pentagon then kip up. Janela coordinates with Private Party as he climbs up top. Janela LEAPS onto Death Triangle! Fans are fired up as Janela drags Fenix up and in. AEW goes picture in picture as Janela tags in Kassidy.

Janela runs corner to corner to clothesline Fenix, then Kassidy adds his. Quen adds a corner splash! Quen scoop slams Fenix in a drop zone, then backs off as Kassidy climbs. But Pentagon gets in and the ref has to keep him back. But this is to distract as Pac trips Kassidy! Quen and Janela protest, but they get DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Pentagon kicks those two out while Fenix tags Pac. Pac stomps away on Kassidy in the corner but backs off in a huff. Pac stomps Kassidy harder and grinds his boots in! The ref backs Pac off but Pac drags Kassidy up. Tag to Fenix but Pentagon holds Kassidy in as Fenix taunts Janela and Quen. Pac even chokes Kassidy before Fenix runs in with a SUPERKICK!

Tag to Pentagon and the Lucha Brothers mug Kassidy. Fenix won’t let up so Pentagon has to pull him away. Fenix goes back for more, but Pentagon makes his brother go to the corner. Death Triangle is toying with Kassidy as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns again as Fenix CHOPS Kassidy down! Fenix and Pentagon drag Kassidy up to whip into the Death Triangle corner, but Kassidy uses that to triangle jump and STUNNER PAC! Pentagon runs in but Kassidy goes up and over, then under Fenix, to hot tag Janela! Janela rallies with clotheslines on the Lucha Brothers! He DECKS Pac and builds speed to DIVE onto Fenix! Fans fire up with Janela as he sends Fenix back in the ring. Janela has Fenix on the top rope and JABS! Tag to Quen and Quen goes up, Gin ‘n’ Juice becomes Gin ‘n’ a ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! Kassidy climbs up to add a SWANTON! Quen is up top to SHOOTING STAR! Cover, but Pentagon KICKS him off!

Pentagon drags Fenix to the corner and tags in. “This is Awesome!” as Pentagon runs at Quen to SLINGBLADE! Quen flounders about but Pentagon brings him up to KICK a leg out! Pentagon throws Quen into a corner, Fenix adds a springboard sobat! Pac adds a big back elbow! Pentagon drags Pac into position, and BOMBS Quen on Pac’s knees! Pentagon keeps Quen on Pac’s knees as Fenix goes up, DOUBLE STOMPS sandwich Quen against the knees even harder! Cover, TWO!?! Quen survives and Death Triangle is shocked! Pentagon tags Pac and Pac stalks up to Quen. Pac stands Quen up for a back kick, front kick and another back kick. Waistlock and German, but Quen lands on his feet! Janela tags in!

Janela again rallies with clotheslines, then throws Fenix out and puts Pentagon out. Pac SUPERKICKS Janela to the apron, then runs but into Janela’s forearm. Janela drags Pac out to join him and then fireman’s carries. Pac holds on, Quen FLIES over them to take out Pentagon! Kassidy climbs up onto Pac’s back, and LEAPS to take out Fenix! Then Janela gives Pac an APRON DEATH VALLEY! Fans love “A E DUB!” as Janela climbs up top. Janela leaps for the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Pac still lives and shocks Janela back! The Lucha Brothers pull Private Party off the apron! Janela builds speed but Pentagon kicks him in the back! Fenix runs in, triangle CUTTER! Pentagon and Fenix coordinate, DOUBLE STOMP PACKAGE DRIVER!!

Fenix DIVES out onto Private Party! Pentagon sets Janela up for Pac’s BLACK ARROW!! Cover, Death Triangle wins!

Winners: Death Triangle by pinfall

Triangulo del Muerte takes their first victory in AEW! But they add on by stomping Kassidy and Quen, then setting Janela by them. The three are laced together into a TRIPLE CROSSFACE! The Death Triangle itself! But here come Best Friends and Orange Cassidy! Fans are fired up for Trent, Chuckie T and Freshly Squeezed, but when will these six settle scores?

AEW’s Lexi Nair interviews Dustin Rhodes backstage.

The Natural is now geared up to compete, but he isn’t scheduled. What does it mean? It means Dustin is pissed off! The Inner Circle has run roughshod long enough! We all saw what they did to Nick Jackson, so now someone is stepping up. Hangman, Dustin wants to be your partner whether you like it or not! Because they’re gonna kick some Inner Circle ass and do some #CowboyShit!! Will Hangman accept this scenario?

AEW is picture in picture and back at the ring.

Orange Cassidy and Best Friends have the ring while Death Triangle takes their leave. With nothing else to do, Trent, Chuckie and Cassidy give Salt Lake City a GROUP HUG! And a thumbs up, too.Cassidy even takes a selfie with a cosplayer before heading out.

The #SearchForSpears has some early auditions.

Suge D, “Something Like a Player” says he is the first and the last impression Tully Blanchard and the Chair Man need. But WhatCulture’s own Simon Miller throws his hat in the ring to give us the best tag team anyone’s ever seen! Holden Stefe wants Spears and Tully to mold and train him into the perfect partner! And the man simply known as Jo Jo says he is the Perfect 5, because he is 5′ 4″ of pure greatness.

Justyn Michael not only claims he’s the right choice, but he could beat Hangman, beat Kenny Omega and doesn’t even need Spears’ help. Did Justyn miss the point of this? Mr. Bricksterr says he has the star power and the ability to connect with people instantly. Anthony Bowens says he is THE Five Tool Player! And Slade Rikers is just crazy. But do any of these men measure up to #PERFECT10N?

AEW Dynamite in Rochester promises big things!

First, after the encounter from tonight, Death Triangle’s Lucha Brothers will go 2v2 against Best Friends! Will the Bastard go after the Sloth on the outside at the same time? Plus, the Dark Order promises that The Exalted One WILL arrive in AEW! Are they going to disprove Daniels before even taking his singles challenge? And with Blood & Guts on the horizon, a Six Man Tag of the Inner Circle VS The Elite will not only be a sampler, it will be for advantage going into the Blood & Guts match! “What advantage?” you ask.

AEW explains the rules of Blood & Guts!

The double ring, double cage match starts with two men who fight for a five minute round. After that, the advantage team sends a participant, then the other team, and this repeats every two minutes until all 10 men are in the cage! Then and only then does the Blood & Guts match officially begin, or rather end. And it ends ONLY when any single member of a team taps out to a submission, or verbally surrenders to the other team. No pinfalls, no count outs, escaping does not change a thing! Who will survive this sadistic innovation?

AEW shares Jim Ross’ exclusive sit-down interview with Jon Moxley.

JR congratulates Moxley on winning the world championship, but has to admit that after what went down in Denver, he wasn’t sure when he’d see Moxley again. Moxley is not physically cleared to compete this week. Moxley is bent out of shape and pissed off. That’s about as far as he’ll elaborate, but let’s face it. This “game” between Moxley and Jericho’s Inner Circle has only ever been about the title. Who is winning? Moxley, naturally. But he’s in a 5v1 situation, so he doesn’t stand a chance much longer. Moxley says he means what he says, says what he means, and he speaks the truth. Moxley told us all that if Jericho wants the belt, if Hager wants the belt, all they have to do is ask.

By the way, Hager, nice touch with the very distinct powerbomb. But maybe “step into the batter’s box, bitch.” JR is sure it will be inevitable that match happens. Hager hit Moxley harder than anyone ever did, and that’s saying something given Moxley’s career. But in the end, he’s just another guy in AEW. JR brings up the signature success story, the coming event in Newark, aka Blood & Guts. AEW is blood ‘n’ guts, pro-wrestling is blood ‘n’ guts, Moxley is blood ‘n’ guts. Moxley vows to make it to Dynamite 3/25/2020. The Inner Circle tried to get rid of Moxley, end his career. They almost did. But now they have a new task with the Elite in the cage. That puts Moxley in their blind spot. If Jericho is as smart as he thinks he is, he’ll be scared.

Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara w/ The Inner Circle VS Hangman Page & ???

Le Champion and the Spanish God took out Nick Jackson with help from Big Hurt, but that didn’t scare off the Cowboy. In fact, it only served to motivate The Natural into joining up. But Hangman did not confirm nor deny if he accepted the offer to give us a rematch from Dynamite 12/9/19. Hangman makes his entrance, AEW World Tag Team Championship strapped around his waist. The moment of truth comes, and Hangman’s partner is in fact Dustin Rhodes! It seems Hangman didn’t expect this, and perhaps was preferring to go solo. But Dustin says he has Hangman’s back in this. Will things be very different than back in December?

The teams sort out and Hangman starts against Jericho. Hangman taunts Jericho about having a belt while Y2J doesn’t, and the two approach. Only for Jericho to immediately tag out to Sammy. Sammy and Jericho hug and Sammy rushes Hangman but Hangman CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Hangman whips but Sammy reverses. Things speed up as Sammy jumps and flips and jumps again, but Hangman still CHOPS Sammy down! Hangman tags Dustin and they double whip Sammy to the corner. Hangman hits a corner clothesline, Dustin adds his own clothesline, then Dustin feeds Sammy to Hangman’s second clothesline! Dustin covers, TWO!

Dustin puts Sammy in an open corner to CHOP! Then he whips him corner to corner hard! Tag to Hangman but Sammy throws him out. Jericho tags in as the Inner Circle surrounds Hangman. Hangman gets on the apron, but Jericho hits him with a triangle dropkick! The ref tells the Inner Circle to stay back but Jericho mocks Hangman by taking someone’s beer and drinking it. “I’m Hangman Page~! I’m a cowboy~! Slurp!” Jericho goes around to Hangman but Hangman PUNCHES the beer out of Jericho’s mouth! And he takes the beer for his own to chug. But Hangman turns around into Sammy’s Penalty Kick! Sammy flexes then puts Hangman in for Jericho to throw forearms on.

Jericho CHOPS Hangman against ropes then throws elbows. He CHOPS again then tags Sammy. They double whip but Hangman breaks the line and runs Sammy over! Hangman snap suplexes Jericho onto Sammy! Tag to Dustin and Dustin rallies on Sammy with clotheslines! Dustin whips, Sammy reverses, but Dustin stops himself to Rhodes Uppercut! And atomic drop to a bulldog! Dustin even ROCKS Jericho before getting Sammy with a spinning powerslam! Dustin has Sammy in a corner and climbs up to rain down punches! He gets 4 before he has to DECK Jericho! Sammy jumps to DOUBLE STOMP Dustin down! Cover, TWO! Sammy soaks up the heat as AEW goes picture in picture.

Sammy distracts the ref while Jericho has Dustin on the outside and he whips him into barriers! Jericho and Sammy distract the ref while the rest of the Inner Circle stomp Dustin down. Jericho fetches Dustin and puts him in the ring for Sammy to cover, TWO! Sammy keeps on Dustin and drags him to the corner. Tag to Jericho and Jericho drags Dustin up to throw forearms. Jericho whips and clotheslines Dustin down! Cocky cover, TWO! Jericho rams knees into Dustin and has him in the corner. Sammy holds Dustin’s arms back so Jericho can throw hands. Tag to Sammy and he RAMS into Dustin’s ribs! Hangman is getting mad but Dustin is throwing hands! Dustin reaches for Hangman but Sammy rams him into the open corner.

Sammy fireman’s carries and does squats with Dustin, to then hit a Samoan Drop! Cover, but Dustin makes it his own ghost pin! TWO and Sammy clobbers Dustin down! AEW returns to single picture as Sammy tags Jericho. Jericho and Sammy drag Dustin up to double whip to ropes and double elbow down! Sammy shows off his spin, and Jericho poses with him. The ref reprimands them but Jericho soaks up the heat. Jericho slaps Dustin around but Dustin throws hands! Dustin runs but into an elbow! LIONSAULT gets knees! Both men are down but fans rally up. Dustin and Jericho crawl, hot tags to Hangman and Sammy!

Hangman rallies on Sammy with lariats and a whip, but Sammy reverses. Hangman ducks and BOOTS Sammy down! Fans are thunderous for “COWBOY SHIT!” as Hangman whips Sammy, but Sammy reverses to ROCK Hangman! Jericho grabs Hangman to run him at buckles, but Hangman counters with a triangle jump LARIAT! Sammy runs in but Hangman dodges to scoop, and FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up to PLANCHA onto Jericho! And then SLIDING LARIAT on Sammy! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Hangman drags him up. Hangman spins Sammy but gets the dragon whip! Jericho tags in and CHOPS Hangman. And again! Jericho whips but Hangman reverses, only for Jericho to hold ropes. Jericho puts Hangman on the apron but Hangman punches back!

Ortiz gets up but Hangman DECKS him! Hangman goes to the corner with Dustin, and they both LEAP!! Dustin crossbodies Sammy and Jericho while Hangman MOONSAULTS Hager and PNP! Dustin clotheslines himself and Sammy out of the ring as fans are thunderous again! Hangman aims at Jericho, slingshot, but into a takedown! Jericho wants and gets the WALLS! Dustin runs in to CLUB Jericho down! Sammy tags in and heads up top, SHOOTING STAR! Hangman moves, Sammy lands on his feet but gets another BOOT! Hangman wants it, but Jericho trips him off the apron!

The ref reprimands Jericho but Jericho throws Hangman at the apron. Hangman rebounds off the ropes to DECK Jericho! Dustin has Sammy for a DESTROYER!! Sammy flounders into a BUCK SHOT!! Cover, Hangman and Dustin win!!

Winners: Dustin Rhodes & Hangman Page, by pinfall

Redemption from December, but the Inner Circle attacks! Fans boo as Hager, Ortiz and Santana help Jericho beat down Dustin and Hangman. Dustin flops out of the ring and Hangman is all alone. With Cody and Matt with Nick at the hospital, who is there to help? KENNY OMEGA! Again, that bad hand won’t stop him from fighting!! Omega uses the cast on Hager but he also gets outnumbered! A shot to the bad arm leaves Omega vulnerable to JUDAS EFFECT! Hangman flounders up but gets knocked down. Wait, Cody is here!? Cody throws hands on the Inner Circle and stomps a mudhole in Jericho! But Hager SPINE BUSTERS him!

The Inner Circle throws Cody out and Ortiz has Cody on the ramp. “WE’RE THE BEST!” Snap suplex to the ramp! Hager goes after Omega’s bad hand with fury, and then Jericho has him go after Hangman. Hager hauls Hangman up the ramp and Ortiz points out to a spot much like they’ve used on victims before. The Inner Circle drag Hangman up just like they did Moxley, but MATT JACKSON makes the save!! Matt SUPERKICKS Hager! And throws Sammy onto him! He DOUBLE SPEARS Proud ‘n’ Powerful!! Matt’s fury boils over, and he flips Hangman off in return for last week.

But then Jericho SMASHES Matt with the chair! And Hangman, too! Chair shots to the head take down the last of the Elite! Jericho even use the chair to pin Matt down while he takes a seat! The Inner Circle give middle fingers to The Elite and to the world! With Omega’s hand busted, Nick hospitalized, and now Cody, Matt and Hangman brutalized, does the Inner Circle already have a major advantage going into Blood & Guts?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of Dynamite that sets up a lot to AEW’s newest special episode. Not to be mean about Blood & Guts, but well all know it’s a modified WarGames match. I do like that it’s only about submissions and quitting, though. That makes it even more implicitly brutal on paper than a normal WarGames match, and 5V5 makes it even more insane. And it’s great that they’re using it for the Inner Circle VS Elite match that I’ve been wanting to see since AEW Dynamite got going. The brutality in the build tonight was great, too. Nick just being under the garage door like that was perfectly shocking, and the Inner Circle devastated The Elite tonight. I feel like that with Hangman and Matt having problems, it’s all leading to a great moment where those two work together to help The Elite win.

It’s awesome that we got to see Lance Archer arrive and confirmed as Jake the Snake’s client. Archer going after Cody will make for a great story going towards Double or Nothing, regardless if Elite wins or loses Blood & Guts. There’s a lot of great development towards those rumored AEW Trios Championships, too. Jurassic Express VS MJF and henchmen was really good, and Death Triangle’s debut was incredible! I’m thinking Lucha Bros beat Best Friends so that the trio stays strong, and I would love if there was a Trios Division tournament to stretch things to Double or Nothing, where the finals come down to Death Triangle VS Best Friends & Orange Cassidy. That way, AEW can do no wrong with their inaugural world trios champs, as far as the fans go.

The women’s division also had great stuff tonight. The tag match was really good, and it was very clever for Bea to turn on Nyla after they won. AEW should book outside the box by letting Bea stick to her Heel behavior when fighting Nyla, because it isn’t going to matter, fans sounded really behind her against Nyla. Bea will be Face by default but chances are she won’t win against Nyla. Britt had a pretty good promo, but Swole was great with that BAYBAY. That will be a pretty good feud for them both while they wait on the title. Again, AEW can try booking outside the box and have Britt go up against Nyla at some point, but then fans probably go with Nyla. Swole’s going on a good path to become a big name and a great win over Heels like Britt and Nyla.

My Score: 9.4/10

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