AEW Dynamite coverage

AEW Dynamite March 4, 2020 Full Results & Report


AEW Dynamite is Mile High!

The NEW AEW World Champion is in action! Will Jon Moxley and Darby Allin break the Inner Circle in a two-for-one Revolution rematch?


  • 8 Man Tag: Colt Cabana & SoCal Uncensored VS The Dark Order; Cabana & SCU win.
  • Big Swole VS Leva Bates w/ Peter Avalon; Swole wins.
  • PAC VS Chuck Taylor w/ Best Friends; PAC wins.
  • Jake Hager w/ Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS QT Marshall w/ Brandi & Dustin; Hager wins.
  • Jon Moxley & Darby Allin VS Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara; Jericho & Guevara win.


The NEW AEW World Champion is here!

Nothing changes just because he has the belt now! Jon Moxley still comes out through the crowd and even takes an extra lap around to make sure everyone sees him holding the title. Moxley gets in the ring and Denver is thunderous as he gets a mic. They also chant, “You Deserve It!”

“You see this belt right here? This is the AEW World Championship.” It’s beautiful, isn’t it? And it’s beautiful because what it represents, what the three letters on it represent is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. “The sport that I love! The sport that I have dedicated my life to!” This belt never belonged to Chris Jericho. Hell, it doesn’t even belong to Moxley. This belt belongs to the fans. The fans in the building, the fans watching at home around the world, the fans that willed AEW into existence! All the fans that wanted something different, something better. “WE brought pro-wrestling back!” Denver cheers in agreement.

So Moxley vows to defend this belt with his life. “I will crawl through any hell to defend this belt. I will climb any mountain to defend this belt.” There is not a man in the entire industry to take this belt out of Moxley’s cold, dead hands! But if you want to try, step up and try. You’ll get knocked out, choked out, dropped on your head, it’s all the same to Mox. But Mox knows it isn’t over between him and the Inner Circle. They went after his eye, they wanted to take his career, and watching Mox with the belt is like acid burning in Jerich’s mouth. Moxley knows the Inner Circle will be gunning for him so he has a message for them all: “I dare you.”

Speaking of, here they come! Fans sing along with Judas as Jericho leads Ortiz, Santana, Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager on stage. Jericho has a mic but takes a moment to soak up the fans singing for him. Moxley paces as Jericho says, “Let me just start out by saying that I don’t need a damn belt to be Le Champion.” Fans say, “Yes You Do!” What a bunch of idiots, they can’t even chant in unison. So maybe they should shut up and let him say what he has to say. But Moxley’s proclamation is very daring. Typical Mox, even. A maverick, a rebel, “more guts than brains,” Lunatic Fringe. It all paid off because now the Moxley Era begins. Fans like that, right? “YES!” Jericho doesn’t, it already sucks ass. Fans tell Jericho, “You Suck Ass!”

Jericho continues by saying that the reason it sucks, is that along with everyone here in “Dumpy Broomfield,” Moxley’s championship win was based on a lie. Moxley cheated and lied! Jericho spent three months training to face a one-eyed man. The fact Moxley saw out of both eyes is not an action worthy of a champion! That makes Moxley a “snake oil salesman,” a Pharisee, and a cheater! And by proxy, the fans are all liars! Fans boo because they disagree. But since Mox won unfairly, he turned the Inner Circle from good natured and good looking guys into “a damn hit squad.” Fans call BS.

But Jericho says it is official: the entire AEW roster is on notice! It doesn’t matter if your the Librarian, Michael Nakazawa or Jon Moxley. They are going to tear everyone apart, hurt them, and Moxley is first. After tonight’s main event, Moxley & Darby VS Le Champion & the Spanish God, Jericho promises that Moxley will not walk out of the ring under his own power. Moxley will not leave “this dumb state” of his own volition. And Jericho is so sure of it, that if Moxley does survive, Jericho will take a leave of absence for 30 days. No, for 60 days! Jericho reminds Moxley that he always has a plan, and Moxley isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

Is that so? Well no one said Moxley was a genius. But he’s sick of hearing Jericho talk. Moxley will do what he did at Revolution, except just here in Colorado! And he’ll make sure to send Jericho packing for 60 days looking like a “stupid son of a bitch!” The bet has been made, but will Jericho have to eat his words?

8 Man Tag: Colt Cabana & SoCal Uncensored VS The Dark Order!

BOOM BOOM! Chicago’s hero came to the rescue of Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian during the AEW Revolution Buy-In. Both he and Christopher Daniels said on a special edition of AEW Dark that they’d make sure to expose Evil Uno and Stu Grayson as frauds, but will it be so easy?

AEW is picture in picture as Cabana and SCU hear the roar of the crowd while giving out some high fives and fist bumps. AEW returns to single picture as The Dark Order makes their entrance. The teams sort out and Grayson starts against Cabana. Fans are on Cabana’s side as he circles with Grayson. Grayson rushes Cabana but Cabana dodges to CHOP! Cabana whips but Grayson reverses, only for Cabana to go up and under. Cabana eggs Grayson on, baits him in and trips him up to a cover! ONE, but Cabana CHOPS again! Grayson CHOPS back and Cabana CHOPS, too! Cabana headlocks but Grayson powers out to leap over, but Cabana tilt-o-whirl headscissors him down!

Fans fire up but Uno rushes Cabana! The Dark Order blows up the SCU corner then puts Cabana in theirs. Tag to Uno and the Dark Order commanders double whip. Uno elbows Cabana and feeds him to Grayson’s forearms. Cover, TWO! Uno headlocks and feeds Cabana to the Beaver Boys’ boots. Tag to John Silver and he throws European Uppercuts. Silver whips, but Daniels saves Cabana with a waistlock at the ropes. Cabana elbows Silver back then scoop slams him down. Tag to Daniels, Daniels tags to Kaz, then Daniels slingshots for the elbow drop. Kaz tags Scorpio before he slingshot leg drops, then Scorpio slingshots splashes! SCU blows up the Dark Order’s corner now!

Scorpio whips Silver to the SCU corner and runs in for a back elbow. Daniels hits a forearm, Cabana hits the Flying Apple, and Kaz finishes with the swinging dropkick! Fans fire up for “S C U!” as they and Cabana go back to their corner. Scorpio kicks away on Silver, whips him to ropes and dropkicks him down! Cover, TWO! Scorpio drags Silver up, tags Daniels and Daniels clubs Silver. Daniels puts Silver in an open corner but Silver powers him to the opposite confrere. Silver rams his shoulder in and again, then runs corner to corner. Daniels puts Silver outside, ducks him and clobbers him! Reynolds distracts the ref while Uno anchors Daniels’ feet! Grayson blindsides Daniels with a forearm!

Fans boo as Daniels is whipped into the post! Grayson taunts Scorpio while Uno puts Daniels in. Silver drags Daniels up and puts him in the corner. Uno tags in and stomps a mudhole into Daniels. Tag to Grayson but fans rally up as he stomps a mudhole into Daniels. The ref backs Grayson off, and the rest of the Dark Order chokes Daniels! Fans boo as AEW goes picture in picture.

Grayson tags Reynolds and Reynolds drags Daniels out for a cover. TWO, but Reynolds throws crossface forearms. Reynolds stomps Daniels on the face then chokes him on the ropes. Tag to Grayson and Grayson tags Uno. They both choke Daniels on the rope! The ref backs them off but Uno soaks up the jeers. Daniels fights back with haymakers! Uno blocks the boot and hands it to the ref to then hit a neckbreaker! Tag to Grayson and Uno sidewalk scoops Daniels, Grayson adds his elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Grayson keeps between Daniels and SCU to put Daniels in the corner. Tag to Silver and they both stomp away on Daniels.

Silver snapmares Daniels then boots him down. Silver kicks away on Daniels, then tags Uno in. Uno mugs Daniels in the corner and stomps another mudhole in! He grinds his boot into Daniels’ head as AEW returns to single picture. Reynolds taunts Daniels, “You should’ve joined!” Reynolds tags in and then tags in Silver. Daniels fights off the Beaver Boys! But he’s put in the corner for a roundhouse, rolling elbow, enziguri, stunner and GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Daniels survives that Beaver Boy blitzkrieg! Tag to Grayson as fans rally up, and Grayson stalks up behind Daniels. Torture rack but Daniels slips out to a headlock! Grayson elbows and enziguris back, but runs into a Complete Shot!

Fans rally up as Daniels and Grayson crawl for their corners, hot tags to Kaz and Reynolds! The Heavy Metal Rebel rallies with lariats but Reynolds reverses the whip. Kaz hits big flying forearms! He gets Silver with the guillotine leg drop! Reynolds staggers into a waistlock but standing switches. Kaz switches but Reynolds bucks him off. Kaz scoops Reynolds for a slam! Silver runs in to get a scoop slam! Kaz stacks the Beaver Boys for a springboard leg drop! That’s a two-for-one special! Fans fire up but Uno clobbers Kaz down! Cabana, Daniels and Scorpio rush in to go after Uno and the rest, and now it’s just chaos! The Dark Order bring up Cabana and SCU, but only Cabana gets thrown out! The SCU have Uno all alone!

Uno turns around to realize this, and he gets mugged! That’s 3v1 on Uno! Grayson gets in to save Uno, as do the Beaver boys. Grayson gets POSTED! Silver is thrown out, Reynolds gets a back elbow. The Addiction work together for the knuckle lock STOMP! Daniels DIVES onto Grayson! Kaz slingshots Reynolds in for a cutter! Cover, but Silver breaks it! Scorpio ROCKS Silver but Uno BOOTS Scorpio! Uno and Silver work together to bring Kaz up, but Kaz slips out of the back suplex. Tag to Cabana! Cabana elbows Uno down then jabs away on Silver! Cabana flips, flops and gets an eye poke! Uno and Silver double whip Cabana but he ducks the handles for a QUEBRADA!

Fans are thunderous but Reynolds rolls Cabana! TWO, and Reynolds whips. Cabana elbows Reynolds back, Scorpio makes Reynolds straddle the top rope. Kaz double dropkicks Uno and Silver out! Cabana has Reynolds while Scorpio FLIES to take out the rest of the Order! Cabana gives Reynolds the Chicago Skyline to SUPERMAN CLUTCH! Cover, Cabana & SCU win!!

Winners: Colt Cabana & SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall

But Uno shouts, “No no! NO! This is not how this was supposed to go!” The Exalted One will be furious! When he arrives, “heads will roll!” Daniels says it won’t be theirs! Will the Exalted One show himself? Or is this just another smokescreen the Dark Order is putting up?

Britt Baker joins commentary.

She brought Tony Schiavone some coffee! Label out, of course. The Doctor’s been feeling pretty good given a recent win streak. Will she feel good about what’s up next?

Big Swole VS Leva Bates w/ Peter Avalon!

Aerial Monroe stood up to The Native Beast before Revolution but the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien took her shot first. Nyla Rose retained and now the chase is on again. Will Swole silence the Librarian as winter gives way to spring?

The bell rings and Swole circles with Leva. They tie up and Swole shoves Leva down. Avalon gives Leva a book to give to Swole, but Swole throws it away! Leva is upset and she SLAPS Swole! Avalon is also shouting from the apron but Swole is getting angry. Swole rushes Leva but she dodges and Avalon gets the BOOT! Leva SMACKS Swole with a hard back book and hits a BACKSTABBER! Swole staggers up but she still catches Leva for a SLAM! Then a KNEE! Swole runs to a corner but Leva puts her on the apron. Swole ROUNDHOUSES back, then says “GET OVER HERE!” with the step-in STUNNER! Fans fire up as Swole dead lifts Leva, spins her out, DIRTY DANCING! Cover, Swole wins!

Winner: Big Swole, by pinfall

Baker is not impressed. For Baker, it is the ratings that matter. But will Swole move up in the rankings to get her shot before Baker?

Cody Rhodes is here!

Though he did not win at Revolution, the fans still love him! What will the American Nightmare have to say about his defeat at the hands of MJF? We’ll find out when AEW returns from break.

AEW returns as Cody gets himself a mic. “I don’t know if I want to broach the subject of what it feels like personally to lose to MJF.” But what it means professionally is that you work your whole career to get on a PPV card, the actual card. That is guaranteed money. When you win, that is a PPV bonus. Or as good ol’ JR has put it, “the winner’s share of the purse.” What was once professional became personal between Cody and MJF but became professional again. The lashes, the loss, the ring, the only way Cody can be comfortable with it is if MJF comes out right now, looks Cody in the eye and tells him he won “fair and square.”

Wait, that isn’t MJF. That’s JAKE THE SNAKE!? Jake Roberts is on AEW!! He goes to the ring and everyone loses their minds! Jake clearly missed being in a ring because he takes a moment to hold the ropes and feel a turnbuckle pad. Cody hands over his mic as fans chant “Jake The Snake!” Jake hates to “spoil the party, but damn man, I got tired of listening to you cry and bitch.” Ouch. Jake never cried over one match in his career, and Cody is going to let “that little punk son of a bitch” get Cody down? He whipped Cody like a dog then kicked his ass at Revolution! Handed it right to him. But that’s not why Jake’s here. Oh, right, of course, “Hail mighty Caesar.” But Jake isn’t here to praise Cody, he’s here to slay Cody.

Jake tells Cody that the only reason Jake is here because he has a client. “The dark side will be coming to AEW.” And once they take root, it will be a phoenix rising from the ashes, soaring to the sun! Twenty years it’s been. Twenty years to get clean and to get right. “And by God, I earned it!” If anyone thinks for one minute that Jake will be a nice guy and play right, you’ve got another thing coming! For years, Jake put a snake in a bag just to make someone think about it. And when you let that get in your head, you ended up in the palm of Jake’s hand and he spanked your ass. Jake will be outside when his client faces Cody. Bring “that one trick pony” Arn with you!

But “Caesar,” you should know that a snake takes what a snake wants. He’s not after the whole pie, just Cody’s share. “A wise man once told me, never ever turn your back on somebody you respect or you’re afraid of.” So Jake turning his back on Cody now means Cody is neither. What does this mean for Cody, let alone all of AEW?!

PAC VS Chuck Taylor w/ Best Friends!

The Bastard beat The Sloth at Revolution, but not before the Lucha Brothers attacked Trent and Chuckie T. Now that the Kentucky Gentleman steps into the ring, will he, Trent and Orange Cassidy be able to flip the script? Or will more of the same happen here tonight?

AEW is picture in picture as Best Friends make it to the ring. Fans get thumbs up fist bumps from Cassidy especially the Cassidy cosplayer. AEW goes to break while Cassidy finishes his lap.

AEW returns as PAC makes his entrance. It’s of note that Pac has a 3-0 sweep on Best Friends and that includes Cassidy now. Will Pac start on a second sweep tonight?

The bell rings and Chuckie stomps around on his knees as he circles with Pac. They tie up, go around the ropes, and Chuck gets Pac on the ropes. Chucke backs off cleanly and fans cheer. Pac and Chuckie circle again, tie up, and now Pac powers Chuckie to the ropes. The ref calls for the break and Pac gives it, only to headlock right away! Pac throws Chuckie with a headlock takeover, but Chuckie rolls him to a cover. ONE, but Chuckie gets up and powers out of the hold. Pac slides under the boot to go up and get a headlock takeover again! Trent coaches Chuckie as he gets back up. Chuckie powers out again but Pac runs him over with a shoulder! Fans boo but things speed up, Chuckie goes up then under then over again, to side-step, but the headscissor throws Chuckie out with a thud.

Pac takes aim, builds speed, but then slides out to get in Cassidy’s face. Trent gets in Pac’s face and Pac backs off. Chuckie baseball slides Pac down! Chuckie puts Pac in but Pac hits a jawbreaker! Pac runs into a Sexy Chuckie Knee! Chuckie whips for a Pop-Up Bomb! Cover, TWO! Chuckie keeps a cool and fans fire up behind him. Chuckie drags Pac up to CHOP him in a corner! Pac goes to another corner but Chuckie CHOPS again! Chuckie whips Pac to the other corner hard and then double guns. Fans cheer but Pac gets to the apron. Pac shoulders into Chuckie then slingshots up and over. Things speed up again, Chuckie hits a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker!

Chuckie goes up top but Pac is up. Chuckie leaps over Pac, Pac runs after him to hit a big back elbow in the corner! Pac follows Chuckie out to throw hard into railing! Fans cheer Chuckie on while Pac looms over him. AEW goes picture in picture as Pac brings Chuckie back up.

Pac brings Chuckie over to whip hard into more railing! Trent checks on Chuck but Pac saunters over. Trent and Cassidy keep their distance while Pac refreshes the count. Pac fetches Chuckie for a snap suplex to the floor! Chuckie writhes while Pac goes back into the ring. Trent checks on Chuck again while Pac waits. Chuckie drags himself up and into the ring at 5, and Pac kicks him while he’s down. And again! Chuckie stands but Pac back kicks him hard into the corner. Pac grinds his boot into Chuckie’s head, but lets up when the ref counts. Only to go back in for more! The ref backs Pac off but Pac just stomps Chuckie again! The ref has to pull Pac off and reprimands him, but Pac just glares at Chuckie.

Chuckie sits up and seems to egg Pac on, so Pac stands on his face! Pac dares the ref to do something more than just count, then he goes back to Chuckie. AEW returns to single picture as Pac grabs Chuckie’s arm for a high keylock. Chuckie endures as Trent and the fans rally. Pac cranks on the arm but Chuckie fights his way up. Pac wrenches but Chuckie arm-drags free! Chuckie LARIATS Pac down and fans fire up. Pac goes to a corner, but he dodges Chuckie. Pac runs in but is put on the apron. He hits Chuckie away and then fakes Chuckie out with the springboard. Pac runs, but into a dropkick! Chuckie clotheslines Pac out, then slingshot PESCADO! Direct hit on Pac, and then Chuckie walks directly into a HUG with Trent!

Chuckie drags Pac up into the ring and fans rally for “Best Friends!” He brings Pac up to snap Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO! Chuckie is a bit annoyed but he rallies the fans as he watches Pac stand. Pac is in the corner, he slips out to the apron and then slingshots in for a cutter! Chuckie goes to a corner, Pac runs in, but Chuckie catches the back elbow into a Gory Especial! Chuckie uses the corner to get Pac up and around to an AWFUL WAFFLE PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?! Chuckie keeps going, heading up top. MOONSAULT FLOPS! BRUTALIZER!! Chuckie taps, Pac wins!

Winner: PAC, by submission

The sweep continues as the Bastard beats the Kentucky Gentleman. Trent gets in before Pac can do more, but Cassidy gets in, too?! Cassidy takes off the jacket! He got serious at Revolution, is he going to get furious tonight? But the Lucha Brothers appear! They SUPERKICK Cassidy down! Then Trent gets a SUPERKICK to ROUNDHOUSE! Pac stomps Cassidy while the brothers stomp Best Friends! Is this a new alliance of bastards?! Pac takes a mic to shout, “Listen up, scumbags! WE are Death Triangle, or as my amigos like to say…” Triángulo de la Muerte! AEW did this to themselves! “Nobody is safe.” DOUBLE STOMP PACKAGE DRIVER FOR THE SLOTH!! Is this deadly new trio going to destroy everyone in their path?!

Shawn Spears is still looking for #PERFECT10N in the AEW Tag Division.

But ladies and gentlemen, this is a call to arms. One lucky individual can have their life changed forever when they join the Chair Man and Tully Blanchard. They’ve been trying to find the right fit, going to many different professional wrestlers, but there are so many pro-wrestlers in the world. They need to go out into that world! AEW fans, please help them by using the hashtag #SearchForSpears.

Jake Hager w/ Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS QT Marshall w/ Dustin & Brandi!

The Big Hurt got his first win in AEW at Revolution, but God’s Gift to Wrestling got his a couple weeks ago in Atlanta. Will QT’s second win come as Hager’s first loss? Or will Hager take a bite out of the Big Apple and throw him away?

AEW is picture in picture as Dustin and Brandi accompany QT in the ring and hype up the crowd by giving out free apples. One is autographed, so maybe not edible. AEW goes to break as some lucky fans get very healthy souvenirs.

AEW returns as Hager makes his entrance with Santana and Ortiz. The bell rings while PNP barks at Dustin and Brandi on the outside. Hager and QT circle, tie up, and Hager waistlock slams QT down. Hager digs a knee into QT’s back then slaps him on the head. he rams QT into buckles then throws body shots. The ref reprimands but QT ROCKS Hager with hands! QT even dropkicks! QT dodges, springboards, but into a body check! Fans boo as Hager slicks his hair back. Hager drags QT up to a SPINE BUSTER! Fans troll Hager as “Jericho’s Bitch!” but Hager just grits his teeth. Hager scoops QT to RAM him into buckles, then SLAM him down!

PNP cheers Hager but the fans boo. Hager kicks QT while he’s down and fans rally up with “Q T!” He throws hands on Hager and uppercuts, but Hager shoves and knees low! Hager paces while Dustin coaches QT up. QT is in the drop zone, Hager goes corner to corner, but his Vader Bomb gets boots! QT is up, boots again, and then throws hands! He ROCKS Hager then whips but Hager reverses. QT handsprings to Neuralizer enziguri! Hager staggers and fans are thunderous for QT! Hager runs at QT in the corner but QT dodges, and Hager hits buckles! QT sees Hager in the drop zone and hurries up top. QT MARIPOSA SENTON! Cover, ONE!!

Hager leans on the ropes but QT is after him. QT goes up, tornado, but no DDT! Hager runs and runs to LARIAT QT inside out! Hager drags QT up for the arm triangle! QT fades out fast, Hager wins!

Winner: Jake Hager, by submission

Hager doesn’t let go so Dustin goes after him! But PNP goes after Dustin! Dustin is outnumbered against the Inner Circle! But here comes CODY! The American Nightmare helps his brother as he DECKS Ortiz and gives Santana a spinning powerslam! Hager sees Cody but gets fast hands and kicks! Ortiz has a chair to SMACK Cody down! Fans boo as the Inner Circle now mugs Cody! Dustin recovers and shields his brother, but here comes Matt Jackson! SUPERKICK for Ortiz! SUPERKICK for Santana! Nick Jackson can’t be here from injury but Matt goes it alone on Hager! Hager takes all the punches and chops, to give Matt a SPINE BUSTER!

The Inner Circle stands tall over the Nightmare Family/Elite as they beat them down with stomps and chairs. But wait, is that Hangman Page?! Hangman sips his beer on his way to the ring, but wants Ortiz to take it easy. Fans want to see “Cowboy Shit!” as Hangman walks up. Hangman takes another sip, sets his beer down carefully, and fires off on the Inner Circle! Clothesline sends Santana out but Hager kicks low. Hager whips, Hangman lands on the apron, BUCK SHOT!! And the beer is just fine! Hangman chugs it down, but then he flips off Matt. The Cowboy didn’t do it for him, he did it for Cody and Dustin. But then where is the line within The Elite that Hangman walks?

AEW is picture in picture as Hangman goes to the crowd.

Fans share their drinks with Hangman, and Hangman’s got quite the collection of cans and cups as he takes his leave. Hangman shrugs at Matt while getting topped off by a few more fans. Matt surely isn’t sure what to make of it, and neither are the Rhodes. But for now, what matters is that The Elite makes it out in one piece. Will there be more battles like this between the warring factions of AEW?

Breaking news for next week’s AEW!

Speaking of more battles, it has been decided that Dynamite in Salt Lake City will have Ortiz VS Cody! Will the American Nightmare have to watch his back after that warning Jake the Snake gave him?

Plus, the Death Triangle will make their official trios debut! Who will be the first to suffer at the hands of these three ruthless rudos?

Another trios battle to look forward to is the Jurassic Express taking on the full stable behind MJF! MJF leads his mercenaries, The Butcher & The Blade, into battle, but will they all go extinct at the hands of Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt?

And with the very special AEW Dynamite: Blood & Guts on the horizon, next week will have the official rules announcement! What more is there to this double ring, double cage contest of carnage?

MJF speaks.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman brags that he gets pins on the mat and bangs ring rats, aka “winning.” He went from protege to prodigy as he defeated Cody in the middle of the ring, proving that he truly was the final chapter of his epic odyssey. Now the AEW Faithful need an “author” we can count on, and MJF has a whole lot of ink for his legacy. MJF prepares to become the greatest world champion in the history of pro-wrestling! No need to change the channel or fix the audio. We all heard him right. It doesn’t matter if it’s Moxley or “Tim Buckto from South Peru,” MJF will become #1 contender and take the gold.

It doesn’t matter who is in his way, from Jericho to Hangman to Omega to PAC, or even someone easy like “a Lucha Boring or a Jungle Jabroni, or a teeny-tiny Marko Stunted Growth.” MJF will remain undefeated in AEW. And why? Because he’s better than you, and WOW it is so warm in here. Wardlow helps him take off his coat to show off the “I Pinned Cody” shirt. Forgot to plug this one. Obnoxious, regrettable and distracting. A bit like a neck tattoo, huh? MJF kisses the ring, but will he be kissing the title belt in his future?

Jon Moxley & Darby Allin VS Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara!

The Maniac and the Daredevil both won their matches at Revolution, but clearly things are not through for them and the Inner Circle. Y2J put the stipulation on himself that if he doesn’t beat Moxley, or at least beat him down so badly he can’t walk, that Jericho will go on a two month leave of absence. Will Le Champion and his Spanish God be able to get even with their respective rivals?

But as Moxley makes his way through the fans, three masked fans attack! They wear AEW hoodies and random luchador masks, but Jericho is laughing. Are these more thugs from the Inner Circle? Wait, it’s just Hager, Santana and Ortiz! How did they sneak up into the crowd like that?! Hager throws Moxley into a wall and stomps him down! Ortiz brings a trash can over and dumps it on Moxley! Moxley fights back but Hager uses his jacket to choke him! After all, the bet wasn’t about the match but about Moxley being able to walk. Hager uses the trash can lid to SMACK Moxley on his back and shoulders! And then choke him! Moxley still gets up to fight back! But that’s still a 3v1! PNP choke Moxley together then Hager stomps Moxley down!

Fans boo but Hager knees Moxley low! More trash is dumped on Moxley, and the Inner Circle soaks up the heat. But Moxley is up yet again! Moxley topples Hager over but Santana clubs Moxley. Hager gets the arm-triangle! Moxley fades out and now Darby is alone. He doesn’t care, he’s as crazy as Moxley! The bell rings and Sammy steps up to Darby for a Revoltuion rematch.

Things speed up, Sammy shows off, but Darby springboards for the back elbow! Darby hits Jericho off the apron then boots Sammy. Darby leaps up and over and shotgun dropkicks Sammy out! Sammy regroups with Jericho but Darby dares them to bring the fight. Jericho and Sammy flank the ring while medics check on Moxley. Darby hits Sammy down then throws him into railing! Jericho comes around but Darby drop toeholds him into steel steps! Darby hurries after Sammy but gets the KNEE! Sammy soaks up the heat as fans boo. Cover, ONE! The rest of the Inner Circle is ringside now as Sammy tags Jericho.

Jericho and Sammy mug Darby, and Jericho clubs Darby down. Jericho back suplexes Darby high and hard, then paces about. Fans boo the cocky cover, ONE. Jericho drags Darby up to whip him hard into buckles, then clothesline! Fans rally for Darby but Jericho chokes Darby against ropes. The ref counts, Jericho lets off, but Hager and Santana get cheap shots in! Jericho drags Darby back up to scoop and put him in the Tree of Woe. Jericho CHOPS Darby then soaks up the heat. The Inner Circle get more cheap shots in, and Jericho runs corner to corner, only for Darby to sit up! Jericho only gets buckles for his tackle!

Darby adjusts and leaps, flying sunset flip! Cover, TWO! Jericho runs, Darby dodges to hit Sammy! Darby QUEBARADA! Cover, TWO!! Darby runs into a takedown, and the WALLS! Jericho sits down deep on his hold, Darby endures, but he’s trapped! Darby powers up, crawls for the ropes, and gets the ropebreak! Jericho is furious and argues with the ref, but Darby is on the apron. Jericho baseball slides Darby out! Hager stands on Darby’s head while Jericho soaks up the heat. Fans boo and jeer as AEW goes picture in picture.

Ortiz gets a cheap shot in while the ref is watching Jericho. Jericho goes out to high five his guys, then fetches Darby. Darby fights back with haymakers! He backs Jericho down then whips, but Jericho reverses to send Darby OVER the railing! Jericho heads over to fetch Darby and bring him back to the ring. Cover, TOW! Darby still lives but Jericho keeps his cool. The Inner Circle all taunt Darby as Jericho drags him over. Tag to Sammy and Sammy drags Darby around. Sammy holds Darby’s hand out to tag Moxley, but of course Moxley isn’t there. Sammy STOMPS the hand down! He drags Darby up for a stalling suplex and holds Darby for over 20 before tagging Jericho. Jericho takes the hand-off and holds Darby for another 20 before dropping him down!

AEW returns to single picture as Jericho double guns. Fans boo but the Inner Circle just keeps soaking it up. Jericho drags Darby up to CHOP him back down. Tag to Sammy and Sammy brings Darby up. He and Jericho double whip and double elbow him down. Sammy shows off with a spin and a pose, and Jericho poses with him. Like a cocky father and son. Jericho steps on Darby on his way back to the corner, and Sammy steps on Darby, too. Cover, TWO! Sammy drags Darby up and clubs him back down. Sammy CHOPS Darby and pretends to not understand the “F*** You, Sammy!” chants. Tag to Jericho and he stalks up behind Darby.

Jericho SLAPS Darby, fans chant “Stupid Idiot!” but Darby SLAPS back! Darby fires up and throws fast hands! Darby runs and clotheslines Jericho out! Then he runs to DIVE! Direct hit sends Jericho into barriers! Sammy is speechless! Darby puts Jericho back in and fans shout “This is Awesome!” Jericho kicks Darby down then tags in Sammy. Sammy drags Darby up, rams him into the empty corner and rams his shoulder in more. Sammy then powers Darby to another corner! Darby flops over and Sammy shows off like Jericho with the cocky cover. The ref won’t count that, it’s too close to a choke. Sammy argues but then drags Darby up again. Sammy back suplexes to then KICK Darby in the air! Cover, TWO!

Jericho tags in and he gives toying kicks to Darby. He scuffs Darby’s face with his boot then throws haymakers. Darby flops against ropes but Jericho throws more forearms. Darby fights back again! He runs but into a back elbow! Jericho hits the LIONSAULT onto knees! Fans are thunderous as both men are down! But Darby has no one to tag and Jericho crawls to his corner. Darby drags himself up as Sammy tags in. Sammy runs in and Darby “tags” himself. Things speed up and Darby redirects Sammy to fire off strikes! CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Darby hits Jericho for good measure, blocks a boot and flips Sammy out onto the Inner Circle! He then heads up top to SUPER COFFIN DROP!!

Fans are thunderous as Darby bowls over the Inner Circle! Darby gets in with Sammy and runs corner to corner for a back body press! Arm wringer and flip over, THROWBACK STUNNER! Fans are electric as Darby goes up, COFFIN DROP AGAIN!! Cover, but Jericho runs in, only to elbow drop on Sammy! Darby sends Jericho back out with a back drop, then DIVES! Into an uppercut! Was it a Judas Effect?! Jericho puts Darby in for Sammy, and Sammy covers, the Inner Circle wins!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

The revenge for Revolution is complete and the “good natured good looking men” are standing tall. But wait! Moxley is standing and he has a chair! Jericho runs so Moxley throws the chair at Hager! Moxley takes the fight to Sammy and PNP, then clotheslines Hager out! PARADIGM SHIFT FOR SAMMY! Again, it wasn’t about the match but whether or not Moxley would be walking! Moxley is standing tall and has ran off the Inner Circle! Hager gets in to CLOBBER Moxley, and then PNP are after Moxley at the ramp! They want to still follow through on Jericho’s promise, and Jericho helps punch and knee Moxley down. Arm-triangle! They bring Moxley over to the edge of the stage, to copy a certain trio’s TRIPLE POWERBOMB!! THROUGH A TABLE!!

Fans lose their minds as the Inner Circle combine fist bump and middle finger, one last insult to injury for Moxley tonight. Jericho may not be champion but he and his team may be even more dangerous in the chase.

My Thoughts:

What an awesome episode to follow an awesome PPV with! AEW has gotten a lot better at blending stories, though they might not have perfected it yet. Cody’s promo being interrupted to be Jake the Snake’s promo was awesome! The phrase, “You Still Got It!” truly applies here, because Jake still tore it up on the mic. I like the idea that he’s going to be the ringside coach to perhaps someone completely new to AEW who wants after Cody, and given certain social media posts, I hope it’s going to be Lance Archer. Archer wants to go after The Elite, and giving him Jake the Snake as a manager is a great move so that fans not familiar with Archer can understand how important it is for him to be joining AEW.

There are still some miscues with cutting to live promos backstage, as in the one we got from MJF tonight. But opening line being talked over aside, MJF’s promo was solid and obviously he’s in the world title scene now. Given what else we got, MJF isn’t getting his shot yet, but next week’s trios match of MJF, Butcher & Blade VS Jurassic Express is going to be great holdover material for him. And speaking of trios, I really hope we’re getting the AEW Trios Championships very soon. Death Triangle is a great team already, even before their debut match next week, and I hope they’re the first team to have those belts. Cabana & SCU VS Dark Order was a great opening match, and that story is far from done.

A lot of the mingling that went well tonight was Hangman helping against the Inner Circle for Cody and Dustin, not because he was making up with Matt Jackson. Hangman’s character work combine with his ring skill is exactly why he and Kenny Omega are still AEW World Tag Team Champions. AEW Revolution gave us something truly incredible, but I can’t wait for more of Hangman-Omega VS Young Bucks. The only thing still a bit much for the mingling is how the Inner Circle got that ambush on Moxley in disguise. Just let them go after him straight up since it was so obvious after like two seconds. But either way, it was a good move because it allowed Darby to really shine in the main event. Also, it was a brilliant move to mock The Shield as the Inner Circle bombs and taunts Moxley at the end there.

My Score: 9.3/10

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