AEW Dynamite Results — September 23, 2020


Here are live results for the episode of AEW Dynamite, airing September 23rd, 2020. Jon Moxley is set to defend the AEW World Championship against Eddie Kingston. Brodie Lee will defend his TV title against Orange Cassidy. Also, Miro is scheduled for his debut match. For last night’s Dynamite’s results, follow the link: Late Night Dynamite

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The show opens with a tribute to Road Warrior Animal. RIP Legend. Legion Of Doom unite.

#1. Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) & “The Best Man” Miro vs. Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela — Winners: Miro & Sabian with The Accolade

– Eddie Kingston rushes to the ring with a mic. He wants to talk to everyone at home and the morons in the audience. Eddie was never eliminated from the Casino Battle Royal, that’s why he’s getting this shot.

Moxley sold out and went to the land of sports entertainers, but he never did. He stayed with the fights and never sold his soul to the devil. Kingston wants to look in to the entertainer’s eyes, so he’s calling out Mox. And here comes the World Champ. They get in each other’s face, but referees and other personnel rush on down to the ring to split them up.

Before the next contest, Kenny Omega makes his way to the commentary booth. It’s becoming a bit of a habit to sit in on Hangman Page matches. Five members of The Dark Order watch from the stage.

#2. Hangman Page vs. Evil Uno — Winner: Hangman Page with the Buckshot Lariat

– Tony Schiavone gets a word with The Young Bucks. He hesitantly knocks on their door and flinches when Matt Jackson comes out. Matt says they were out of line in recent weeks, super kicking the referee and others. The Young Bucks have lost a lot lately, most importantly friendships. Either way, they will do better. Tony talks about FTR and Matt hates his line of questioning. He asks for his phone… so Tony gives him it and he smashes it to pieces. Matt throws some money on the floor so Tony can get himself a new phone.

#3. [TNT TV Championship] Mr. Brodie Lee (c) (w/ Dark Order) vs. Orange Cassidy — Winner: Mr. Brodie Lee with the Discus Lariat

After the match… Cody returns with a grand entrance! And he no longer has bleach blond hair, he’s gone dark. He takes out Dark Order as Mr. Brodie Lee disappears.

After the break, an irate Mr. Brodie Lee is kicking off backstage. He gets a dog collar and says he’s gonna wrap it around Cody’s neck and he’ll have nowhere to run or hide. Cody has one week to answer him on next week’s AEW Dynamite…is he a man? Or a coward?

Ring Segments

– Matt Hardy comes to the ring with Private Party. He wants to know who attacked him from behind last week. Matt assumes it could either be MJF, Brodie Lee, or the Inner Circle. Whoever did it was wearing a face covering. How coincidental that moments later, Hager & Jericho stroll on in… and Jericho is holding a bat. They are his prime suspects. Matt praises Private Party for their efforts last week. He gets back on to the topic of Jericho and says he might have many names, but he will always be an asshole. Out comes the “Demo God” with the Inner Circle. Jericho sarcastically wishes Matt a “Happy Birthday”, before saying “who gives a s**t?!”

Apparently Sammy Guevara was sidelined… but he’s back! The Inner Circle are fully forced again. People tune in to AEW Dynamite to see Chris Jericho because they know how much of a bitch he is. If he were to attack Matt with his bat, he would do it face-to-face. Matt says he’ll fight anyone, anywhere, any time, even if he’s not medically cleared. Private Party ask him to heal up, they are cleared for action and want a piece of the Inner Circle. Isiah Kassidy takes the mic and issues a challenge to Chris Jericho for next week. What if a young, 23-year-old kid, beats Chris Jericho and makes him his “Le Champion Bitch”! Jericho neither agrees or disagrees.

– Tony Schiavione talks to FTR & Tully Blanchard in the ring. Tully says the thousands of new viewers tuning in each week get the luxury of seeing the greatest tag team in the world. He’s got a new concept… the “20-Minute Rush Of Greatness”. In other words, a team will have a 20-minute time limit. SCU will get their first rush with greatness next week. If they don’t win… then FTR get a check mark in the winner’s column.

Best Friends enter and tell FTR they are a little banged up right now… but let’s do this 20-minute challenge right now. Harwood says “mommy” isn’t here to save you, so they better be careful. They tease the 20-minute challenge, but Wheeler says it isn’t fair because Best Friends aren’t at 100%, so the champions are out. As they walk away, Chuck Taylor calls them a bunch of weenie’s and Best Friends hug it out.

#4. Ivelisse Velez & Diamante vs. Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa — Winners: Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa

– Chris Jericho answers the challenge. Deep down inside he has respect for Kassidy. But the only shot… shot… shot he’s gonna’ feel next week, are from his fists. MJF pops up and says he think it’s deplorable that the little runt would disrespect him like that. Jericho says that means a lot coming from the uncrowned AEW Champion.

They both compliment each other… til they both say at the exact same time… “WHY DID YOU CALL ME A LOSER?!”. This is like a mirror image. After a back and forth, they make up excuses for why they called each other a loser last week, and place the blame on Tony Schiavone.

#5. [AEW World Championship] Jon Moxley (c) vs. Eddie Kingston — Winner: Jon Moxley with a Sleeper Hold Submission

The Lucha Brothers attack Moxley after the match. Will Hobbs tries helping him but gets laid out. Darby Allin arrives to make the save, but Ricky Starks delivers a wicked spear! Kingston, Lucha Brothers, Starks & Taz stand tall over them. And that folks… is the end of the show! Thanks for reading.

— AEW Dynamite Results (9/23/2020)–

AEW Dynamite

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